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    Passions CAST - Noah Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Bennett Played by Dylan Fergus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Fergus

    Birthday: 1980-01-04
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Dylan Fergus
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Juanita Holds All the Cards

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Paloma, Noah, Miguel and Kay sit at the table unable to agree on details of their wedding. Pilar comes in and Paloma and Miguel share the news of their double wedding with her. Paloma wants to call Theresa to ask her to be her matron on honor, but Pilar says she's out of town. Pilar is visibly upset and Paloma and Miguel ask what's wrong. She says she's just overreacting because she's upset about Theresa and Ethan breaking up. Kay privately talks to Pilar because she knows something is really wrong. Kay asks if there's anything she can do and Pilar tells her to make sure nothing happens to her son and to cherish every moment she has with him. Pilar says goodbye to everyone and leaves.

    The foursome go back to talking about the wedding, but Miguel seems less than interested. He makes himself some coffee and Kay comes over to talk to him. She asks if he's worried about his mom and he admits he thinks that something big is up with her. Kay offers to use magic to figure out what's wrong with her, but Miguel says absolutely not and thinks that Pilar just has a lot on her mind. Back at the table, they go over the guest list and Kay realizes that her and Noah's mother won't be at the wedding. She gets upset and leaves the table. Miguel follows her and she tells Miguel that she just got this horrible feeling that something really bad is going to happen to them. Miguel tells her not to worry because they are in love and getting married. He asks what could go wrong?

    Christmas Wishes

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Before going to Christmas mass, Noah and Paloma walk outside and Noah tells her he wants to give her a Christmas present. They sit down and Paloma opens a box that includes blueprints for a house. Noah says he wants to build it for them so they can raise their kids in it. Paloma is touched and they kiss.

    The Christmas mass gets underway as Gwen & Ethan, Noah & Paloma, Luis & Fancy and Pretty sing along to the carols. Luis tells Fancy that nothing will ever come between them as Pretty watches them from the back in despair.

    Battle Lines are Drawn

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    In her kitchen, Tabitha wraps up a fruitcake as Kay walks in. Tabitha pours poison on the fruitcake cake and says she is going to become the baddest witch in the universe, as the cake turns green. Tabitha tells Kay it's a gift for Father Lonigan, but Kay bursts her bubble saying no one eats fruitcake anymore and zaps the cake away. Tabitha is angry, but Kay says that doing evil will not bring Endora and Miguel back. Suddenly a bunch of presents pop up that are from Endora and Kay wonders how she sent them from the dark side. Kay sees that some of the presents are from Miguel as well and Tabitha thinks that if the dark side sees all the gifts, they will think they're traitors. Tabitha zaps away the presents and Kay thinks all the evil she's performing isn't getting her anywhere. Tabitha insists it is and she looks for more mortals to harm. She looks into her bowl and sees Noah and Fancy and zaps them.

    Noah sits on the wharf and Fancy walks up crying. She hugs Noah and tells him about Luis and Pretty and that her and Luis are over. Noah tells her that she has to forgive Luis just like Paloma forgave him for sleeping with her. They discuss how they ended up in bed together and all the weird stuff that happens in Harmony. Noah and Fancy are then zapped by Tabitha and they start to kiss, but try to fight it.

    Tabitha is thrilled that she's manipulated Noah and Fancy again, but Kay notices that Noah and Fancy seem to be fighting back. Kay zaps them and they break apart. Tabitha is outraged and Kay gleefully says love has a power of its own.

    Noah and Fancy note how weird that was, admitting that they wanted to kiss each other, but felt like they were betraying Luis and Paloma. Noah tells Fancy to reevaluate her feelings for Luis asking how she would feel if something awful happened and she could never see Luis again. Fancy admits she would die if could never see Luis again.

    Tabitha watches Noah and Fancy and wonders why her powers didn't work. She decides to leave them alone for now, but then sees Paloma walking along the wharf. She thinks Paloma is the missing ingredient in her evil deed, but Kay prevents her spells from doing any harm.

    As Noah continues to console Fancy, he gets a call and is thrilled. Fancy asks what's up and Noah tells her he got a job as a paramedic and now he and Paloma can get married. As Paloma walks along the wharf, she hears Noah's voice and thinks Noah will be surprised to see her there.

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