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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Ay Carumba!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Gwen primps at home and Rebecca walks in her room. She tells her mother that Ethan will forget that Theresa ever existed and wants to set up a romantic evening for her and Ethan. Rebecca suggests they have dinner in the bedroom so they have easy access to the bed. Gwen prepares an intimate table setting for two and thinks Ethan will appreciate all the trouble she went through and remember how things used to be for them. She thinks she will have Ethan all to her self without having to worry about Theresa. Rebecca doesn't think she should get too cocky because Theresa could be doing something right now to try and get Ethan back. Rebecca suggests Gwen get pregnant again in order to hold on to Ethan. Gwen thinks it's a good idea, but doesn't even know how she got pregnant with Jonathan in the first place. Rebecca says that miracles can happen twice and that's the only way to keep him.

    On the plane, Theresa looks at a photo of her and Ethan and thinks that she will end the vendetta with Juanita so her and Ethan can be together forever. Theresa has a fantasy that she's in a Telenovela with Ethan. In a very bad thick accent, Theresa tells Ethan that Little E is his son and that Gwen and Rebecca blackmailed her and Pilar. With slicked back hair, a thin mustache and a pink shirt that exposes his chest, Ethan goes through a series of exaggerated expressions, eyebrow raises and Ay Carumbas as Theresa tells Ethan that she reasoned with Juanita and they can be together now. As they make out and discuss the situation, a very tackily dressed Gwen enters the room and Ethan yells at her for keeping him from "the fruit of my loins." Gwen hysterically tries to reason with Ethan as Rebecca enters looking like Charo. Ethan rails at both of them saying they will never see Jonathan again, will live in a box under a bridge and never have even one peso! As they wail, he kicks them out into the rain. Ethan goes back to Theresa and they hit the couch kissing and ripping their clothes off and have a happy ending.

    The New Darrin Stevens

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Pilar and Rebecca panic when they overhear Ethan wants to come into the room. Rebecca wants to make a hasty retreat out the side door, but Pilar can't leave Little E.

    Pilar and Rebecca listen as Gwen tortures Theresa and makes her look bad in front of Ethan. Pilar is outraged at Gwen's behavior and distraught over what it's doing to Theresa, while Rebecca is very proud of her daughter and in awe of how perfectly Gwen set everything up.

    Pilar comes out to console her daughter, as Theresa sobs saying Ethan's gone and not coming back. Rebecca comes out and sees Ethan and Gwen sitting outside and says that Ethan is where he belongs -- in Gwen's arms.

    The Killer Targets Alistair

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    Gwen's at the hospital with Jonathan hoping Ethan will come to be with them. Rebecca arrives with champagne and tells Gwen that Theresa managed to get back into Ethan's good graces, much to Gwen's displeasure. Rebecca informs Gwen that a Blue Note bartender told her that Theresa ran out of the club and Ethan followed her. Rebecca thinks Theresa fled because of something to do with Little E and they worry that Ethan will find out that Little E is his son. Rebecca wants to call Mexico because Theresa and Pilar aren't following their rules, but Gwen puts the kibosh on her plan. Gwen doesn't want the death of an entire family on her hands, but calls Ethan so she can get him away from Theresa.

    As Ethan and Theresa dance at the cabin, Ethan's phone rings. Gwen says she thought he'd be there for Jonathan and lays a guilt trip on him. Ethan explains that he talked to the doctor and was assured their son was fine. He says he needed to get out of the hospital for a bit and will talk to her later. After they hang up, Theresa thinks to herself that Ethan can't stay at the cabin and Rebecca ushers Gwen out of the hospital so they can go get Ethan.

    Pilar sits in Little E's room at the cabin, as Rebecca enters from the side door. Rebecca threatens to call Juanita because Pilar was supposed to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Pilar defiantly tells her that they did everything Rebecca and Gwen asked and Little E even saved Jonathan's life. Pilar points out that Ethan came up to the cabin on his own and Rebecca and Gwen can't stop real love. Rebecca says that Ethan will end up with Gwen and Pilar calls her a witch. Rebecca is incensed and attacks Pilar.

    The Barren Dishrag!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    Rebecca finds Gwen on her sofa and wonders why Gwen is there instead of with Ethan and Jonathan. Gwen admits Theresa made a huge sacrifice for her and goes on about how noble she was. Gwen thinks she needs to allow Theresa to come clean! Rebecca passes out after hearing this so Gwen gives her a brandy to awaken her! Once awake, Gwen reiterates that Theresa may deserve Ethan. Rebecca scolds Gwen. She won't let her tell Theresa the truth and reminds her that Sarah would be alive if it wasn't for Theresa. Gwen rolls her eyes but listens and eventually recounts Theresa's misdeeds. She decides that things are back on track! Theresa will get hers and she'll get Ethan back! Gwen thinks it's scary. She's becoming more like Rebecca daily. Rebecca is thrilled! "Better than the barren dishrag I was saddled with," she says.

    Outside the hospital room, Gwen and Rebecca arrive and listen in as Theresa refuses to tell the truth. Gwen thinks Ethan will take her silence as guilt. Inside, Ethan says he's sorry for counting on Theresa and says they'll get through this. Outside the room, Gwen jumps for joy when Ethan says they have to end this. "Not after what I've done," Theresa cries. Gwen and Rebecca run off when Ethan leaves the room. "We did it," Gwen says triumphantly! She and Rebecca giggle while inside the room, Theresa thinks death is better than this.

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