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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    That Gives Me An Idea!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    At the Crane Mansion, Noah consoles Paloma, while Esme sends Viki up to her bedroom and asks Julian if they can get out of there because she can't stand all the gloom and doom. She grabs a bottle of booze and leads him away. Viki watches and says she can't let Esme leave her and follows them. Meanwhile, Ivy and Rebecca ponder how they can keep Ethan from even thinking about Theresa and then toast to Theresa's demise.

    The elf walks unnoticed into the living room and sees Rebecca. He thinks he can use her and says he will see her later. Rebecca and Ivy secretly talk in the corner while Theresa eavesdrops from outside. Rebecca tells Ivy they need to interview nannies so Gwen doesn't have to think about the children and can focus solely on Ethan.

    Ethan and Gwen discuss his preoccupation with Theresa and Rebecca and Ivy walk up. Rebecca lashes out at Ethan for upsetting Gwen and Ivy tells him to let Theresa go for everyone's sake. Ethan assures everyone that he wants to concentrate on Gwen and their family. Theresa overhears and cries saying she misses him. Rebecca tells Ethan and Gwen that she and Ivy will be interviewing nannies, but Ethan isn't too keen on the idea. Gwen likes the idea and Ivy and Rebecca present a good argument for hiring one. Ethan eventually agrees, but says he wants to raise their children and the nanny will just be a helper. He tells Gwen he has stuff to talk to her about and they leave the room.

    Ivy and Rebecca stay behind and discuss hiring a nanny. Theresa thinks to herself, "It just might work. And if it does, it will turn their plans upside down." Theresa comes inside to listen as Ivy and Rebecca interview nannies. Rebecca sends away all the attractive interviewees so they won't turn Ethan's head. She says the nanny has to be unattractive, ugly and preferably an out and out troll. Theresa gets an idea and sneaks out of the house. Theresa returns, dressed as a dorky, unattractive nanny with a bad wig and bad teeth. Rebecca and Ivy are shocked by her appearance, but Rebecca thinks she's perfect and they offer her the job.

    The elf tells a mystery man that it's time for him to strike. The man walks over to Paloma, grabs her and kisses her. Paloma breaks away and is shocked to see that it's Roberto. He tells her that he's back in Harmony for good because he couldn't keep away from her and she is clearly affected by him. He wants to pick up where they left off and kisses her again just as Noah returns. Noah punches Roberto who falls to the ground. Paloma helps her ex off the ground and tells Noah he's just an old friend. Noah knows exactly who he is and asks what he's doing there. Roberto says his time away made him realize what was important to him and Noah tells him that ship has sailed. Noah wants Paloma to tell him why that is and Paloma stalls a bit, but then tells Roberto that she and Noah are getting married. Roberto begrudgingly congratulates a defensive Noah and Paloma asks Roberto if he'd like to stick around and catch up. He says another time because right now he has to look for a place to live and leaves.

    Listen To Your Elders.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Gwen freaks out after seeing Theresa in the mirror and Ethan asks her what's wrong. She tells him, "Little Ethan was right. Theresa is here!" Theresa panics thinking she can't let Ethan see her or Juanita will kill her and her whole family. Ethan questions Gwen and she tells him Theresa is in the mirror. Theresa hides when Ethan gets up to look around. Rebecca barges in and Gwen tells her mother that Theresa is there. Rebecca tells her to calm down because Theresa is dead. Ethan thinks something fishy is going on, but if Theresa is there he will find her! He looks around the room while Theresa crawls along the floor trying to hide. Ethan calls out for her and Rebecca yells at him for what he's doing to Gwen. Theresa hides under the bed and wonders how she will get out of there and then sees the window. Rebecca yells at Ethan for hurting Gwen so much that she's seeing dead people and Theresa makes her way to the window and steps out on the ledge. As she closes the window, Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen hear a noise and think someone is outside. Ethan wants to investigate because it could be Theresa, but Rebecca and Gwen think it's more likely it was a tree branch. Rebecca wants Ethan to apologize to Gwen and he does. Unsatisfied, Rebecca calls him selfish and Little E calls out asking why everyone is yelling. Ethan goes to check on him, but tells Gwen he loves her before he leaves.

    Gwen tells Rebecca that Theresa is here and alive! Rebecca calls her crazy and slaps her. Rebecca tells her that Theresa is dead and Gwen eventually agrees that it was probably all in her head. Rebecca tells her daughter to make Ethan forget all about Theresa when he gets back. Gwen assures her mother she will try, but she's already said and done all the right things. Rebecca tells her daughter that it's clear she must be frigid and dull in the sack. Gwen retorts that she is excellent in bed and receives no complaints from Ethan. Rebecca thinks he just doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Theresa listens at the window and thinks she must find a way to pay Gwen back. Rebecca offers Gwen her sex toys to keep things interesting, but Gwen says she doesn't need them. Rebecca tells her to keep Ethan focused on her and suggests getting a nanny for the kids. Theresa thinks, "A nanny?"

    Ethan returns to Gwen's room and apologizes to Gwen for not letting Theresa go in his heart. He promises to concentrate on her and the children and Gwen is thrilled. However, Theresa is crestfallen thinking there's nothing she can do to stop Ethan from moving on with Gwen. Rebecca leaves them alone so they can make up and Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa is his past and she is his future and kisses her. Later, Gwen playfully pours candle wax on Ethan and he remarks that he has never seen her like this. As the two continue their sexcapade, Rebecca listens at the door and is thrilled her daughter has learned so much from her, as Theresa stands on the ledge and cries.

    How Do You Murder a Ghost?

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Upstairs in the Crane mansion, Rebecca gives Gwen some "emergency" lingerie in order to help her give Ethan the best sex he's ever had. Gwen laughs at her mother while Rebecca pulls out some S&M gear. Gwen thinks her mother is ridiculous, but Rebecca asks if Gwen wants to spend the rest of her life competing with Theresa's ghost. Gwen answers, "Oh God no," and Rebecca tells her to get to it then! Rebecca gets Gwen more "tools of the trade," but Gwen doesn't even know what half the stuff is. Rebecca tells her daughter to become the sex goddess of Harmony, but Gwen isn't sure Ethan is even into any of it. Rebecca says of course he is and once Gwen fulfills his fantasies, Theresa's ghost won't stand a chance. Rebecca then offers up some pornos she's made of herself to help get Ethan in the mood. Embarrassed, Gwen declines. Gwen later models her lingerie of choice and Rebecca notes that it's like lingerie a nun would wear. Gwen thinks Ethan will approve and lights some candles. Rebecca tells her that sex and romance are two separate things and blows out the candles. She says Gwen needs to focus on the sex and make him forget about Theresa.

    Rebecca meets Ivy on the wharf who tells her Ethan is in bad shape and that she wants him happy with Gwen. Rebecca says it won't be a problem if Gwen does what she instructed. Ivy is afraid Ethan will spend the rest of his life pining over Theresa and worries that Gwen won't stand a chance. Rebecca says it's up to them to get Ethan and Gwen together, but Ivy says they have a problem. She asks, "How do you murder a ghost?"

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