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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Plans Are Put In Motion.

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    In Julian's room, Rebecca passes out from seeing Julian's reattachment. After being woken up by Eve, Rebecca slaps her asking how could she do what she did to Julian's penis. Eve is flabbergasted at getting slapped and Rebecca accuses her of attaching some other man's "member between his legs." Eve assures her she reattached the right penis and thinks maybe Rebecca is mistaking someone else's organ for Julian's. Rebecca pulls back the covers and instructs her to look, whereupon Eve asks, "What the Hell is that?!" Rebecca says Julian is much larger than that and Eve explains that she had to take a little off so the reattachment would be smoother. Rebecca then points out that it's upside down and Eve is mortified. Eve gets paged and rushes off to the ER because they are short staffed, leaving Rebecca to mourn Julian's old penis.

    Gwen talks to her mother on the phone and says everything is going great with Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen to pull out all the stops in order to seduce him. Theresa listens at the door as Gwen says by the time she's through with him, Ethan won't even remember Theresa's name. Theresa says, "Don't bet on it honey." Gwen hangs up with her mother and Gertrude knocks on the door saying Little Ethan left his magic bag in the room. Gwen leaves to get her and Ethan a snack and Theresa finds the bag. She pulls out a package of itchy powder and sprinkles it in between the sheets. Gwen returns with champagne and snacks for her and Ethan. Gwen goes to change into a negligee and Theresa puts fire powder in the food.

    Someone Slashed my Poor Pookie's hot Poker in two!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    At the mansion, Gwen and Ethan tell the disguised Theresa all about the children. Little Ethan stares at Theresa, wondering where he's seen this bizarre looking woman before. Ethan informs her that Little Ethan's mother recently died and the boy suddenly blurts out, "Mom!" Ethan is baffled by this. Gertrude explains that the boy is just answering a question she asked him earlier; he was just telling her that he got his eyes from his mother. Rebecca hopes that's all he got from Theresa and thinks Gertrude should be checked for lice. Ethan sends her out to wait in the hall while they make a decision. He thinks she's perfect and the women go along with it. Ethan kneels down and asks his son if he's okay with this. "I think Gertrude will be the best nanny ever," he says. That's good enough for Ethan so they call Gertrude back in to tell her the news.

    In the hall, Rebecca wonders why Gwen seems so concerned about Gertrude, the new "plain and frumpy" nanny. Gwen is worried that Gertrude will give the children nightmares. Rebecca thinks she should be happy that Ethan will be able to resist being tempted by the hired help. She tells her daughter that this will be the perfect time to seduce Ethan back. Suddenly, her phone starts to vibrate her cleavage. She answers, only to be informed that Julian has been rushed into surgery. When she hears what is being reattached, she collapses in shock. "Someone slashed my poor pookie's hot poker in two!" she gasps. Julian is his penis, she explains to her daughter. Why couldn't they have just cut off his arm or something he doesn't need? The wheels start to turn though and Rebecca realizes she may be able to turn this to her advantage and reunite with him, convincing everyone that he still works as well as ever, as long as the price is right. She perkily runs off.

    Rebecca arrives in Julian's hospital room. Pulling up a chair, she pays her respects to his "violated happy place" and vows to bring Little Julian back. She admits that she's still attached to the little guy, even if he is barely attached to Julian anymore. "I will be there for you and Little Julian both," she says. Meanwhile, Vincent watches and laughs, sure that even Rebecca will be shocked by the freakish new face of the little guy. Rebecca pulls out her flashlight and takes a peek under the blankets. She quickly realizes that it is much smaller and upside down. She collapses on top of him as Eve walks in.

    The Best Revenge.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    In the living room, Ivy and Rebecca tell Gertrude they checked out the last family she said she worked for, but they aren't on vacation and don't remember her. They accuse her of never working as a nanny and Gertrude tries to talk her way around it. Ivy wants to take back the job offer, but Rebecca pulls her aside saying her looks are perfect for the job because Ethan will never stray while she's around. Ivy demands a logical explanation from Gertrude as to why the family doesn't remember her and then maybe she can keep her job. Gertrude makes up a story that she never met the parents because she was hired by another staff member and the parents weren't around much. Considering they don't interact with their own "help," Ivy and Rebecca accept her explanation and allow her to keep the job.

    As Ivy and Rebecca go over the rules of the house with Gertrude, Ethan, Little E and Gwen come in the room. Little E goes to the kitchen and Ivy and Rebecca introduce Gertrude to Ethan and Gwen. Ethan shakes her hand and asks if they know each other. Gertrude says she doesn't know him, but Ethan gets a flash of Theresa's face. Ethan says she reminds him of old friend. Gwen pulls Rebecca and Ivy aside and asks where they found such an ugly nanny. They explain Ethan will never be distracted by her, but Gwen wonders if she will be good at her job. Pilar enters the room with Jane, and Gwen takes the little girl in her arms. Gwen tells Gertrude that Jane has a hard time with strangers, but Gertrude asks if she can hold her. Gertrude takes Jane and everyone marvels at how at ease Jane is with her. Gwen is shocked because Jane never likes strangers and Ethan says the only other person that could put Jane at ease was...and thinks "Theresa." He says Gertrude reminds him of Theresa because of her nurturing way. Pilar introduces herself to Gertrude, takes Jane back and heads upstairs with her. Little Ethan returns with a sandwich and he is introduced to Gertrude. He asks, "Haven't I seen you before?" Gertrude says maybe she was a nanny to one of his friends, but Little E doesn't think that's it. Ethan and Gwen talk to Gertrude, while Little E wonders where he's seen her before. He suddenly blurts out, "Mom!"

    My Pregnant Son is a Serial Killer!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    In the living room, Ivy and Rebecca giggle and make fun of the new "nanny," while Theresa is thrilled her plan is working. They ask her name and she says it's Gertrude. Ivy and Rebecca laugh out loud at this, but then welcome her aboard. Ivy and Rebecca privately gloat about hiring a hideous nanny that definitely won't turn Ethan's head, while Theresa thinks she is permanently in Ethan's heart and there's nothing Gwen can do to change that. Ivy asks for references and her resume, but Gertrude says she doesn't have one because she was always hired by word of mouth. Ivy asks for the family name she worked for last so they can call them, but Gertrude makes up excuses that the last family she worked for is out of town. Ivy says they will track down the family or mutual acquaintances and verify her references that way. Ivy and Rebecca then leave the room to do so.

    Theresa panics thinking she'll be found out and tries to leave, but Ivy and Rebecca return before she can make her escape. They tell her she's not who she says she is, but they know exactly who she is!

    That Gives Me An Idea!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    At the church, Gwen and Ethan come out of Theresa's memorial service and Gwen tells him that Jonathan is with Sheridan and Pilar took the other kids home. Noah and Paloma walk up to them and Paloma says Theresa would have loved the service. Ethan says he will see them up at the house soon. Julian and Esme come by and Julian remarks that Theresa would have been proud, while Esme says some inappropriate things. Ivy and Rebecca follow and Ethan notices Rebecca's shark skin shoes. She tells him she has a matching bag as well. Gwen pulls her mother aside and yells at her for her tackiness while Ivy tells Ethan to ignore her. Ethan says he will, but notes that the pain of losing Theresa keeps getting stronger. Ivy urges him to let his love for Gwen grow. Ivy and Rebecca leave and Ethan tells Gwen that the service didn't seem complete without Theresa's body there. They leave the church and Theresa walks in the room saying she wishes she could tell Ethan she was right there.

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