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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    In the main room of the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca can hardly believe that another letter from the great beyond has materialized and this one told Ethan not to recommit to Gwen. "How selfish is that? Hasn't she ever learned to share?" Rebecca asks. These letters all seem a little too convenient. She suggests that Pilar may be behind the letters, but Gwen is sure that the handwriting is Theresa's. Rebecca searches for handwriting samples to check. She soon returns with a letter Theresa sent her about her activities with stable boys. She compares the handwriting in the two letters and they're identical. Gwen recounts all of the letters that have appeared and Rebecca gets an idea: How can Theresa write about details that happened after she died? They put it together and leap up. "She's not dead!" they shriek. If she's still alive, they need to make sure that she's dead again and quick.

    The Room Stinks Long After She's Left.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    At the mansion, Rebecca tells her daughter to find a way to relax and asks her if she needs some batteries. Gwen doesn't; she's just worried about Theresa. Rebecca reminds her that she is dead and Ethan will soon make a commitment to her that he will have to keep. Gwen can't shake the feeling that something will go wrong. Rebecca repeats that nothing will change her and Ethan being together forever. The only thing coming between them now is Gwen herself. Gwen still can't shake her ominous feelings. "I understand. Theresa is like garbage. The room stinks long after she's left," Rebecca says. But Theresa is dead and not coming back, she adds. Gwen seems convinced.

    Kay and Miguel meet with Paloma and Noah in the foyer of the mansion. They tell them that Pilar wants to take them all on a trip around the world but they have to get married sooner so they can leave. Noah is all for getting married sooner, but he's about to go to med school and he can't just run off. "There's no time like the present," Kay perkily says, ignoring his concerns. The other couple is still not convinced. Whispering, Kay tells them that Juanita is on the way to town to kill them all. Noah wants to stay and fight, but Miguel tells him to realize that Pilar can't take anyone else getting hurt and they have to do this for her. "I'm not sure," Noah says, refusing to go. "What do you mean you can't leave? We'll be getting buried not married if we stay," Paloma says. Noah is unconvinced. Miguel understands but Kay put some pressure on him that finally convinced him. Noah wonders if Miguel will try putting pressure on him. "No," Miguel says. Now they need to talk to Gwen and Ethan. They turn around and Gwen and Rebecca are standing in the doorway. They ask if Gwen is willing to move up the wedding date. "The sooner the better," Gwen smiles.

    The three couples, and Rebecca, gather in the main room of the mansion. Theresa spies on them as they go over their plans. Paloma walks out into the hall and tells Gertrude the news. "You can't do it... you need to call the whole thing off!" Theresa blurts out, revealing herself to her sister. Paloma faints at the sight of her dead sibling. Noah hurries out and asks Gertrude what happened and why Paloma was mumbling Theresa's name. Theresa covers and Noah runs off for water. Theresa wakes her sister up and they embrace. She begs her sister to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Rebecca that she caught Ethan going through Theresa's things and found another letter. Rebecca tries to talk her panicking down. Gwen has a strange feeling about that letter. Rebecca offers to get champagne for them all. Gwen spots Ethan holding the letter and tries to distract him from reading it.

    The Whine Festival.

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    At the mansion, Gwen is yelling for Little Ethan when her mother strolls in and begs her to stop. As Rebecca prepares a little hair of the dog, Gwen complains about how Little Ethan spent the previous evening reminding his father of his love for Theresa. As she details what happened, even Rebecca thinks she's overreacting. "Foiled by a child! You should be ashamed of yourself," she says. Gwen continues her complaints and Rebecca gets bored listening to the "whine festival". She knows that Ethan loves Theresa, so she needs to stop complaining and make him forget it. Gwen doesn't know how to compete with a dead woman. Rebecca tells her to move on and get realistic. Gwen feels like Theresa is still in the house and nothing has changed. Rebecca advises her daughter to pray: Bless you shark! "As usual, you have mishandled the situation," Rebecca says. What's left of Theresa is an "ooze" off the coast of Mexico. Gwen better start acting like the winner here or she really will be a loser. Gwen is getting tired of listening to lectures from her mother. "There is nothing a man hates more than a woman who is needy and insecure," Rebecca points out. She tells her daughter to get a backbone, but Gwen starts to worry that Little Ethan will ruin the ceremony. Gwen repeats her worries about Theresa. Rebecca tells her to change the channel. She's heard this a million times and she needs to stop worrying about shark food girl. Gwen still thinks Theresa is as powerful dead as alive. Rebecca toasts to getting an exorcist.

    If I Didn't Know Better...

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    Gwen is in her room upset about Ethan and wishes she could find her mother to talk to, as Rebecca suddenly appears in a Wonder Woman outfit. Rebecca explains that she was having a private party in the boathouse with Pablo who was dressed as the Incredible Hulk when they got interrupted by the earthquake. Gwen doesn’t want to hear about it and complains to her mother that she thinks Ethan is choosing Gertrude over her. Rebecca says the only woman who could take Ethan away from her is Theresa and she’s dead! Gwen tells her that she’s been having dreams or hallucinations about Theresa and Ethan, and even Gertrude and Ethan having sex. Rebecca thinks she’s just being insecure, but Gwen thinks Ethan acts like he’s in love with Gertrude. Rebecca thinks maybe the bookcase hit Gwen on the head instead of Gertrude, because Ethan would never want anything to do with the nanny. Gwen gets a phone call and excitedly tells Rebecca she needs to find Ethan right away.

    It's You Isn't It?

    Monday, April 28 2008

    Julian looks through a Field and Stream magazine and fantasizes about him fishing. He reels in Rebecca who is dressed like a mermaid and Eve and Esme come in dressed in island outfits. Julian reveals his “Rod” and the women fight over him. Julian returns to reality and says, “This is going to be harder than I thought…Not to be hard.” He turns on the TV, but every channel has sexy women on it doing nasty things. He finds a war movie, but the size of the cannon distresses him and he turns it off. Julian lies in bed lamenting the fact he can’t participate in all the smut he sees on TV, but promises he will once again. Julian has another fantasy, this time of Eve and Esme dressed as Crystal and Alexis from Dynasty engaged in a catfight, and says no matter what he does, he can’t stop thinking about sex. He decides to go to sleep, but thinks of Rebecca, Eve and Esme begging him for sex. “I’m destined to die from thoughts of doing the deed,” he chuckles and says, “What a way to go!”

    Gwen goes upstairs and runs into Rebecca who has straw in her hair from her romp with the fake doctor. Rebecca is stunned by her daughter’s blue appearance and Gwen explains what happened. Rebecca and Gwen discuss sending Little E away and how Gertrude gets under Gwen’s skin. Gwen says her gut tells her that keeping Gertrude around will be trouble, so she plans to get rid of her once she sends Little E away.

    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Gwen and Ethan wake up in their bed and Gwen tells him there's nothing more wonderful than waking up with him. They discuss how fantastic last night was and start to kiss when Rebecca barges in. Rebecca demands to know if Gwen asked him yet. Ethan asks Gwen what Rebecca's talking about and Gwen says she thinks they should send Little Ethan to boarding school. Ethan adamantly tells her no and Gwen says she knew he would react this way, but wants him to hear her out. Ethan tells her not to waste her breath because he is not sending Little E away - end of story! Ethan gets dressed and Gwen and Rebecca say they've found research that proves it's best if Little E does go to boarding school. Ethan says research can be skewed to fit anyone's agenda and Rebecca brings in a doctor who specializes in child rearing to support their argument. The doctor says if Ethan loves Little Ethan, he has no choice but to send him away because studies show that boys who have gone through what Little Ethan has, gain independence at boarding school, but if he stays at home, Little Ethan will be emotionally stunted by all the coddling he will receive. The doctor tells him to do what is best for the boy and not what is easiest for him. Rebecca shows the doctor out and Ethan tells Gwen that some of what the doctor said made sense. Gwen asks if he changed his mind and Ethan says, "Let's send Little Ethan away."

    Out in the hall, Rebecca thanks the doctor and he seductively says, 'Oh, Becks, I would do anything for you." She remarks that he was always good in the sack and he assures her he still is. Rebecca wants him to prove it and kisses him. He asks if she thinks Ethan bought his act and Rebecca hands him some money and says Ethan will never know he's a mailman and not a shrink. He inquires after the thing he asked for and Rebecca assures him it's waiting for him. He asks if she'll take photos and she says yes of course!

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