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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    I'll Never be Separated From Your Skull.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    In the church rectory, Gwen tells her mother that Juanita knows where they are. She needs to marry Ethan and get out of town quick. Rebecca tells her to relax: Juanita owes them. Gwen doubts that and feels terrible for what might happen to Pilar's family. "Pilar's past is just catching up to her," Rebecca sighs. She tells her daughter to be happy: "We won. We beat Theresa... and we have gotten away with everything." They continue to speak, unaware that Sam's video camera is sitting on the table and recording everything. Rebecca starts detailing all of their deceptions one at a time and gloating about how brilliant they were. Beccs laughs about how furious Ivy would be if she discovered what they did to Ethan. Gwen tells her to be quiet, but Rebecca is sure they are completely safe and no one will hear them. Gwen is tense. Rebecca suggests they have a drink. Gwen continues to worry but her mother giddily continues to go over their crimes. Sam interrupts and compliments them on their looks. Rebecca starts to flirt with him and feels him up until he tells her to take her hands off. As they walk out, he spots his camera and grabs it, noticing that it's been recording the whole time. He starts rewinding to erase so there will be room for all the weddings.

    What Would Julia Child do?

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    In the church, Paloma and Pilar wonder where Theresa is. Meanwhile, Gwen tells her mother that there is no way she will let Theresa stop her ceremony from going ahead. Ethan runs around getting ready while, in the basement, Theresa lies unconscious on the floor as toxic gas fills the room. She starts to wake up, mumbling for Ethan as she spots a dead rat beside her head.

    Back upstairs, Gwen and Ethan are rehearsing their ceremony with Sam. They hurry through it. Ethan says they've gone through it enough times that they have it down pat by now. He just wants to kiss the bride. As he starts kissing Gwen, Gertrude walks in and watches from the end of the aisle. As Paloma and Pilar stand beside her, she wonders how she could have lost Ethan again. "It's Juanita. It's always Juanita," Pilar says. Gwen turns to her mother and they spot Gertrude at the back. Rebecca wonders how she will manage to keep Theresa away from the actual ceremony. "I may just have to kill her," Gwen smirks. Sam announces that it's time for dinner and everyone begins filing out and into the dining room. Rebecca gets called away to visit Pablo in the stable while everyone else sits down. Vincent and Viki go around from table to table, serving the meals they've prepared. "I like a piece of steak but it's supposed to be bad for you isn't it?" Sam jokes. "But what a way to go," Ivy smiles.

    Dolly the Evil Genius.

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Paloma asks her mother to be happy and enjoy the weddings, but Pilar is still paranoid with worry about Juanita. Meanwhile, Ethan, Rebecca, Gwen and Gertrude all arrive. Ethan walks off to hang up their coats while Gwen tells Gertrude that she has a special task for her to do. Moments later, Theresa takes her sister aside to congratulate her and give her a hug. Paloma knows this must be hard for her. Theresa claims she's over Ethan. "Liar," Paloma says. Theresa admits it; now she has to watch the man she loves renew his vows to a woman she hates. Gwen walks over and reminds Gertrude that she has a task for her. She sends her down to the basement to get a box for Ethan. Rebecca strolls over, guessing that that was part of her daughter's plan to keep Theresa away.

    As Ethan searches for Gertrude, Rebecca tells him that ugly people shouldn't be allowed at weddings anyway. He walks off and Rebecca congratulates her daughter on taking care of her "little problem". Meanwhile, Theresa searches in the basement for the box. Once she finds it, the door locks her in. She pulls at it without luck. She bangs on the door and calls for help. While searching for a key, she knocks some boxes over and these cause the gas line to start leaking. Soon the air fills with the toxic gas and she begins to gasp for breath and collapses.

    Sheridan, I Love you but...

    Monday, June 30 2008

    Downstairs, Rebecca asks Gertrude to tell Ethan everything she knows about Theresa. She realizes that Rebecca's figured something out. Ethan still hasn't and asks what's going. Gwen listens to her mother bad mouth Gertrude and figures out that Ethan will dump her when he discovers that Theresa is actually alive. She wonders how to shut her mother up before she can reveal the truth and decides to punch her out before her mother can say anymore. Ethan clings to the unconscious Rebecca, confused, while Theresa wishes she had landed the punch. Rebecca puts her arms around Ethan, calling him "Pablo", and kissing him. Gwen explains that her mother is drunk and she was just stopping her from making a scene. Ethan is unconvinced. Gwen explains that her father used to knock Rebecca out with a rubber mallet when she got drunk. Gertrude asks Gwen why Rebecca was asking so many questions to her about Theresa. Gwen repeats her excuse and imagines that keeping this a secret will let her torture Theresa for years to come. She tells Ethan how she feels like she always comes in second place to Theresa. Ethan hugs her and assures her that Theresa is only a fading memory.

    Rebecca wakes up and Gwen asks for some time alone with her. Gertrude follows Ethan as he goes upstairs. Rebecca asks her daughter why she hit her. Gwen explains the situation and how Ethan would never go through with the ceremony if he knew Theresa was alive. Theresa has to stay Gertrude as long as Juanita is still free. This means they can torture her for a long time, but they have to make sure she can't ruin another wedding.

    Rebecca wanders by the docks looking for a bar when she bumps into "Mrs. Hernandez". Juanita asks if she's alright. Rebecca isn't. "Have you ever hated a woman so much you wanted to kill them?" Becs asks. Juanita knows the feeling. They giddily talk about hating someone enough to kill them. "These kids today... what do they know about hatred and revenge," Rebecca complains. Juanita understands and tells her that there will be much death in Harmony. Rebecca smiles uncomfortably.

    Pretty's big Secret.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    "Theresa has to be Gertrude," Gwen concludes downstairs. She thinks back over all the hints and assumes that Little Ethan must have known the whole time. Rebecca is convinced. They repeat Theresa is Gertrude over and over again. "She is going to wish the sharks had eaten her," Gwen says. As Rebecca pours a drink, Gwen tells her that this is all her fault: She's the one who hired Gertrude. Rebecca tells her that she should be mad at Theresa, not her. Gwen apologizes and wonders what to do next. Rebecca gets a flash: "Call Juanita immediately." Gwen can't do that; she can't be responsible for the children dying. Rebecca says they can keep the children safe but this is the only way to deal with Theresa. "Deal with Theresa? What are you talking about?" Ethan asks, walking in. Before they can say anything, Gertrude arrives. Ethan explains to her that Gwen and Rebecca are talking about dealing with Theresa and he needs to know what it means. Rebecca suggests that Gertrude can answer all of his questions about Theresa.

    She's not Dead!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca have figured out that Theresa can't be dead since the letters to Ethan talk about things that have happened since she was supposed to have died. They shriek: "She's not dead!" Rebecca curses the shark. They realize that they have to find her quick and make her dead again. She survived being electrocuted, lethal injection and being eaten by a shark, Rebecca lists. Gwen feels nauseous. "Maybe she's a cockroach? I heard they were going to outlast all of us..." Rebecca wonders. Gwen starts lashing out at her mother for treating her like a neurotic mess for believing that Theresa was alive. "You are a neurotic mess," Rebecca reminds her. Gwen realizes that Theresa must have been here in the mansion and watching them all along. "But I don't remember smelling tacos," Rebecca says. Gwen reminds her that she saw Theresa in her bedroom mirror. She wonders if Theresa has been living in the attic like Rachel. "Or in the basement. It's closer to the sewer line," Rebecca adds before telling her that Ethan must think that Theresa is dead or he wouldn't have agreed to the re-commitment. He may not know she's alive, but Gwen has seen him making love to her. She guesses that he must have been drugged, like last time. They remember that when Theresa went to work with Ivy she wore a disguise. Rebecca worries that Theresa might have gotten into her costumes. Gwen suddenly remembers when Gertrude dropped her teeth in the cherry dessert. "Gertrude is Theresa!" she gasps.

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