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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Gwen is in a panic

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    There must be no vacancies at the hotel tonight. Rebecca and Gwen are there trying to find J.T. before Ethan. Ethan is there looking for the person who called Rebecca. Jared and Theresa are there in their room enjoying their tryst until a loud commotion in the hall interrupts them. J.T. is the cause. He lies on the ground after his run-in with a food cart.

    Jared and Theresa get up to check on the noise. They find the food cart but not J.T. They go back inside their room. As their door closes, Ethan walks by. He didn't see them but Gwen and Rebecca saw him. And J.T. sees Rebecca. He greets her with joy. He goes to hug Gwen and gets kneed in the groin. He falls to the floor in pain. "What are you doing here," she demands. He passes out before he can answer.

    Ethan is still roaming the hall. He thinks he heard Gwen's voice. He calls out to her. Gwen panics. She and Rebecca grab J.T. by the legs and start dragging him down the hall. He comes to and complains about Gwen kicking him in his "happy place." He gets to his feet. As they go down the hall, J.T. points out his hotel room. He tries to get in but can't probably because it's not his room. It's Jared and Theresa's room.

    They listen to J.T.'s attempts to get inside their room. Jared is annoyed at all the noise and interruptions. He goes to see who it is. Theresa stops him. She looks for something to hit the culprit.

    Gwen grabs his key in impatience. She sees that it's the wrong room. They drag J.T. away. Jared opens the door but nobody's there. Jared and Theresa go back to the safety of their bed. They aren't interrupted any more. They enjoy the peace and quiet by making love.

    In the hallway, J.T., Gwen, Rebecca hide from Ethan. J.T. yells when he finds his room. Ethan hears him and walks toward the voice. Hurriedly, Gwen tries to open the door. "It's not working!" The situation is driving Rebecca to drink. Gwen finally gets the door opened. They rush in, slamming the door just in time.

    Ethan has followed the voice and heard the door close. He knocks on the door. "I know that you are in there," he tells them. If they have anything to do with the tabloid information that got out about him, "I am going to find out!" Gwen is terrified the truth is about to come out.

    It's a Wonderful Life?!!

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    Ethan has Rebecca's cell phone. Now he will discover who she's been talking to. Gwen is frightened her mother still has photos of J.T. on the phone. Rebecca can't be sure they were all erased. Gwen knows if Ethan sees even one picture, all her lies will come back to haunt her. J.T. calls Rebecca again. Ethan reads it. "I miss you. We haven't talked since Rome." Gwen is sure it's all over now.

    Ethan asks Rebecca if J.T. has been sending her messages. Rebecca once again denies knowing J.T. Ethan says it could be J.T. since he was in Rome. How many people from Rome does she know. She claims plenty. He wants her to name one. She spouts all these Italian men names.

    Ethan doesn't believe her. It doesn't matter. He is going to use his firm's GPS tracking system to find out who has been texting her. Ethan gets the answer from the GPS. It is from someone in a hotel right outside Harmony. He demands Rebecca tell him the truth. Was it J.T. Did she do all those things Theresa claimed she did?

    Rebecca denies ever knowing J.T. and she denies exposing his paternity. He doesn't believe her. Ethan leaves to check for himself. Gwen sees destruction ahead. She thinks the only thing worse would be Theresa finding J.T. first.

    Lust for Life

    Monday, October 09 2006

    J.T. is sending photos of himself half naked to entice Rebecca to come to his room. On the other end, Gwen is defending her mother to Ethan. She accuses him of badgering Rebecca. Ethan isn't backing down. He is positive J.T. holds the key to why Theresa named him trustee in her will. And he is sure Rebecca is connected to J.T.

    Back in his room, J.T. is growing more and more impatient. He blames Gwen for Rebecca's no show. However, at the moment, Gwen is doing her best to protect her mother from the accusations of Ethan. Rebecca is acting very nervous to Ethan. That means she is either hiding something or lying. Whatever it is, Ethan knows she is guilty of something.

    As Gwen and Ethan argue about her mother, Rebecca gets more messages from J.T. Gwen pulls out the "Theresa" card. She accuses him of using her mother when it's really about Theresa. He is using her mother as an excuse to leave her for Theresa. Ethan claims it is about the truth. So Gwen gives him the truth (which we all know is a lie) that she and her mother had nothing to do with J.T. and the exposé.

    Ethan states that he doesn't want to be with Theresa. Just the mention of her name drives her insane, Gwen says. She gets him out of the room on the pretext of checking on Jane. As soon as he is gone, she interrogates Rebecca about the text messages. Rebecca can't deny it wasn't J.T. Gwen is extremely upset. She wants Rebecca to tell her where he is. "Where is the man who can destroy my life?" Rebecca confesses that J.T. is in Harmony but that it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe he can find out what Theresa is up to. For Gwen, the cost of finding that answer will be the end of her marriage. She orders Rebecca to erase all the messages on her phone. J.T. sends Rebecca another one. Gwen begs Rebecca to text J.T. to quit sending her messages and to get out of Harmony. She complies.

    Ethan comes back from tucking in Jane and sees the two women. The scene is very suspicious—Rebecca seated across from Gwen texting someone. He wants to know who is the person she is texting.

    Rebecca can't answer. She sputters something. Ethan knows it's just another excuse. She's given him three different stories. He wants the truth

    Gwen tells him he needs to let it go. He refuses and grabs for the phone. He and Rebecca tussle over it. He finally wrenches it from her. Gwen asks furtively if Rebecca had a chance to erase the messages. Rebecca isn't sure. Ethan checks the phone. Now he is going to find out who Rebecca was texting.

    Fancy heats it up

    Friday, October 06 2006

    J.T. is texting Rebecca like crazy. He wants her to come over to his hotel room. She texts him back to ask why he is in Harmony. He answers that he is there to see her. Rebecca will accept his invitation on one condition—find out why Theresa made Ethan trustee in her will. J.T. shivers at the sight of Theresa's name. He knows he is the one who gave Theresa the proof about little Ethan's real father. He won't agree to the condition. He just want her to come over. Rebecca wont because she knows Gwen will have a fit. J.T. says forget Gwen. Out loud, Rebecca says Gwen doesn't need to know.

    Of course, Gwen and Ethan overhear her. Gwen asks what is it she doesn't have to know. Ethan wants to know too. At that moment, J.T.'s text message beeps her. Now they want to know who is sending her text messages. She says it's just dirty little messages from strange men. Ethan knows that never bothered her before. She's hiding something.

    Rebecca acts hurt that her son-in-law would call her a liar. She lies again and says the text message was about a surprise cruise for them. Now the surprise is ruined so she'll have to cancel it. Ethan doesn't buy her act. He has a few questions for her. He has a feeling that Rebecca and J.T. know something about why Theresa named him trustee in her will. Gwen looks positively ill at the mention of J.T.

    J.T. is impatiently waiting Rebecca's reply. He sends her one of him stripping.

    Gwen and Rebecca join forces and ask Ethan why now, why J.T. Ethan tells them what Theresa accused them of. Gwen thought Ethan believed she was innocent of helping J.T. tell the world who he really was. Ethan assures her he doesn't think she did it but her mother's a different story. He believes Rebecca knows J.T. intimately.

    Rebecca watches J.T. strip tease. Gwen insists that her mother doesn't know J.T. while J.T. keeps sending her messages. Ethan thinks Rebecca is looks scared. He doesn't believe her lies.

    Death and J.T. are coming to Harmony

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Rebecca has been babysitting Jane, sort of. She takes a swig from her flask. Someone text messages her. It's J.T. Cornell. Gwen sees the look on Rebecca's face. She wonders why her mother looks like she just got the shock of her life. Rebecca lies that it was a wrong number. She asks about Sheridan. Gwen fills her in. It makes her think about Theresa and her obsession with Ethan. She had hoped it was over but now she's not so sure. The will made her suspicious. Rebecca suggest getting a private reporter to snoop out why she made Ethan the trustee in her will. J.T.Cornell, Rebecca suggests. "Are you insane," Gwen answers. He is the only person who could destroy her marriage. J.T. is her kryptonite.

    Rebecca still thinks using J.T. as the investigator is a good idea. Gwen won't hear of it. Rebecca receives another text from him. She lies to Gwen again about who it is. Gwen leaves to get some coffee. Rebecca text him back. She asks where he is. He's in Harmony! He invites her over to see him in the flesh.

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