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    Passions CAST - Rebecca Hotchkiss - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Hotchkiss Played by Andrea Evans on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Theresa Confesses!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    The doctor tells Ethan and Rebecca that Gwen's heartbeat is weakening and her blood pressure is dropping. The nurse comes back with the antidote and the doctor injects her with it. They all wait to see if the antidote has any effect. Rebecca and Ethan fear the antidote isn't working and they plead with Gwen to come back to them, as Theresa looks on worried. Sam enters the room with a balloon for Jonathan and learns that Gwen has been poisoned.

    Ethan, Sam and Rebecca go out in the hall and Sam questions Ethan about what Gwen recently ate and drank. Ethan points out her tea and Sam takes the cup as evidence and to search for fingerprints. Tabitha thinks that's a great idea and realizes that Theresa's prints will be all over it. Theresa panics after hearing this as well and thinks she has to get rid of the cup. Ethan asks who would want to poison Gwen, the mother of a newborn? Rebecca spots Theresa and says she did it. Ethan defends her, but Rebecca says that Theresa has wanted to kill Gwen for years. Ethan stands by his woman and says that she would never do that, but if she did, where's the bottle of poison? Rebecca says that Theresa is a lying, cheating, snake, but she's not stupid, she would have gotten rid of the evidence.

    The doctor comes out and tells everyone that the antidote seems to be working, but they will have to monitor Gwen for some time. Rebecca grows impatient and demands that Sam test the bottle. Annoyed at Rebecca ordering him around, Sam tells Rebecca that he will do just that and starts to leave. Theresa panics and stops Sam saying she needs to tell him something about the bottle and the poison. Theresa says she never meant to hurt Gwen and Ethan, again not hearing what Theresa is saying, tells her he knows she would never poison Gwen and defends her to everyone. Theresa then says Rebecca is right, she poisoned Gwen. Ethan is stunned and Theresa says she put the poison in her drink. Tabitha is very pleased and Rebecca demands that Sam arrest Theresa and put her in jail for attempted murder.

    Everyone asks for an explanation from Theresa, but before she can say anything, Gwen's monitors go off and the nurse says she's taking a turn for the worse. Rebecca tries to physically attack Theresa saying it's her fault and she will she her in jail, but Sam holds her back. Ethan looks at Theresa and heartbrokenly asks, "Theresa? You confessed?" Tabitha revels at the thought of her plan working and Theresa quietly pleads for Gwen not to die. The nurse yells out that they're losing Gwen.

    One Life For Another

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    In another part of the hospital, Rebecca makes a call to Mexico, but gets a lot of static so she thinks to send an email instead. She tells the woman in her email that the Pilar Lopez she told her about is not the Pilar Lopez she wants to kill. Rebecca asks the woman to call off the assassin. Her message doesn't go through and Rebecca tries to resend it. While she waits for a response, she goes to the computer and looks to see if she's gotten any hits on her personal ad. In the process, she sees Jonathan's electronic chart and looks to see how the little guy is doing.

    Rebecca comes back to see Gwen and tells her that she emailed the woman in Mexico. Ethan walks up and Rebecca tells them that she saw Jonathan's electronic chart and that the boy is fine. However, the doctor comes out and says there's been a change and it isn't good. The doctor says he needs to be hooked up to a machine to perform basic life functions and it will help Jonathan fight off the overdose he received. The doctor asks for Gwen's consent and she agrees to sign the papers. Ethan leaves and Gwen tells Rebecca that Jonathan's condition is karma for them putting out the hit on Pilar. Rebecca says she's done all she can to reverse the plan she's put into motion.

    Rebecca goes into another part of the room and calls Mexico. She gets an answering machine and tells the woman to not send someone to kill Pilar. She hangs up and hopes the woman gets the message or else the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family will be dead and Gwen will never let her hear the end of it.

    Theresa watches as Gwen continues to drink her tea and notices that Gwen is talking to Ethan. She thinks the potion should be putting distance between them, not bringing them closer. Tabitha also watches and is concerned that Gwen isn't gasping for air by now. Suddenly, Gwen starts to choke uncontrollably and says she can't breathe. Theresa panics, worried about what she gave Gwen and Tabitha celebrates. Ethan and Rebecca come to Gwen's side as she drops to the floor and they call for help.

    Evil Is On It's Way

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Rebecca enters another area of the hospital and calls Mexico saying she’s going to talk to the person Pilar fears most so she can come and kill Pilar and her entire family. Rebecca talks to a woman with stark white hair and tells her that she’s calling about Pilar Lopez. The woman says Pilar is evil and vile and wants to know what Rebecca knows about her. Rebecca tells her that it’s her lucky day because she’s going to tell her where Pilar is so she can kill her and her entire family. The woman wants to know who she is and Rebecca tells her she’s someone who embraces revenge. The woman says they are kindred spirits and asks where Pilar is. Rebecca tells her she’s in a town in New England called Harmony, but static makes it difficult for the woman to hear Rebecca. Rebecca again tells her where Pilar is and hangs up, but the woman only heard that Pilar is in New England.

    Rebecca walks up to Gwen, Theresa and Ethan discussing what Gwen and Theresa were fighting about. Gwen calls Theresa selfish for wanting Ethan to leave the hospital to go to sports day. Ethan asks Theresa if she really expected him to leave his son to go to Little E’s school. Theresa thinks to herself, “But Little Ethan is your son too.” She says that she never wanted Ethan to leave if Jonathan was still in danger, but she didn’t want Little E to be disappointed. Ethan doesn’t understand why they are still talking about it since he thought both Little E and Theresa understood why he couldn’t go. Rebecca chastises Theresa for asking Ethan to leave his sick son for another person’s child. Ethan says it doesn’t matter since he got Manny Ramirez to attend sports day and that Little E will be fine and they should drop the subject.

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