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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Fox's Shortcoming

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    At home, Chad is in bed thinking about breaking up with his lover. He just hopes that his lover will stop coming after him. Whitney almost catches him talking to himself and climbs into bed with him. She asks him what’s bothering him. He showers her with compliments. She’s happy that they aren’t like Theresa and Ethan. He promises her that no one will ever come between them. They start making out when there’s a knock at the door. When Chad answers it, Ethan walks in. He needs to talk about Theresa choosing Jared. This doesn’t make any sense to him and Whitney isn’t helping. Whitney gets a call from Theresa and they leave fro the hospital. Chad stays at home and prays to God that his lover will leave him alone now.


    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    At the motel, Chad gets out of the shower as his lover crawls back into bed. He announces again that he only came to prove it was the end. ‘What we have is amazing, but I’m not gay. I love Whitney,’ he explains as he sits on the bed. The only love he knows is that between a man and a woman. Two people of the same gender just can’t have the same love, he claims, and since sex isn’t enough anymore, it has to end. His lover is giving him the silent treatment, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a shoe at the TV. Chad tells him that he should leave Harmony: He can’t give him what he wants and no one can find out about this. Chad asks his lover if they can just make a clean break and never see each other again. He walks out and the lover unveils the video camera he was using to tape their encounter.

    Luis and Ethan go down to his office. Neither of them can understand why Theresa just chose to marry Jared when she could finally be with him. Changing the subject, Luis starts to talk about how he is being set up. If he doesn’t get cleared, he won’t only go to jail, he’ll lose Fancy too. Ethan has already assembled a legal team to go over all the evidence. ‘If this drags on too long, something unforseen might happen,’ Ethan says. They start talking about Theresa and Jared again. Ethan tells Luis that Whitney told him Theresa feels like she can only be around people that she trusts right now. Luis doesn’t like the sound of that and decides he should go talk to his sister. Later, Chad arrives and Ethan tells him about the happy couple’s engagement plans. Chad tells him that there’s nothing he can do now. Ethan has other ideas though and, to Chad, this sounds like he’s planning to kill Jared. That is an option that Ethan is taking seriously. Whitney calls and asks Chad to come down and help out with Simone,. Before he leaves, he asks Ethan to chill out, but Ethan repeats that he would kill Jared before he lets him hurt Theresa and her kids.

    Chad arrives at the funeral home. He and Whitney watch Simone at the casket from a distance. He says that he wouldn’t call what Simone and Rae had love. He gets that Simone’s sad, but a couple of the same sex can’t love each other. Whitney’s startled by this sudden homophobia, but he keeps insisting that two men can love having sex with each other, but can’t love each other. Whitney disagrees and can’t see how he doesn’t understand that Simone and Rae were in love. ‘Because,’ he blurts out, but can’t finish his sentence. If I loved the guy I was having sex with, that would make me gay and I’m not. I just like being with a man, he thinks to himself.

    Last Call

    Monday, February 12 2007

    Whitney excitedly tells Chad that she’s found her ‘secret admirer.’ She pulls him out of his booth and drags him over to Sheridan and Chris. After some banter, she discovers that Chris didn’t send the champagne over to her. He tells her she’s lucky for that; having a third person in a relationship is a recipe for disaster. Chad smirks before he and Whitney go back to their table to drink their champagne and fantasize about what they’ll do when they get home. She’s worried because she got a strange vibe from Sheridan. He gets upset when she suggests that Chris might be having an affair. She leaves to freshen up and Chad calls his lover to threaten him for sending them a bottle of champagne. The lover demands to meet him later or else. Whitney overhears and asks him who he is meeting later. He tells her that it’s just work and she offers to go with him before returning to the bathroom. He adjusts the date with his lover and can’t believe what he’s gotten himself into.

    Rae Has A Suspect

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Chad, Whitney and Theresa arrive. He goes to get a table while Theresa tells her friend that she will tell Ethan everything as soon as she gets her brothers off. ‘Tell me what?’ Ethan asks as he steps from a shadow. Rebecca walks up behind him and reminds him that he is a married man and she needs to have a private conversation with him. Ethan knows that Theresa is keeping something huge from him, but goes with Rebecca anyway. She asks him if he’s willing to talk to Gwen; she has her on the phone on hold. If he really wants her back, he has to talk to her now. He looks across the room at Theresa and then takes the phone. Gwen has already hung up. He gives the phone back. Rebecca begs him to remember his vows. Meanwhile, Theresa receives a text message from Gwen. It says that she knows that Ethan is little Ethan’s father and, if she pursues him, she will lose him, all the Crane money and power and her brothers will go to jail for life.

    Chad gets a call from his lover, but he repeats that the relationship is over. His lover starts to threaten him and then hangs up. There’s no way that he will ever let anyone come between him and Whitney. Soon, his wife joins him and Noah delivers a bottle of champagne to them from a ‘secret admirer.’ Chad already knows who it’s from. She assumes that it must be for her and asks him if he thinks it’s from ‘some hot guy.’ He laughs a little and she gets up to find her secret admirer. ‘Damn it! What are you doing?’ he asks himself before calling his lover again. Whitney returns, claiming that she found her secret admirer and brings Chad to meet him.

    Endora Has Visitors

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    Chad thinks that they have to stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth before it’s too late. If little Ethan’s true paternity comes out, she will lose all the Crane money and power. Theresa’s wanted to tell Ethan for so long. He puts his arms around her and asks her what she wants. She begins to fantasize about how happy they can be after she tells him the truth. Then she could spend all her time rubbing him down with KY massage oil. While Theresa stands with her mouth open, Chad takes Whitney outside so they can figure out how to stop this before it goes too far. Whitney thinks that Ethan deserves to know the truth, but Chad reminds her that she will lose most of her family if Ethan finds out. They go back in and see Theresa embracing Ethan. They assume that she must have already broken the news. But she didn’t; Theresa just got over-emotional when talking about little Ethan.

    Whitney takes her friend outside and tells her it’s a good thing she hasn’t told him the truth yet. If she does, she’ll lose everything and her brothers will go to prison for the rest of their lives. Theresa never thought of that and still isn’t sure that her brother’s can be proven innocent. Going back in to Ethan, Theresa asks him what the odds are of getting her brothers off. He tells her that if she wasn’t the head of Crane Industries, they would certainly be done for. ‘What did you want to tell me? It sounded really important,’ he asks, trying to get back to what she was almost saying. She tells him that it can wait— they need to focus on saving her brothers from prison right now. Choking back her tears, she gives him a check and sends him to work. Chad tells her that she did the right thing. ‘I hope so because my heart is breaking,’ she cries.

    Chad Realizes Something

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    Whitney stops Chad from walking in on Ethan and Theresa. She hopes now that they will be together and know the happiness she knows with him. Inside her office, Theresa tries to tell Ethan about his son when he’s interrupted by the PI investigating Luis’ case. She imagines them becoming the family she always dreamed of and begins to smile. Ethan gets off the phone to say that Julian has hired the biggest guns in the country to put her brothers away. It will take a lot more than money to get them off. Whitney and Chad come in. Theresa takes Whitney aside and her friend wonders why she hasn’t told Ethan the truth yet. She turns around to do it, but then turns back to Whitney so that she can talk her into it again. ‘I’m not sure why I’m so afraid,’ Theresa says to herself before she returns to Ethan. As she starts telling him, the PI calls again and Ethan walks away. Whitney runs over to her to encourage her some more and says that she and Chad are staying until Theresa actually finishes telling Ethan. He gets off the phone and says that they are going to have a tough time getting her brothers off. Theresa insists that she can be more manipulative, cold-blooded and corrupt than Julian or Alistair. Chad suddenly realizes that Theresa can’t tell Ethan the truth because, if she does, and Julian finds out, she and little Ethan will be stripped of all Crane power and she and her brothers will all be destroyed.

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