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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Hall of Mirrors

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    At the motel, Chad punches Vincent into the bed and starts choking him, threatening him to leave his wife alone. Vincent wrestles his way on top and starts kissing Chad's lips. Pushing him off, Chad moves away and Vincent tells him that he can leave if he wants to, but he'll be back. He can lie to whoever he wants to, but he should, at least, stop lying to himself. Chad hates himself for what he's doing to Whitney. Vincent tells him that he is just like the other 'soccer dads' he's had. He recalls the first night that they met in a bar, back when Chad thought Whitney was his sister. Everyone in the bar knew that he was a first-timer, but he just looked down on everyone. 'Walking into that bar was the worst mistake of my life,' is all that Chad can say. Vincent tells him it wasn't a mistake; he belonged there. They flash back to the time they met. Chad kept insisting that he's not gay; he just had a bad breakup with a woman who won't marry him. 'Maybe that's because you go to gay bars,' Vincent says before adding that he likes women too, but most men aren't like him. Back in the present, Vincent tells Chad that he's sick of watching him killing himself over a lie. Chad asks him what will happen when Whitney tells Valerie that he's having an affair. 'Whitney better keep her mouth shut,' he threatens. Chad claims that he can't control his wife, so Vincent reiterates his threat.

    Trapping Happiness

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    At the motel, after Vincent has given her his story, Whitney wants to apologize to Valerie face to face and begins knocking on the bathroom door. Inside the bathroom, Chad starts to panic when he can't get out the window. Whitney opens the door and finds Chad standing there. He tells her that he can explain, but Vincent says that he can't. 'I didn't want you to find out this way about me and Chad,' he confesses before Whitney collapses. 'Look what your cruelty has done,' Chad says as he cradles Whitney in his arms. She pushes away from him and accuses him of being a monster. 'A disgusting pervert is what you are,' she keeps repeating, wishing he had come to her and talked about being gay. She says that he'll never see her or Miles again and storms away. Chad tries to go after her, but Vincent grabs him and says that 'if she can't support you, she's not worth it.' This is too crazy for Chad who begins shaking his head and realizes that this was all in his imagination. In reality, Whitney is still at the door yelling, unable to understand why Valerie won't come out. Vincent explains that Valerie is not the one in the bathroom. 'I can't keep this from you anymore,' he says, explaining that he has someone else in there. She's not happy to see that he's cheating on Valerie, but she's glad that she didn't find Chad at the motel. After Whitney calls him 'the most disgusting form of human filth,' Vincent explains that he loves Valerie more than anyone in the town ever could, but she can't give him everything he needs. Then, he begins suggesting to her that there must be something dangerous that she wants to try and she should give into temptation. Chad continues to listen with a clenched fist. Whitney isn't interested in Vincent's offer; only monogamy turns her on. After she storms out, Chad comes out and Vincent starts talking about how stupid Whitney is until Chad grabs him by the throat.

    At the Motel

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    At the motel, Whitney is banging on the bathroom door and shouting for Chad to come out with his b***. Chad panics, but Vincent thinks it's time to tell her. Chad wants to crawl out the window as Whitney screams, but Vincent tells him that he'll just tell her the truth if he leaves. As Whitney looks with disgust at the soiled bed, the bathroom door opens. Whitney is shocked to see Vincent. 'In my wildest dream I never would have imagined...Vincent? What are you doing here? ' He tells her that she found 'us', but she seems uncertain what she's found. Vincent explains to her that they are friends and this does involve her...and her friend Valerie. He says that Valerie will be embarrassed if she's caught there again, but being in a dirty motel is the best place to get down and dirty. Whitney begins apologizing, but he says that it's okay. He tells her to relax and she tells him to enjoy the rest of his evening and walks to the door. Stopping, she turns around asks to see Valerie before she leaves so that she can apologize. In the bathroom, Chad is terrified.

    Too Late

    Monday, April 02 2007

    Watching a DVD of him making love to Chad, Vincent decides that it's time for them to have another date. 'You say that you don't want to be with me, but you keep coming back for more,' he smiles. At the hospital, Chad gets a call from Vincent and takes it out to the hallway. Vincent demands that he get over there right away. Chad says no again, so Vincent threatens to send Whitney a DVD unless he shows up in ten minutes. Chad agrees and Vincent begins teasing him about how hot he sounds when he is trying to be threatening. Looking back in the room, Chad feels sorry, but he must go. Whitney soon drifts out to the corridor and asks a nurse if they saw him go. The nurse tells her that he heard Chad say something about a motel. She remembers Chad saying that 'she can never know' in his sleep. She rushes off, determined to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, Chad has arrived at the motel where Vincent is waiting for him. Chad tells him that he's finished with this and Whitney will never know. Vincent isn't convinced; he knows that Chad needs what he's got. As he tries to kiss Chad, he gets a punch in the face. Vincent is undeterred; Chad can try all he wants, but he will always come back for more. The only thing that he can do is give in to his passion. Vincent easily pulls him into bed. As they go at it, Whitney wanders around outside before she hears Chad's voice. Finding a chambermaid, she bribes her way into the room. After the door is unlocked, she looks in. 'What the hell?' The room is empty, but she can hear someone in the bathroom. She begins to bang on the door and shout at him.

    Open Fire

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Back at the hospital, as Chad wheels Jared back to his room, they find the halls and rooms all decorated for a wedding. Theresa and Whitney hide in a closet and call Ethan, but there is no answer. Jared turns on a tape of the wedding march while Ivy thrusts flowers into Theresa's hands. She begins shouting that she doesn't want to get this. Suddenly she gets a message from the blackmailer telling her to go ahead with it or it's over for Luis and Miguel. She backpedals and agrees to go ahead with the wedding. Ivy gets her a bouquet and asks Chad to walk Theresa down the aisle. 'I love a happy ending!' Ivy gleefully exclaims. All Whitney can think about though is when Theresa was on death's row. Chad walks Tess down the aisle and the ceremony begins.

    Whose Voice is it?

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    Jared lies in his hospital bed. It's starting to feel like he's been getting ready to marry Theresa forever. Any longer and something might go wrong. Chad tells his friend to calm down before he relapses and just cheer up. Jared asks him what the other man in Chad's life thought about him marrying Whitney. Chad doesn't give a damn, he declares, only to find Vincent standing behind them. He remarks that it sounds like a new Crane scandal is coming up. 'Who are you cutting out of your life?' Vincent asks with a half-grin. Chad isn't happy to see him, but Vincent says that he is just there to cover the wedding. Jared gets in his wheelchair and wheels off to see the blushing bride. Alone, Vincent starts feeling Chad's fabric before he's reminded that Chad never wants to see him again.

    In Eve's office, Ethan recognizes Theresa's wedding dress as the one she was supposed to marry him in. He won't et her go through with this, especially since he has some proof now. This isn't enough. She will marry Jared right now. Suddenly, Ethan gets a call from a contact with information that may clear Luis. Imagining that they can get married now, Theresa embraces him excitedly. He stops her and says that he only thinks that he has a lead. She becomes agitated and tells him that she can't delay any longer. She also refuses to give him any information to help, but he says that he'll find the truth anyway. Before he can rush off, Whitney tells him that Simone may have some information too, since Rae left her a letter behind. Stopping, Ethan begs her to wait until she hears from him. She'll wait as long as she can and kisses him goodbye. He's gone and Theresa has no hope. After all, even if Ethan's evidence pays off for Luis, she still can't get Miguel off without the Crane fortune. She feels bad about what she's doing to Jared though; it's not fair to him. 'If I could find a way to postpone the wedding,' she says as Jared enters the room with Chad and Vincent behind him. Tess tries to explain that a ceremony would just be too much for him. She notices Vincent and asks why he's there. She refuses to give him any exclusive so he threatens to alert the media of the wedding. She relents and allows it as long as he doesn't release the photos until after an official statement. Vincent starts snapping photos of the couple while Whitney asks Chad why he's so tense. Suddenly, Jared realizes that seeing his bride in her wedding dress is bad luck. He feels like the wedding is now cursed and Theresa says there's nothing they can do about it...unless they postpone the ceremony. Jared won't let that happen, so Vincent takes some more photos.

    Fantasy Come True

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    After the funeral, Jared almost collapses and Chad helps him into a pew. Chad still thinks that Theresa is reluctant to marry him while he's ill. Jared says that the only thing that will make him better is marrying the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Valerie offers Whitney sympathy for her sister's loss. Theresa thanks her for coming and Valerie wishes that she'd known Rae better. She asks Theresa how Luis became a suspect and they explain all of the details of the case to her. After Valerie leaves, Theresa shows Whitney the latest image sent to her by the blackmailer. Whitney advises her again to tell the truth, but the odds if she does that are nothing to bet on. Jared breaks into the conversation to ask Tess to go to the hospital with him now to get married. They all go back to the hospital where the nurse reprimands him for leaving. He tells her that he's getting married now, but she thinks it's a bad idea. Tess tells him to wait too, but he can't. Suddenly, a man arrives with the wedding dress that Theresa had hidden in the back of her closet, the one she almost married Ethan in. She sadly looks at the dress. 'I should be marrying Ethan in this dress,' she tells Whitney. It looks like she'll never marry Ethan now and there is no way out of this. Jared tells her that she's about to make him the happiest man alive. After he gets in his tux, Chad asks him if he is sure. He is. Meanwhile, Theresa changes in a hospital bathroom and comes out in her wedding dress, feeling horrible. Ethan suddenly arrives. Seeing her in the dress, he exclaims 'you cannot marry this guy because I love you.'

    Rae's Funeral

    Monday, March 26 2007

    In her office, Theresa is impressed that Jared has pulled himself out of the hospital to marry her, but she isn't about to do it right now. Jared can't understand. He wants to start the ceremony as soon as Judge Reilly arrives. She tries to get him to go back to the hospital, but he loves her too much to wait any longer. Thinking fast, she reminds him that it is time for Rae's funeral. Jared begins apologizing and offers a compromise: He and Chad will go with them to the funeral and then they can all go back to the hospital and get married. Tess takes Whit aside, unsure of what to do now. Whitney tells her that she no longer has a choice: She has to marry Jared. They all proceed to the funeral. Whitney tells her sister that she should be proud, but Simone can't stop herself from saying that Rae would still be alive if it wasn't for Theresa's brother. After Simone angrily walks away, Theresa becomes concerned that Whitney isn't convinced of her brother's innocence. They soon start talking about boys instead, embarrassing Chad when he comes to take Whitney to her seat.

    Chad sits down with Jared and tells him that he can't stop thinking about his situation. Jared repeats that he needs to take care of it right away. As Chad looks over, he spots Vincent watching him. The ceremony begins while, outside, Tabitha tells Endora that the grim reaper will be back soon for someone else. After the ceremony ends, Simone gets up and thanks the minister before laying a flower on Rae's coffin. TC tells Eve that he's glad he had a stroke; it made him take a look at his life an realize what really matters: Love. Chad and Whitney get up to comfort Simone when Vincent follows to say that 'you Russells are an amazing family...Rae was always talking about how much she loved Simone just like Chad is always talking about how much he loves Whitney.' TC smiles and says that Chad couldn't stop loving Whitney 'even when it seemed wrong.' Vincent pats Chad on the back. 'That's the kind of guy Chad is,' he says. 'He can't quit true love.' Chad isn't thrilled about the attention.

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