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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    This Freakshow Ends Tonight

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    As Whitney's friends congratulate the jovial Whitney on her pregnancy, she realizes that Chad isn't saying anything. He says that he is over the moon and picks her up to dance around. As they start to kiss, Vincent starts staring daggers, unable to believe that Chad was cheating on him with his wife. Paloma tells the couple that nothing makes things right like a new baby. Chad tells his wife that this is incredible news; she's already brought him so much joy that he doesn't know how to thank her. He doesn't need to thank her, she says: He is the man who taught her how to love and trust. Pilar walks in and hands them a gift. They ask her how she is doing. She barely seems to be holding on. After they tell her that Whitney is pregnant, they start to wonder where Theresa is. Jared starts to worry that his wife is missing; he wants to talk about their baby. Chad starts to kiss Whitney who feels like the luckiest woman in the world. Vincent can't stand watching this anymore. He walks over to 'congratulate' them and, as he leans into Chad, he calls him a 'liar' and tells him that he'll be sorry. After he walks away, Whitney is happy to see him go but doesn't understand what seems to be going on between them. They start to dance and remember all of the good times they've had together. As the memories flow through his mind though, Chad can't help thinking of Vincent. She asks him for a mint and almost reaches into his pocket (where he still has the gun). He becomes jumpy and moves away. She walks off to look for Theresa.

    Paloma seems to still be worrying about what was going on at the motel. She and Noah have been staring at Vincent and wondering why he was sitting alone drinking. She calls the station and reports the incident at the motel. Noah worries that she may get obsessed with this. As they dance, she continues to wonder and suggests that he talk to Chad about seeing him at the motel. Noah can't imagine what Chad and Vincent would be doing together in a motel room with a gun. She thinks that he should talk to Chad anyway. When he sees Chad go into the hall, he catches up with him and asks him why he was at the motel. Chad isn't helpful and tells him that he needs to get back to Whitney. When he tries to get past Noah, the gun falls from his pocket. A shocked Noah picks it up and asks him what is going on. He needs to tell Paloma, but Chad tells him that he can't. Meanwhile, Paloma begins asking Whitney why Vincent crashed the party. She has no idea but she's glad that he's gone. She hopes that things will be as perfect for Paloma one day as they are for her. Suddenly, Pilar gets a call from the prison that someone tried to kill Miguel. She runs off with Kay and Fox follows behind.

    A Birthday to Remember

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the motel, Chad runs off as Noah calls after him. He goes into the motel room and searches for Paloma. Meanwhile, Paloma is next door with Vincent inspecting the bullet hole in the wall. She takes the bullet out and asks Vincent who fired the gun. As she questions him, she bags the evidence but Vincent continues to insist that he didn't even hear a gunshot. She turns around as he dresses and suggests that the bullet may have been there for years. She is sure that it's fresh. He asks her if he's under arrest. Since he isn't, he shows her the door. She returns to Noah feeling confused. After explaining things to Noah, she says that she doesn't believe Vincent's excuses. Noah is about to tell her that he just saw Chad, but Whitney calls to invite them to the party before he can. They start eating Chinese take-out before remembering that they need to go to the party. Suddenly Noah recalls that he saw Chad. But why would Chad be there? Maybe he was trying to stop Vincent from printing a nasty story?

    Soon, everyone is filing downstairs to start the party. Fox hides out while Ethan passes by and gives a jacket to someone dresses identically to him. Chad then arrives and walks into the living room. They flash the lights on and shout surprise. He is very surprised and, as he embraces Whitney, Vincent arrives. 'Trust me lover, this is one birthday you'll never forget,' he remarks to himself. As Vincent saunters into the man room, Whitney becomes angry at seeing him and wants to get rid of him before Valerie shows up. Chad calls Valerie and leaves a voicemail warning her before Whitney goes upstairs to check her pregnancy test. Vincent walks over and begins taunting Chad. Theresa threatens to throw him out, but Chad says that it's alright. As Tess walks into the hall, someone grabs her from behind and drags her into a room. It's only Ethan. He explains to her that he set up a double of himself and sent them outside so the blackmailer would be distracted and not realize that they were together. They start making out.

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    Next door, after a busy afternoon in their motel room, Vincent has to wake Chad up. 'I'm the only person you've ever been with who lets you be you... and what a mess you are,' Vincent says as he crawls back into bed. Still, he wouldn't trade him for anyone. Chad sits up and says that this was the last time. He pulls on his pants and tells Vincent to leave him alone; he's cutting him out of his life for good. Vincent reminds him that he still has the DVDs of them making love. Whitney already ruined his chances with Valerie, she isn't taking Chad away from him as well. Chad pulls out his gun and threatens to kill Vincent if he says anything. Vincent admires Chad's big weapon and tells them that they need to kiss and make up. Grabbing Chad, the gun goes off. Soon, Paloma comes knocking with her gun out and kicks the door down. She's surprised to find no one in the room. Suddenly Vincent opens the bathroom door. She tells him that there was a gunshot in his room. He points out that he was in the shower and didn't hear anything. She gestures to the bullet hole in the wall. Outside, Chad runs from the motel while Noah returns to his room. He calls out to Chad, but he's already gone.

    Adios Muchacho

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Chad arrives at the motel with a gun. He's decided that it's time for things with Vincent to stop. Going into the room, Vincent is there waiting and tells him that he will be giving him exactly what he needs. As Vincent embraces him, Chad pushes him off and tells him that it's over. Vincent doesn't care what he says. It's not up to Chad anymore. Chad can't understand why he wants to be with him when he knows how much he hates him. Vincent gets on his knees and mockingly pleas for him not to leave. Chad is sick of all of the games, but Vincent is sure that he still craves him. Pushing him away again, Chad repeats that it's over. Vincent reminds him that only he can make that choice; Chad is his until he doesn't want him around anymore. Touching his gun, Chad says that he understands exactly what he has to do now. Vincent continues pressuring Chad until he finally throws him onto the bed.

    He's Coming

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Chad drifts around his apartment when he gets a message from Vincent asking to meet him at their usual place. 'I told him to lay off and he wouldn't listen. He's left me no other choice,' he decides. Unfortunately he said this out loud and Whitney overheard him. He tells her that it was just business and she says that he works too hard. The doorbell rings. As she answers it, he gets another message from Vincent saying that he will have to come after him if he refuses to meet him. When Whitney answers the door, she finds someone she wasn't expecting. In a panic, Chad rushes to the door, but it's only Eve. They're surprised to see him so jumpy. He tells them that he has some problematic clients and will be having a guard placed at the door. As he wanders off, Whitney tells her mother that she wishes that he would take some time off and get rid of his edge. Eve tells her that Valerie has tracked down her son with Julian. Whitney becomes excited about meeting her half-brother. They sit down so that they can plan Chad's surprise party as he puts on his jacket and leaves. Eve tells her daughter that she was softening to Julian when she found out about her son, but then she found him in bed with Ivy. Whitney should thank God that she is in love with a man who believes in fidelity. 'I do', she says, sure that she 'will never walk in on Chad in bed with another woman.' Eve tells her to cherish her time with Chad. She should be giving her mother relationship advice. Whitney tells her that she did the best she could; she just trusted the wrong people. Meanwhile, Chad arrives at the motel with a gun. 'It's over today. It's over for good,' he says to himself.

    Stupid Girl

    Monday, April 23 2007

    At home, Chad gets an urgent call from a worried Valerie. She is sure that Vincent has come back to kill her. If Chad doesn't get over there right away, she will call the cops. Whitney starts asking him who is on the phone. After he hangs up, he tells her that it's no big deal: His staff is just incompetent and there is an emergency at the office. 'If you're going to the office, I'm going to check on Theresa,' she says. He won't let her out. She asks to go with him, but he tells her that he'll be back soon and she should go to bed anyway. As soon as he leaves, she calls the babysitter.

    As Chad heads to Valerie's, Vincent stops him. Chad begins berating him for what he's done to Valerie. 'I scraped bottom with you,' Chad says as he elaborates all the ways that Vincent disgusts him. His lover is hurt that he would take a woman's word over his. When he tries to kiss Chad, he is pushed away. All this self-righteousness is too lame for Vincent though. He is sure that he is the best thing that has ever happened to Chad: He showed him who he really is. 'Everything you showed me is things that I want to forget,' Chad says before threatening him to leave everyone he cares about alone. Vincent continues to analyze him, sure that he is deep under his skin. He admits that he enjoys these angry little games that Chad plays, but he's sure that he'll always be the winner. He begins to threaten Chad again if he refuses to meet up with him at the motel. After tossing him the key to the room, he leaves. Chad goes into Valerie's house and tells her that no one is outside so she must be safe. He's sure that Vincent won't be back tonight, but if he is, she can call him and he'll come back and chase him off.

    Whitney returns home and Chad walks in. He's not happy that she's been out while heavily medicated. She tells him that Theresa is upset but has finally made a decision and is determined to tell Jared and Ethan the truth. Whitney doesn't understand how everything has gotten so crazy. 'It's like we aren't even in control of our own lives anymore,' she says, hugging him close.

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