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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Am I Missing Something?

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Outside the club, Chad tries to explain himself, but Whitney insists that there is nothing to explain. She doesn't even know who he is anymore. He and Vincent 'just connected', he tries desperately to explain, but he's not gay. Some of the bar patrons come out and tell him that his sister is a 'hottie'. Chad tells them that she's his wife. 'Good one honey,' they say as they laugh and walk away. Whitney imagines that he must have a whole secret life. Not only has he betrayed her, he's betrayed their son and their unborn child. This is unforgivable. Chad says that everyone thought he was sick when he continued to love her when they though that they were brother and sister, but, if he couldn't have her, he didn't want any woman. He turned to Vincent; there was something about him that he couldn't figure out. When they got back together, he tried to end things with Vincent, but he couldn't. It was an addiction. Whitney can't look at him anymore; it makes it worse to know that Vincent gives him something that she never could. She's sure that he's gay though, just like Oprah warned. She also remembers the time that Rebecca saw him at the motel and the time that she walked in on Vincent, he must have been with him then too. He says that 'accidents happen', but all of this just proves to her that he doesn't love her. He asks her for a way to make this up to her, but she announces that there is no way: 'I want a divorce.' He wants a second chance, he'd give her one even if she cheated on him with another woman. She needs to remember their vows and think of their children: Don't they need a father? He pleas. It's too much to ask, she says as she walks away from him.

    I Can't be a Good Witch!

    Monday, May 28 2007

    'Oh my God!' Whitney exclaims as she finds Chad on top of Vincent. He looks up, almost as shocked as she is. Vincent smiles. Chad wants to explain, but Whitney can't even speak. Theresa starts lashing out at them, but Chad tries to apologize. Whitney screams at him to get away from her. 'I'm not gay,' he insists. She doesn't care what he calls it, he's having sex with a man who isn't his wife. 'This has nothing to do with us,' he says. She won't let him explain anymore, but he continues. He was only with Vincent because he thought that he'd lost her forever. 'You've completely ripped my heart out!' she cries as she runs off, vowing that he'll never see their children again. Theresa asks Vincent if this was all a set-up. 'Is it that obvious?' he smiles. 'That's evil. Karma will make you pay for what you've done,' she tells him. He finds this hilarious coming from her. 'You're the evil one Theresa Crane and you're going to get what's coming to you,' he laughs as he walks out. Meanwhile Chad runs after Whitney but she slaps him away.

    Carried Away

    Friday, May 25 2007

    At the bar, Vincent hates that he has to let Chad go. 'You have to get used to that,' Chad tells him. As Whitney walks in, he pulls Chad into an embrace. Whitney's jaw drops: She's shocked that Vincent sent her to a gay bar. She can't understand why Vincent seems to be trying to 'come out' to her. 'His personal life has absolutely nothing to do with me,' she insists. She and Theresa look around for Vincent, surprised that Harmony has such a large gay population. She suspects that Vincent just wanted to get her there because Chad is so homophobic and, if he found out, he'd be mad. Still, none of this makes sense to her. Across the room, Chad pushes Vincent away. He claims that what they had comes along once in a lifetime. Chad repeats that what they had was just sex. 'Love, sex, what's the difference?' Vincent asks. He pulls Chad closer, but Chad isn't interested. He finishes his drink and says that he's leaving. When he stands up, he spots Whitney across the room. Darting across the room, he ducks for cover. Vincent offers to help him and brings him to the back. They slip into the storage room and Vincent continues to taunt and threaten. Chad punches him down to the floor. He's sick of his threats, but Vincent continues. As they fight, they get turned on and start pulling off their clothes. Meanwhile, Whitney still can't understand why Vincent went through so much trouble to get her there when he isn't even around. The bartender hands her a letter from Vincent which tells her to meet him in the storage room. They go back to there. After they hear something smash onto the floor, they open the door and see Chad having his way with Vincent on a table.

    Without You, I'd be a Total Flop

    Thursday, May 24 2007

    Outside the bar, Vincent is sending more messages to Whitney, gleefully anticipating her catching her husband in a gay bar with him. Inside the bar, Paloma is depressed that everyone thinks she's a drag queen. Chad is anxious to see Vincent and get him out of his life for good. Paloma hopes that he can move on with Whitney. Maybe after she knows the truth and realizes that Vincent is in the past, she will forgive him. That sounds crazy to Chad. He's going to make sure that Vincent keeps his mouth shut...or else. He tells Paloma and Noah that they can go; he can deal with this himself. When Chad stands up, he spots Vincent and walks straight over to him. Vincent wants to relive their first meeting, but Chad reiterates that it's over between them and he is dead serious this time. As Chad walks away, Vincents runs after him, dropping onto the floor and begging him not to hurt him like this. He loves him too much to accept losing him...but he will let him go. Chad thanks him for doing the right thing. Vincent wants one final drink, however, so they can end things as 'friends'. Chad agrees and looks for a place for them to sit. This should give Vincent enough time to get Whitney down there. They grab a drink and Vincent talks about how much he will miss him. Chad reminds him that they won't be spending any more time together. Vincent spots Whitney and Theresa walking in and puts his arms around Chad. Whitney stops dead in her tracks. 'Oh my God!'

    Deep Down, Aren't we All?

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    In the mausoleum, Theresa holds Ethan in her arms while flames and smoke surround them. She confesses to him that he is little Ethan's father. After her confession gushes out, she begs for forgiveness, but the ceiling begins collapsing on them. Outside, Paloma and Whitney hear what sounds like things falling apart. Eve arrives as Noah and Chad begin hacking at the door with axes. They kick the door open and Noah spots the bodies: It's too late! he yells. They manage to get Ethan and Theresa out as the fire department arrives. Eve gets the victims on oxygen while the blackmailer, watching from the bushes, mourns the fact that they had already picked up their best suit-dress for Theresa and Ethan's funerals. 'Oh well...I still might get to wear it.' As Theresa recovers, she breathlessly tells Whitney that she told Ethan the truth... but he didn't say anything. After being treated by paramedics, they're taken up to the mansion. Theresa continues to wonder what Ethan is thinking about, but it's impossible to tell if there's anything going on in his mind. Suddenly Chad gets a call from Vincent. He's at the gay bar 'where it all began' and asks him to come over. Chad says no, but Vincent reminds him that if he breaks his heart, it will end up breaking Whitney's. Chad agrees to come. He tells Noah and Paloma that he is going to end things and they both insist on coming along to back him up. After sending them out to wait, he motions Whitney over to give her an excuse. Left alone, Theresa asks Ethan what's next for them after he has heard her confession. He can't remember anything thanks to the smoke inhalation, but he'd like to know what it was that she confessed. She straps on her oxygen mask and breathes deep. Before they can continue, Eve tells them to keep their oxygen masks on and takes Ethan away. Whitney returns and asks what happened. Ethan passed out, Theresa explains. Suddenly, Whitney gets a text message asking her if she wants the surprise of her life. If she does, she better come down to the bar.

    At the bar, Chad looks for Vincent while Noah and Paloma stand at the bar. She teases him because all of the guys are checking him out. A guy comes over and makes a pass at Noah. Paloma says that he's already taken. Looking her over, he tells her that she looks great in drag: She could almost pass for a real woman. 'I am a real woman,' she insists. 'Oh honey! Deep down, aren't we all,' he says before walking away. Chad returns, unable to find Vincent. Meanwhile, Vincent stands close by, ready to end his rivalry with Whitney.

    Sleepover Beach Party

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At the mansion, Paloma continues to prod Noah for information on what Chad is going to tell Whitney. He asks her again not to arrest Chad for attempted murder; he's about to lose the love of his life. She keeps trying to figure out the secret, but he won't betray his friend's confidence. In the other room, Whitney asks Chad again if he knows what secret it is that Vincent thinks she needs to know. He takes a deep breath. Before he can say anything, she gets a call from the nanny. Chad tells her that he only wanted to tell her that they need to focus on being together and forget about Vincent. She smiles and he walks out into the hall, kicking himself, and breaks it to Noah that he couldn't tell her about his affair with Vincent. Paloma pops up after hearing this. 'Is that Vincent's secret?' she asks, shocked. He tells her that he's breaking things off with Vincent. Just as Whitney comes out, Paloma gets a call from the security guards and they all rush down to the mausoleum. They walk inside and search around but can't see anyone. Soon, Paloma smells smoke and notices that it is coming from the door. Somehow Theresa and Ethan's screams are suddenly audible. They call out for Paloma to pull the ring to open the door. When Noah grabs it, it's so hot that he tears it out. The blackmailer starts to laugh and, sure that they are about to die, Theresa starts to tell Ethan her secret. As he embraces her and they are engulfed in smoke, she tells him that she found out that little Ethan was their son while they were in Rome but she was afraid to tell him.

    What's Wrong With You?

    Monday, May 21 2007

    In the hallway, Chad tells Noah to forget everything he said; it's over and done with. Noah's unconvinced, but Chad insists that it is over with Vincent this time. There's no way that Chad will tell Whitney the truth. Noah reminds him that secrets don't always stay a secret in Harmony. The only way to solve this problem is to come clean. Chad still claims that Whitney doesn't need to know how weak he has been and begs Noah not to say anything. Noah tells him that it's Vincent he needs to worry about. Whitney and Paloma rush up to them. Whitney says that he owes her an explanation. He panics for a moment and then she shows him the message from Vincent and demands to know why he wants to meet with her. He takes her hand and asks to talk to her alone. After the go off, Paloma asks Noah what's going. He doesn't want to say; he hates seeing good people stuck in bad situations. It's obvious to Paloma that Chad said something big to him and she continues to pressure him. He quickly breaks down and tells her that Chad shot the gun but it was just an accident. She stares blankly for awhile while Noah begs her not to go back on her promise to leave Chad alone. She can't do that. She has to arrest him for attempted murder.

    Meanwhile, Chad tells Whitney that he needs her to know that he loves her and only her...but sometimes people make mistakes. Although he wishes that he could turn the clock back, he knows that he can't. This is freaking her out. She asks him what any of this has to do with the message she got from Vincent. 'You deserve to know the truth,' he says morosely.

    Tonight My Life is Over

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Outside, Noah continues questioning Chad about the gun he dropped. He threatens to ask Whitney about this, but Chad stops him and admits that he's lying 'about my whole life.' Noah asks his friend to level with him so that he can help out. 'I've been living on the down low,' Chad admits. Noah begins to stutter, but doesn't know what to say, but reminds Chad that he's married. Chad doesn't need the reminder. He just feels like a fool and asks for the gun back so that he can shoot himself. Noah refuses and asks him more about Vincent. Chad repeats that this has nothing to do with Whitney and this is not an affair; it's only sex and he's not gay. He's wanted to stop seeing Vincent, but the man keeps threatening him. Noah tells him that the only way out is to confess everything, but there's no way Chad will do that. This all seems insane to Noah: How does Chad know that he hasn't given his wife some kind of disease? 'It couldn't happen,' Chad states with certainty. He can't let Whitney throw him out of her life and the lives of their children, even if that means he has to kill Vincent. Chad doesn't know another way. Noah tells him that he has to ask himself a tough question: Does he really love Vincent? Chad tells him that he's way off; sex has nothing to do with love. Noah tells him that, if he is sincere, he has to tell Whitney the truth.

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