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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Charity Loves Miguel

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Chad finishes putting Miles to sleep and sits down with Whitney. She tells him that Theresa and Ethan may get married soon and then their lives can be as perfect as theirs. Jared comes knocking on the door. He says that he needs their help; he made a huge mistake and wants Tess back. ‘I’m sorry, but you can’t have her back,’ Whitney says. She sends Chad to see Miles and tells Jared that Tess is trying to make a life with Ethan and he can’t waltz back in and take it away from her. He begs her to help him, but she won’t do that now that she has the chance to be with ‘the father of her children.’ This last details doesn’t escape Jared and he demands an explanation. She backtracks and says that Ethan would just like to adopt little Ethan because they’re so close. He accepts this explanation and Whitney tells him that Theresa is doing what’s best for herself. Jared still won’t give up and walks off to think. Chad is amazed she almost gave it away that easy and still doesn’t think Theresa will take Ethan over Jared.

    The Man in Kay’s Heart

    Monday, February 05 2007

    At the motel, Chad gets out of bed to check if there have been any messages from his wife. There haven’t, so he’s got plenty of time with his lover. After a busy afternoon, he gets dressed so that he won’t be late for dinner. As he goes to the door, he tells his lover not to worry about Jared. He tries to leave but, looking at his lover stretched out in bed, he can’t stop himself. ‘I can be late,’ he says throwing off his coat and returning to bed. Afterwards, he brings Whitney some flowers with a note that reads: ‘The only woman I love.’

    The Last Time This Time?

    Friday, February 02 2007

    Jared is asleep on his couch dreaming about being in bed with Theresa when Ethan arrives and throws him out of bed. Although he reminds Tess that they’re engaged, she and Ethan don’t care and they make out before Ethan beats him up. Chad wakes him up and Jared jumps on him. After pushing him off, Chad’s surprised to see that he’s been sleeping in the office. Jared explains that he was all ready to go when Valerie talked him out of it, but after the dream he just had, he’s not sure anymore. He asks Chad for advice, but soon realizes this isn’t the best idea. After all, Chad fought for Whitney when he thought she was his sister and began having an affair at the same time. Anyway, he knows that he’ll never be first for Tess. Chad tells him not to let his pride make him lose out on a chance at love. He leaves and Jared continues to pack. Realizing that he still loves Tess, he runs off to find her.

    When Chad walks out, he finds Whitney taking Miles to daycare. She apologizes again for thinking that he was having an affair. ‘We are lucky that we love only one another and no one else,’ he says, embracing her with a guilty look on his face. They part as she takes Miles to daycare.

    Ethan is taking little Ethan and Jane to daycare when they run into the tabloid reporter. He’s just looking for Valerie, but, while he’s there, he decides to ask Ethan about his marriage breaking up. Little Ethan is surprised to hear this and Ethan sends him and Jane off to daycare. When they’re gone, Ethan grabs the reporter and threatens him. Chad seems them scuffling and runs over to break it up. After he talks Ethan down before he can get charged for assault, he offers to give the reporter something bigger so that he’ll leave him alone. ‘Do what you have to do,’ Ethan says before trudging off to Theresa. Chad then gets a call from his lover, but tells them that they’ve almost been caught too many times. He finally agrees to meet one last time and then hangs up.

    Chad arrives at the motel and takes out his box of condoms and a bottle of liquor. He makes himself promise that this will be the last time and begins undressing. The door opens and a man walks in. ‘Better late than never,’ Chas says as he begins undressing. (We do not see the man’s face).

    A Warning

    Friday, January 26 2007

    At the office, Chad walks in on Jared packing. He won’t stay in the town any longer if he has to play second to Ethan. Chad’s never seen him so mad and yet he still believes Ethan is telling the truth. Jared can’t stand it though and, even if this isn’t Theresa’s fault, he can’t forgive her. Still, Chad urges him to imagine that they are telling the truth and, even if Jared’s ego is bruised, he shouldn’t leave town. Whitney calls Chad and tells him to keep Jared there. After he explains the situation with Theresa to his friend, he gets a call from his lover and has to leave. Jared is appalled that he can continue doing that to his wife and child, but Chad leaves anyway. Later, Valerie arrives to see how he is. He tells her that he’s leaving and is surprised to find her telling him that he can’t walk out on Theresa. ‘You don’t understand. Something terrible is happening in Harmony, especially to the Cranes,’ she insists. He laughs, but Valerie is deadly serious. If he cares about Theresa, he has to stay and protect her.

    The Marriage is Over

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    When Chad and Chris open the pantry door, the rapist tumbles across the floor and Fancy demands that they take off his mask. Chris reaches down and pulls it off to reveal Luis. ‘Oh my god no! It can’t be!’ Fancy exclaims. It doesn’t even make sese to Sheridan. Luis starts to wake and seems completely confused about what’s going on. Jared walks in, looks around and asks if he’s interrupting. Chad tells him it’s complicated. Jared announces that he’s leaving for good so Chad and Whitney take him in the other room to talk. Fancy tells Luis that she’s been assaulted again. He tries to get up to comfort her but she moves away. Chris says she was attacked by the man in the ski mask and shows it to Luis. He begins demanding to know where they got it. They tell him that they found him wearing it. Sheridan explains what’s happened and Luis can’t understand it. He helps Fancy sit down and begins apologizing. She asks him where he went, but he doesn’t know. He begins to blame himself for everything, but he can’t comfort her and she walks away. Sheridan suggest that she isn’t in shock; this might all be in Fancy’s mind and there’s no evidence to prove that what she says is true.

    Jared tells Whitney and Chad that he’s sick of competing. He won’t live his life the way Gwen has; there’s no room for three people in a marriage, ‘I had that already.’ Whitney goes up to comfort her friend. Chad reminds Jared that he’s threatened to leave before and couldn’t do it. Things are different this time; now he knows that she will always pick Ethan. ‘A marriage is about two people in love, not three,’ Jared says, nudging Chad and telling him that he’s not being fair to his wife. Jared is ready to leave unless Theresa can prove that she’s over Ethan.

    Ethan Hasn’t Been the Best Husband Lately

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Chad begins searching Fancy’s room for the attacker but finds nothing. She encourages him to go further into the closet when Sheridan and Chris run in to ask what happened. Sheridan asks Whitney if Fancy was dreaming again. Whitney nods and Fancy starts yelling at her aunt. There is no proof, yet again, that anyone was there. Chad and Whitney saw no signs either; Fancy must be in shock. Fancy is sure that aunt Sheridan is playing tricks and trying to come between her and Luis. Whitney finally notices that Fancy has a huge bruise on her cheek. Fancy finally has some proof. She jumps up and thinks that she hears something in the closet. She goes in to search with a candlestick in her hand. Chad and Whitney think she’s crazy. Fancy comes out and Whitney wants her to go to the hospital. She refuses and Sheridan suggests that she may have hit herself in her sleep. Looking around, she realizes that Luis isn’t there. She believes that he must have run after the attacker. Chad calls security to check, but Luis hasn’t been seen and no one’s being chased. Fancy doesn’t care; security on the estate is a joke anyway. Meanwhile, the rapist is still in the closet with a knife drawn.

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