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    Passions CAST - Chad Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chad Harris Played by Charles Divins on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Divins

    Birthday: 1976-01-29
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Charles Divins
    Height: 5' 11"


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    I Love You...Only You

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    Gwen is pacing in the halls of the inn. Rebecca offers her daughter an eclair but Gwen refuses to eat or drink anything that Alistair may have had contact with. Rebecca sadly drops the possibly poisoned pastry and tells her daughter that she should start planning her future with Ethan. Meanwhile, Alistair begins choking Theresa while they stand over Ethan's body. Soon, Chad and Whitney run in. Chad jumps his father and wrestles him away. As Alistair fights him off, Theresa tries to send Whitney off for the police. Pulling out a gun, Alistair stops her and promises them that they'll all be dead soon. When Gwen and Rebecca walk in, they're shocked to see Ethan sprawled out on the bed. Chad refuses to stand by and let Ethan die. As he picks up the phone, Alistair reminds him that he will shoot him. Theresa and Gwen begin blaming each other for all of this and demanding that someone call 911. Alistair tells them it's pointless: They are all going to die; he's come back to clean up his mistakes. Chad tries to wrestle the gun away, unable to imagine his father would actually shoot him. He does. 'But I'm your son,' Chad says as he drops to the floor bleeding. 'You're no son of mine,' he says. Everyone in his family has disappointed him and they're all going to die. He turns to Theresa, leveling the gun in her face. 'Our marriage was forged in Hell so you're going to be very comfortable down there,' he says. Suddenly, a pair of security guards run in with their guns drawn. Alistair shoots at them before jumping out the window and running. As he escapes, Whitney tries to stop Chad's bleeding but it's too late. 'I love you...only you,' he says before his eyes roll back. He's dead. As she cries over him, Theresa screams at Gwen to get away from Ethan.

    What Have I Done?

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    At the chapel, Gwen refuses to let Ethan and Theresa go anywhere before she gives them her wedding gift. Ethan keeps telling her that she doesn't have to do anything more for them, but she's insistent. Whitney stops her before she can say anything and suggests that it's time for Chad to make a toast. They all grab champagne and gather around. Gwen takes Whitney aside and tells her that she can't stop her from revealing the truth, no matter what other tricks she tries to pull. Leaving Gwen, she returns to Chad's side and they try to figure out a way to get the newlyweds out of there before the truth can be revealed. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay that he's never been more hopeful about their future than he is now. If Theresa and Ethan can overcome all the odds, anyone can. Gwen suddenly raises her champagne glass to make a toast. She starts her speech by saying that no one knows the newlyweds better than her and she just wants to see them happy. Ethan holds two things sacred: Family and honesty. There are no shades of grey when it comes to the truth for Ethan. Theresa watches with dread while Gwen continues but the justice of the peace suddenly interrupts and hands out packs of birdseed to throw at the bride and groom. Pilar takes the chance to make a quick toast and cut Gwen short. As the birdseed starts to fly, the wedding party starts to move outside and Chad holds the Hotchkiss women back. Theresa throws her bouquet, which Kay catches before excitedly kissing Miguel, and then the happy couple run off.

    She Did It!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Ethan is shouting at Theresa to hurry back into the chapel so that they can get married. Pilar rushes out to her daughter who updates her on Gwen's plan. Pilar tells her that the only way out now is to tell Ethan the truth before Gwen can do it. Suddenly Chad arrives, thanks to a call from Ethan. When he offers to help out, Theresa gets a plan and huddles her friends together. Pilar wishes she could talk her daughter out of this, but it's pointless. They put the plan into action. Chad and Whitney pretend that Theresa has locked herself in the bathroom. Gwen and Rebecca follow them down the hall as they shout through the door. Rebecca offers them her lock picking set and, once she unlocks the door, Whitney pushes them in. As the mother and daughter beat on the door, Chad and Whitney laugh. Rebecca threatens to reveal Chad's secret to the public if he doesn't let them out. He insists again that he's not gay, but this makes Whitney uncomfortable. She moves away from him, hoping that Theresa's marriage turns out better than theirs did. She still blames him for tearing their marriage apart, not Vincent. Whitney starts to worry that Gwen and Rebecca are being too quiet. Inside, Gwen climbs up and smashes the window. Surprisingly, there are bars on the outside. There is no way out; the wedding will go ahead.

    I Shudder to Think

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Julian sits with Vincent, warning him when he sees Chad arrive. Chad moves to Whitney's side. She can't believe that no one has come forward to save Luis. In the meantime, Eve is still trapped in the closet. As she pounds on the door, she tries to find a way to break out and save Luis. She prays to Grace to help her do the right thing. Finally, she breaks the door open and runs out and into the execution room. 'Stop the execution!' she shouts. Vincent wonders what his mother is doing. 'I shudder to think,' Julian says. Eve runs into the execution chamber and takes out a taser, threatening the warden and the guard away from Luis. The warden calls Sam in to take her out. Everyone rushes in behind him. Eve explains that the first injection only made Luis unconscious and they can still save his life. She begs Sam to trust her on this and tells everyone to back off while she revives Luis. The gathered crowd starts to realize that if Eve would stop the execution, she must know who is really guilty.

    As Vincent is cuffed, Chad reveals that Vincent also tried to kill Whitney at the courthouse. He calls his former lover the devil and Vincent begins to taunt him. Simone wonders how he can be such a monster. Vincent doesn't feel like a villain though; it's Eve that's the villain in all of this, he insists. She abandoned him like he was just a mistake. Chad tries to use all of this to lay the blame on Vincent for the affair, but Whitney won't accept his excuses. Eve steps forward, announcing that her son did more than just murder and arson. Julian wishes that she would shut up, but she can't stop herself now. She tells everyone that Vincent is the notorious blackmailer. Everyone is shocked (except for Sheridan of course). Vincent tried to burn Ethan and Theresa alive; had sex with Jessica; tried to kill Fancy at the hospital; abducted Ethan; shot Jared and forced Theresa to marry him. Vincent gloats as Sam arrests him for murder. As he's dragged out, he calls out to Julian for help. He promises his son that he will do what he can. Julian shakes his head; how could Eve betray their child again? Now he'll be condemned to be the poster child for murder and mayhem. Eve doesn't think that he cares about their son; he's only worried about what this will do to Crane Industries.

    Triple Wedding?

    Monday, July 30 2007

    As the two men beat each other around the prison. Luis finally pulls them apart as Whitney explains who Vincent is. 'So you're my half-brother?' Fancy assumes. 'I'm much more than that,' he laughs perversely. As everyone puts this together and realizes that Chad has been having an affair with his nephew, he breaks free of Luis and jumps on Vincent again. Whitney begs him to stop and he, eventually, does. Father Lonigan rushes to Vincent's side. Sheridan takes him down the corridor alone and demands to know what is going on. His phone rings. Looking down, he sees Pretty has arrived at the prison. Sheridan becomes giddy with expectation.

    As Chad tries to lay the blame on Vincent, Whitney really stops him: She doesn't want to hear this from him right now. Ethan reminds them that this isn't the best time or place to be settling their problems. They apologize to Fancy and Luis who then inform them that they are getting married. Noah rushes over to Luis and asks him if he and Paloma could get married alongside of he and Fancy. Luis agrees and Noah instantly drops on his knees and asks Paloma to marry him again. She doesn't want to cramp her brother's style, but he already said that it was okay. Taking out his grandmother's ring, he offers it to her and she jumps up, smiling and kissing him. Paloma embraces her brother and Pilar embraces them both. He tells them that he'll give Antonio a hug for them when he sees him. This makes Pilar break into tears and her daughter pulls her away.

    Killing With Kindness

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Chad is ready to run off and confront Vincent. Whitney wants to know why he would have set them up all along. 'Something about him has always struck me as odd somehow, 'he says. Meanwhile, at Eve's, when Vincent comes out in his blackmailer's costume, Julian is disgusted. He reminds Vincent that he is a Crane, not a 'clown on crack.' Vincent says that the costume is the real him. Julian isn't following, but Eve understands and drunkenly nods. As Vincent continues to explain that he is the blackmailer who has been terrorizing everyone, he lifts up his skirt to show Julian the rest of who he is. 'I told you he wasn't just our son,' Eve says. Julian tells his son that he needs help. 'It's hard to find clothes. Want to go shopping sometime?' Vincent asks sarcastically before lashing out some more and blaming them for everything that's happened to him. After he storms off, Julian wishes that this was just a bad dream. 'It's a nightmare,' Eve suggests, slumping against him. They start drinking and imagining that Alistair, at least, would be proud of this Crane. Julian worries about how he is going to clean up Vincent's 'indiscretions' and get him therapy. 'Poor poor Vincent,' Eve says as Chad and Whitney walk in. They assume that she is just drunk and, when she refuses to tell them where Vincent is, they become suspicious. Chad starts to search the house while Whitney demands answers from her mother and Julian. They keep saying that it's complicated, but this only makes Whitney furious. When Chad returns, unable to find Vincent, he says that there is something different about Vincent: At times he reminded him of Whitney. She suddenly remembers that Luis is about to be executed and runs off. Eve remembers that the coroner wanted her there as well so she could declare Luis officially dead. She doesn't feel like she can let this happen, but Julian won't let her stop it.

    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Walking down the street, Whitney runs into Chad and starts laying into him. Did he know that Vincent was her long lost brother? This is a complete shock to him; he had no idea that Vincent was his nephew. 'How could my husband's boyfriend turn out to be my brother?' she asks herself. This seems like more than a strange coincidence. Chad thinks that she must be on to something: Maybe Vincent planned all of this to destroy their relationship... Whitney doesn't care and she doesn't want Chad to turn this into another excuse for what he did. He points out that Vincent may have set them up all along. She can't understand any of this, but he would have to be pretty sick if he targeted his own uncle for sex. They should go to Vincent right now and get the truth out of him, even if it's more sick than they could ever imagine.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    Chad arrives on Whitney's doorstep with a stuffed animal for his son. She wants him to leave, but he refuses to leave until they get something straight. 'That's rich coming from my gay husband,' Whitney remarks. Chad stifles a laugh before insisting that he's not gay; he was just on the down-low and it was only sex with Vincent. 'It was gay sex,' Whitney points out (while Vincent himself listens outside the door). She repeats that she is filing for divorce and he repeats that he loves her and their son. She refuses to open herself up to more hurt. If she insists on going through with the divorce though, he says, he will fight for the custody of the children. Whitney is sure that a judge would never grant him custody, but he is confidant that he would win. When she threatens to call the police, he leaves. She tries to calm down because this stress isn't good for her baby. There is a knock at the door. She angrily answers expecting Chad, but is even more unhappy to find Vincent standing there. Although she wants him to leave, he saunters in, telling her that they have lots to talk about. They're both adults and they've both done Chad; they should compare notes, he suggests. She threatens to call the police on her 'other half's other half.' When she starts to call him the scum of the earth and claim that her family is so much better than him, he smugly tells her that he is going to be part of her life forever.

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