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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Locked Together

    Friday, March 23 2007

    Sitting in Tabitha's parlor, Miguel is second guessing himself about Fox's terminal illness. He can't understand why Fox would subject himself to such brutal treatments unless he was really ill. Besides that, maybe he made an honest mistake when he accused him of being the hit-and-run driver. 'Crane's don't make honest mistake,' Tabitha says before Endora reminds her that she is a Crane. Tired of waiting for Kay, Miguel wants to go up and check on her, but Tabitha tells him to wait. He walks upstairs instead. Tabitha tells Endora that Miguel is right: Fox will lose Kay whether he's sick or not. Endora isn't about to let that happen. Tabitha starts pacing around the room, excited to be going to a funeral. Endora doesn't know how they can go inside the church when they're witches. Tabitha says that they'll hang around outside, but Endora wants to hear the speeches. Tabitha gives a mock eulogy and assures her daughter that she won't miss anything. As she begins to laugh, she tells her daughter about going to a funeral with her mother where her mother got the corpse to jump up in the middle of the service.

    Upstairs, Kay can't understand why Fox isn't impotent. After a moment of thought, she gets an idea about what he must have done: He must have popped one of those 'little blue pills.' He stutters a 'yes' and she agrees to make love to him as long as he doesn't over exert himself. Afterwards, Fox says that making love to his beautiful wife is the best medicine, even if it tires him out. Miguel knocks on the door and walks in to remind them of the funeral. He tries to look away from what he's walked in on, but he doesn't know what to think after seeing them in bed together. Kay goes to get dressed and Fox calls Julian to ask him what is going on: How can he make love to his wife and be losing his hair? Picking up a piece of hair, he turns around to see Miguel standing behind him. Kay re-appears and goes to kiss Fox goodbye when he tells her to wait a minute while he gets dressed. After he kisses her, Miguel grimaces at the sight and goes downstairs. Fox and Kay soon follow, but, by the time Fox reaches the living room, he drops onto the floor.

    You're a Liar

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Downstairs, Miguel is making faces at the girls while Tabitha makes breakfast. As he cuts up a banana, he admits that he doesn't think Fox is faking now that his hair is falling out. These side effects are too bad to be faking. Endora warns her mother not to say anything, but Tabitha feels like the world is turned upside down: She actually wants to tell the truth for once. Miguel doesn't know where he is with Kay anymore. Tabitha starts trying to explain, but Endora zaps her. Endora and Maria start arguing and Tabitha asks for a time out. Suddenly, Tabitha gets an idea. She reminds Miguel about the impersonators. He can't explain it...maybe Julian is behind it. If Fox is telling the truth about everything, she asks, is he telling the truth about him trying to run him down? He insists that he wasn't driving, but now thinks that Fox may have just mistaken someone else for him.

    Happiness is Dangerous

    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    At Tabitha's Kay and Miguel climb out of the shower. He can't stop telling her how much he loves her, but she wavers slightly. Still, she can't lie to herself anymore and has to tell Fox that she can't be with him. Suddenly, Fox calls from the hospital to tell her that he is going stir crazy. He's coming home to see her right now, he announces before hanging up. Miguel says that, if Fox is strong enough to walk, he's strong enough to lose her. They get dressed and Kay wonders how she will break the news to her dying husband. Miguel kisses her and then goes into the closet to hide while she does the deed.

    Tabitha is sneaking a peak on Kay and Miguel. She's not happy to see that Fox is talking to her on the phone. After almost spilling her martimi, she runs to the door when she hears Fox returning. She's only glad that Endora is asleep or things could get ugly quick. A horrible looking Fox goes up to see Kay while Miguel gloats to himself that Fox is about to lose everything. After Fox embraces his wife, she backs off. He knows what she wants to tell him and lays down, revealing the fact that his hair is falling out. He tells her that they'll be a happy family until the end. Looking down and the clump of his hair in her hands, he knows that she won't leave him under these conditions. They embrace while Miguel wonders why it's so quiet. Fox leaves to get them something to eat and Miguel pokes his head out. Kay shows him the clump of hair. Miguel doesn't care, but Kay pushes him away. Downstairs, Endora wakes up hungry and asks for a treat. While Tabitha gets her something, Endora becomes more interested in some magical jars, but Tabitha says that she can't touch them: It would cause a catastrophe. Tabitha looks back into her bowl and wishes that Kay would just give Fox some Viagra and a toupee then dump him. Behind her back, Endora calls the glittering magical jar over and opens it up. After the contents float out, Tabitha panics that this may change everything. Running around the room, Tabitha tries to recapture it, but it escapes up the chimney. Endora asks what it was. It was Happiness, Tabitha's been hiding it for generations. Now this burst of bliss could cause untold chaos.

    Evil Love

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Tabitha watches Kay and Miguel in her bowl. They've been making love non-stop for hours. She hopes that this will keep him away from Charity. Endora wanders in and zaps her mother for what she's doing. She still wants Kay with Fox. Tabitha tells her that not even witches always get what they want and it's too late for Fox. Endora is still defiant and gets her wand out. 'Studilicious has to be kept away from Charity,' Tabitha warns, but it's not sinking in. Endora zaps Kay and Miguel. Tabitha says that she'll have to be punished for this; she's making the dark side angry. Upstairs, Kay and Miguel take a break from their love fest to say how much they love each other. When Kay is suddenly zapped, she jumps away, remembering that she's married. After a time out, Tabitha has to call cupid to get Kay and Miguel back in the sack. Endora zaps him away and Tabitha tries to explain the situation again, but Endora has fallen asleep. Tabitha calls up some hearts and sends them after Kay to fill her with desire for Miguel. Kay is in the shower trying to wash away 'the dirty feeling' when Miguel storms in and the hearts go into Kay's head. She pulls him into the shower and they start making love again. After they get out of the shower, she says that she has to tell Fox the truth now. Being a family with her and Maria is everything that he wants. While they make out on the sink, Tabitha smiles and says that true love can win out with the help of evil.

    Who Needs a Lust Potion?

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Kay is putting Maria to bed. How dare Miguel think that they'll be a couple again after everything, she thinks to herself. Meanwhile, Tabitha is happy after putting Endora to bed. She wants a martimi to put a smile on her face. As she makes one up, Miguel mopes into the kitchen. He's pushed Kay too far this time: She doesn't want him back anymore. Tabitha offers him a drink, but he's given up. He wants to leave town, find Charity and ask her to marry him. Flames spout from Tabitha's head. She smells a disaster in the air. She won't let him go anywhere and has to think fast. Kay and a lusty love potion should be able to keep him there and help him forget Charity. After she serves him the potion, he tears open his shirt and starts shouting. He wants to make love to Charity like there's no tomorrow. As he goes for the door, Tabitha has to wrestle him to the ground and try and convince him that he wants Kay. While she is dragging him across the floor, Kay walks downstairs while Miguel bellows about how much he loves Charity. She's glad that she just told him they don't have a future together. Miguel struggles free and Tabitha has to smash him on the head to knock him out. Now she needs to give Kay a potion and fix things. She gears into super speed and drugs Kay who instantly pulls of her shirt and starts looking for a man. After locking her in her room, Tabitha runs downstairs and drugs Miguel again. He begins coming onto a horrified Tabitha and starts kissing her. It's hard, but she manages to behave herself and knocks him out again so that she can plant desires for Kay in his mind. He leaps up, pounding on his chest and doing a Tarzan yodel before he runs upstairs. Tabitha has another drink and has to smack herself out of lustful thoughts. She checks in her bowl and sees Kay making out with her pillows until Miguel smashes the door down in a cloud of smoke. She jumps in his arms and they go at it like zoo animals.

    I Can't Quit You

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Miguel kisses Kay and tells her not to say a word. She peers over his shoulder to her spot her wedding photo with Fox. Pushing him away, she slaps him. She doesn't know what he's capable of anymore and is tired of having to do this. Miguel isn't tired though; he can repeat himself all night. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any proof and can't explain why Fox is taking the treatments. At least, he goes on, we'll know if Fox is a liar soon because he will be dead and then they can be together. It sounds to her like he wants Fox to die. She believes that her husband is right and it kills her because she's the worst wife in the world. 'It's not cheating when you shouldn't be married,' Miguel says trying to touch her again. 'We're not going to be together Miguel,' she says firmly. It's time for him to leave; he can call ahead if he wants to see Maria. It's over, even if Fox dies. Slowly, he walks out as she cries

    Something Pretty

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At Tabitha's, Miguel stares at a glass ball as Pilar wanders in talking about Maria's bond with Endora. She asks for an update on Miguel's case. He is still promising to prove that Fox is lying, but Fox keeps outfoxing him. But maybe, he starts to wonder, there's been a mix up and Fox is getting the real treatment when he was supposed to get a fake one. He helps his mother put her coat on and she points out that, if Fox dies, he's been telling the truth all along and he's been badgering a dying man. After she leaves, he stares at a photo of Kay, Maria and him. Kay arrives home and he tells her that he wants her and will never stop loving her. They kiss.

    Hard to Let Go

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Fox is in his hospital bed in excruciating pain. He can't understand how a placebo can be doing this to him. Kay encourages him just to think about the extra time this will give him. She goes to get him some ice. Outside, Miguel watches and still imagines that he's faking. He grabs Kay when she walks out and starts shouting at her to listen to him as she walks away. He waits for her to come back and then grabs her again to repeat his suspicions. Kay is starting to think that he is just crazy— Fox is obviously sick and is getting sicker. Miguel says that she doesn't need Fox's twisted love and, deep down, she knows that she still loves him. She walks away and he grabs her again, insisting that he's telling the truth. She hears Fox being sick and rushes in to help him.

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