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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Which Witch School?

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    As everyone files into the courtroom, Ethan rants about Judge Reilly pushing everything ahead. Sam says that this can't be legal. 'This whole town in under the power of one sick individual,' Sheridan says. TV lawyer Grace Nancier arrives and everyone gasps. She announces that she will make sure that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are found guilty. 'Why don't we have a good old-fashioned hanging on the town green,' she jokes before striding off. Ethan's only hope now is that he might be able to get an unbiased jury. Judge Reilly arrives and the trial starts without any of the normal procedures. The jury was already selected in Ethan's absence. Ethan declares that this is nonsense, but Grace tells him that it is justice... her way.

    As the trial begins, Sheridan starts lashing out at Fancy until Ethan and Luis get her to stop. Ethan tries to give his witnesses a pep talk and then the judge decides it's time to jump ahead to witness testimony. Grace calls up Sam and Miguel gets uncomfortable. She easily makes Sam appear convinced that Miguel is guilty, particularly with a quote of him saying that 'they look guilty as hell.' Ethan becomes angry and asks to consult with his clients. The judge tells him that they can leave and talk but the trial will go ahead without them. Ethan decides that only Fancy's testimony can save Luis; she has to convince the court that Luis could never attack her. Sheridan gets a worried look. The prosecutor resumes questioning Sam. When he tries to assert that Luis is a good man, she brings up his bias and the fact that Luis escaped three times after he arrested him.

    Beginning of the End

    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    Theresa and Ethan arrive at the courthouse followed by Kay and Miguel. Inside, they find Luis being wheeled in by Fancy. Theresa starts blaming herself for all of this and says that they are all victims. Fox arrives, called to speak against the man who ran him down. Ethan says that this is all a set-up, all a set-up by the same freak that is setting them all up. 'So things are hopeless?' Kay asks. Miguel and Luis are sure it's over for them. Fox arches his eyebrows. Luis tells Theresa that she and Paloma have to stay strong for their mother. All of this sacrifice is making Theresa cry and she can't stand it anymore. A tired Luis tries to give a speech to cheer them up but Fox points out that no one has come up with any proof to clear them of anything. Judge Reilly comes out to call them all into his chambers so that they may begin.

    As they go into chambers, Miguel grabs Kay aside and suggests that they tell Fox the truth now. Meanwhile, Fox calls his father to ask him if he bribed the judge. Julian didn't, but somebody obviously put the fear in him. Either way, Fox is happy that he may finally be getting what he wants. When he follows everyone in, the judge begins the hearing. He reviews Ethan's motion to move the venue of the hearing and have a different judge appointed. Ethan suggests that they are all being blackmailed and his clients can't get a free hearing under these circumstances. Suddenly, the sound of the blackmailer laughing hysterically begins to come from all of their cell phones and the judge's computer. Taking the hint, the judge turns down the motion and announces that the trial will start immediately. The judge demands that they all turn off their phones and then begins searching for his pills. Ethan asks for more time to prepare his defense while Fox taunts Miguel. The judge threatens to pull Ethan off the case and give it to another idiot before mocking Fancy for becoming a guardian of the great unwashed. Alistair's granddaughter becoming a cop 'must be a sign of the end of days', he jokes before announcing that Luis and Miguel will stand trial together. Ethan continues to vehemently argue, but the judge openly admits that he is doing this to make sure they are found guilty. Judge Reilly tells Ethan to stop whining so much and then adjourns the hearing. 'This is the beginning of the end,' Kay says. Meanwhile, in the corridor, Whitney searches for Judge Reilly's chambers when the scaffolding, set up for repairs, begins to shake and part of the facade plummets down toward her head.

    Graduation Day

    Monday, April 09 2007

    Kay lies in bed with Miguel trying to figure out how they can get him off. He doesn't want to think about the trial, he just wants to treasure the time they have left. Miguel notices that there is a message on the phone: It's Ethan promising that he won't give up. Kay is glad that he is working on the case. Miguel starts pressuring her to dump Fox again, but she hates to hurt someone she loves. They get dressed so they can find Fox and break his heart. Miguel reminds her of Fox's deceptions and tries to make her optimistic about the future. Turning around, Kay switches on the TV. 'We interrupt the sixth hour of the Today Show to bring you breaking news...' It's bad news for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

    An Ill Wind

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Kay wakes up in her bed with Miguel. He begins kissing her when she wakes up for real and realizes that Miguel was a dream and Fox is on top of her. She begins to scream. Fox asks her why. Kay explains that she was surprised to see him. He wonders why she is surprised to see her husband in her bed. He doesn't even need to guess who she was expecting to find. After she rambles her way through an excuse, he tells her that he could no longer stay in the hospital: Being with her is the only thing that could make him feel better. He gets dressed and tells her that we're all dying, just some of us are sooner than others. She is the only reason that he wants to live. As they talk, Miguel stands in the hallway listening. Kay kisses Fox goodbye as leaves for work. Miguel stares in at her once Fox is gone. She doesn't want to say anything to Fox, she tells him, but Miguel still thinks that he's faking. After the usual debate, he says that she and Maria are his life and kisses her.

    Trapping Happiness

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Through the window, Fox is watching Kay and Miguel making out. Fox remarks, 'Poor Pilar. It looks like she's about to lose another son.' Ethan pulls up and Fox ducks into hiding. Kay lets Ethan in to talk about his case. It's bad news, something Fox is happy to overhear. Inside, Ethan tells Miguel that Theresa married Jared and she is being blackmailed...oh and Luis was shot after escaping and supposedly killing someone. Miguel thinks that this is crazy and Ethan tells him that, at this point, not even Crane money can fix things. There's more bad news as well. He thought that he had a breakthrough in the case, but all of the evidence disappeared. Miguel is sure that Fox must be behind all of this. Ethan says that he'll continue to fight and leaves them. Miguel tells Kay that he can bare anything but the idea of her being with Fox. Fox has been listening in all the while.

    Whose Voice is it?

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    As Kay walks down the corridor, Miguel hunts her down and tells her that they'll have a long life together, even if they feel a bit guilty after Fox dies. He's not there to argue though, he wants to help her relax over dinner. Taking her up to the roof, he shows that he's set up a romantic dinner for her there. She thanks him and then she starts thinking about her mother and all the guilt she feels about her death. Miguel tells her that she's happy in heaven and helps her to her seat. There are things that he regrets too, like abandoning her and Maria, but he'll be devoted from now on. As he optimistically talks about their future, she tries to stop him. Maybe she can't get past the guilt she feels about Fox and he'll have to find another girl. But for Miguel, there is no one else: He is dedicated to her 'for ever and ever.' They start recollecting their childhood memories, but it's too late for her. 'It's wrong. I'm married.' But Miguel doesn't care. He will never leave her behind, he declares as he kisses her. After she strips off his shirt, they begin making out as Fox walks up and sees them.

    Rae's Funeral

    Monday, March 26 2007

    After Fox collapses on the floor, Kay tells Miguel to call an ambulance. When Miguel gets on the phone, Fox stops him and crawls off the floor. He still wants to go to the funeral, but Kay tells him that he'll need to be examined after. Tabitha stands by and says that 'horrible, horrible things are in store for Kay.' They all go off to the funeral. After the mortals go in, Tabitha and Endora stop outside. Tabitha takes out her special witch technology: 'NBC. The Netherworld Broadcasting Corporation' (it's a camera that lets them see inside the church). She's very happy and rubs her hands together, only to notice that Endora has slipped inside and waves at the camera. It must be her human part that lets her in a holy place, nevertheless Tabitha demands that her daughter zap herself back outside.

    Pilar greets Fox by telling him that he looks awful. Some of his hair falls out as he and Kay walk way. Miguel tells his mother that it looks like Fox really is sick after all. Inside the chapel, Julian approaches his son and tells him that he is only suffering from stress; he isn't really sick. Fox still needs to know if he is taking the placebo or a real treatment. Julian tells him just to be happy that he is still 'up and running' and that 'bald is in these days.' Leaving Fox behind, he joins Eve and Valerie for the 'good news' while TC looks on, worried. Valerie tells them that their son is in Harmony. The parents are happy to hear this. Eve rushes off to see Simone while TC comes over to threaten Julian to stay away. Eve finds Simone with Vincent. He tells them that he knew Rae for years.

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