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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    I'm Coming for you

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    With their cells facing each other, the brothers begin arguing about whether they have anything to hope for. A guard comes. He tells Luis that a 'gorgeous blond' has come to visit him. Luis assumes it's Fancy. The guard doesn't know why anyone would love someone one death row unless they enjoy pain. He leads Luis to the interview room and he is upset to find Sheridan there. He attacks her for what she did to Fancy on the stand but Sheridan tells him that Fancy is a manipulative liar and he doesn't know what she is really capable of. After this, Luis is beginning to wonder if he ever knew Sheridan at all. She reminds him that they are soul mates and begs him not to be angry with her; she has already lost everyone else in her life. He's the one person she thought would never leave her. When he mentions Fancy, she becomes enraged and begins to rant. Luis won't listen to this. He knows that he is going to die and wants her to put things right with her niece before that happens. When half an hour is up, the guard tells Sheridan she has to leave: Luis has another visitor. Once she is led out, she finds Fancy waiting to see Luis.

    Later, Miguel's cell mate 'Steve' is led in. He shakes Miguel's hand and tells him that he could tell that he was set up 'big time.' Miguel is intrigued as Steve tells him that all of the evidence is bogus. He asks to be told anything that Steve's heard. Steve looks him up and down and starts to consider his options.

    Just Words

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    In the courtroom, the judge repeats that his ruling is final. Fancy begins apologizing to Luis again while Kay wheels Maria out, promising her that she'll see her father again. Fox is happy to see Miguel going away. 'He can rot in Hell for all I care...but Luis? Is he guilty?' he wonders aloud to Julian. Kay waits in the hallway for Miguel to be led out. She tells him that he will get a new trial. He says that his sister will try her best but it probably won't work. Anyway, he doesn't want to talk about this in front of their daughter. Kay thinks that they can still be a family and lays her head on his shoulder. She still has faith that this isn't over yet. Fox and Julian come out. He is sick of seeing his wife with another man. Julian stops him from interrupting the 'family reunion.' All of these public displays are too disgusting for Fox though and he can barely resist the desire to kill Miguel. His father tells him to control himself; he won, even if he almost killed himself doing and now he can finally enjoy it. Fox agrees to abide by his father's wisdom and simmer down. He walks over to Miguel and tells him that he is sorry. Miguel doesn't buy it; he's sure that Fox is thrilled that he's going to jail. The guard comes and tells them to wrap it up. Miguel kisses Maria goodbye and Kay kisses Miguel's cheek. Fox has to resist punching him.

    Meanwhile, Fancy sits with Luis and holds his hand. He tells her that she did the best she could. Fancy thinks that Sheridan is to blame for all of this. Sheridan returns on cue, promising to help Luis. She won't rest until he's a free man. When she tries to touch him, however, he pushes her away and she is crushed. Rising up, Fancy tells her that she has some nerve coming back after what she did. Sheridan tells her that she had no choice and Fancy shouldn't blame her for what happened to Pretty. Fancy won't stop though and continues lashing out at her aunt for sacrificing Luis just to break them up. Sheridan reminds her that if it wasn't for her repeated accusations of rape, Luis wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. All that she was trying to do is hide the fact that Fancy is such an unstable nutcase. Besides, no matter what she said, with Judge Reilly there, there was no hope. Luis accuses her of putting the last nail in his coffin, but Sheridan shouts out that she only did this because she will always love him. He tells her that she's a liar, but she says that the only person she has been lying to is herself. She is alone now, Chris left her and took James with him. Fancy accuses her of coming after him the second her husband drops her. Sheridan ignores her and tells Luis that he needs to admit that he still loves her. 'I don't love you anymore,' he says bluntly. Turning to Fancy he says: 'I love you.' None of this makes sense to Sheridan. Luis says that what happened between them was tragic but they need to move on. He wasn't sure that he could go on without her... but he loves Fancy now. The guard comes to take Luis away. Pilar runs to her sons and tells them that a lot of people love them and want to help them. 'I swear to God I will not lose Luis no matter what or who stands in my way!' Sheridan vows.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    In the courtroom, everyone is crushed when the guilty verdict comes in. First Theresa and then Kay try to comfort a distraught Pilar. She can't believe that her prayers for her sons' innocence went unheeded. Julian and Fox look on. As Julian makes snide remarks, Fox thinks that even he's being too cold. Julian is just looking forward to having the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers finally out of the way. Ivy approaches Fancy and tries to tell her daughter that this is not her fault. Fancy still feels guilty for the way that the DA twisted her words against Luis. Sheridan pops in to accuse her niece of ruining Luis' life just like she ruined Pretty's. Ethan and Theresa are both blaming themselves for the convictions. He suggests that they try and do something positive. Calling everyone together, he tells them that it's not over and he will work to turn over the verdict. All of the irregularities in the trial are sure to allow new trials to be called. They have time before the sentencing to prepare so there is still hope. As the pack run off, Ivy points at how Fox's wife so easily runs to the side of another man. He tries to put on a brave face. Soon Miguel will be hauled away and he can have Kay all to himself. Julian tells his son that he has to go with the rest of them and watch Kay say goodbye.

    Luis and Miguel are led into a little room to await the prison bus. They still can't believe they were found guilty. Luis suspects that this is just the beginning however. 'We're just the first casualties in some sick secret war,' he states. Kay comes in and tells Miguel how much she will miss him as Pilar weeps on his shoulder. Fancy and Theresa comfort Luis and Sheridan tells him that things have to get better. Luis becomes angry, he doesn't want to talk to her about any of this; most of it is her fault. Sheridan sadly walks away and Ethan tells her that she needs to give Luis some space with his family. 'Luis is my family,' she says. Ethan tells her that she should be looking after Chris right now, he heard her admit that she loves Luis in court. Sheridan knows that this can't be a good thing and, after Luis sends her a hateful look, she leaves.

    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    In the courthouse, Julian tells Fox again that he can't let Miguel get off free. Fox claims that all he wants to do is make Kay happy. Julian tells his son not to purger himself and then pulls him aside. They whisper together that it looks like Kay and Miguel are buying his line. When he gets on the stand, he plans to say whatever he has to so that Miguel goes away for a long time.

    Miguel is led back into the courtroom and Fox is called up next. Ethan has the lights turned out and a light shone in Fox's face. He asks Fox to say who stands behind the light. 'You,' he states. The lights come on and reveal that Theresa is actually behind the light. Grace cross examines, but it doesn't go anywhere and Fox is asked to step down. The judge tells the jury that they can retire to deliberate and he prays they reach their verdict soon. Theresa asks Ethan if her brothers have a chance. He doesn't know. It doesn't take more than a few minutes for the jury to reach a verdict. Luis is called back and the jury file in. They find both defendants guilty. Fox and Julian arch their eyebrows while Grace and the judge breathe a sigh of relief.

    Fancy Testifies

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    At the courthouse, Theresa, demonstrating her usual insight, has a bad feeling about the way things are going. She and Kay rush to Miguel's side and Theresa blames herself for all of this. Miguel thanks her for all of her sacrifices and tells her that everything will be fine. As Kay comforts Miguel, Julian asks Fox if he's going to let his wife get away with this. Only until he takes the stand, Fox assures him.

    Kay has followed Miguel out to the corridor. They wish they had told Fox about them before the trial arrived. Kay has decided to 'do the right thing' no matter how hard it is. Fox comes by and asks them what's up. Kay tries to tell him, but Fox stops her and says that he's done some soul searching: He's realized what he has to do. He is going to change his story and claim that he didn't see Miguel hit him. She thanks him from the bottom of her heart and Miguel, grudgingly, says thank you. Fox says that he's only doing this for Kay and Maria. Julian walks in and announces that he won't let his son help 'this murderous swine.'

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