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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Adios Muchacho

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Spike, in disguise as an orderly, arrives at the prison infirmary to kill Miguel. Creeping around, he finds the room Miguel is in. The nurse wants to give him more meds but he wants to stay awake in case Kay comes back. She tells him that he won't be getting any more visitors today. Spike starts to smile: The nurse has just made his job so much easier. After Miguel is doped up, the nurse leaves and Spike easily sneaks in. After he gets a pillow, he tells Miguel that he's doing him a favor: It's not like he'd want to spend the rest of his life in prison as someone's b***. After he places the pillow on Miguel's face for a few moments, he hears the nurse returning and hides. She gives Miguel a quick check over and then leaves. Spike resumes the position and puts the pillow on Miguel's face. 'Say adios muchacho.'

    Imaginary Friend

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    Julian and Fox watch Kay lay by Miguel's side in the infirmary. Julian reminds his son that he is a Crane and he must vanquish his enemies: It's time to kill Miguel. Fox can't do it, but his father is sure that this is the only way he can win. Kay tells Pilar that she's still looking for the right time to tell Fox the truth. Overhearing this is enough to push Fox to his decision.

    Romeo Must Die

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    In the prison infirmary, Kay is at Miguel's bedside. She couldn't live if he died. He tells her to go back to Fox and then find someone else after he dies. Kay refuses and says that they have to stick together. He finally says okay, even though Fox is better for her. Kay says that Miguel is 'the best everything' and asks him what happened. He tells her about being beaten but doesn't know why it happened. Pilar runs in, distraught as usual, and Kay gives them some time alone. She asks her son if the men did more than 'attack him' and he promises her that he won't let that happen. Fox stands only feet away, wondering why Kay can't love him the way that she loves Miguel. Too bad those guys didn't kill him. Julian arrives after hearing the news and seems disappointed that his son didn't hire someone who could finish the job. Fox explains that he didn't hire anyone to attack Miguel. 'Then who did?' asks Julian with his eyebrow raised. Fox says that the inmates must just be softening him up for later. Unfortunately, beaten up Miguel is getting the pity love in addition to the regular amount. Julian tells his son to be patient and let Kay's guilt eat her up. Fox is sure that won't work. Kay comes out and Julian suggests that she and Fox should go home now that Pilar is there. Kay won't go though and returns to see Miguel. She promises him that things will be perfect one day; things will not end this way for them. Fox continues to watch from the doorway and tries to stifle his anger. Julian tells him that he can't win; Fox will never take Miguel's place in Kay's heart. 'Romeo must die. We have to kill Miguel,' Julian announces.

    Happily Never After

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    At the prison, two men drag Miguel into the empty showers and begin beating him. He tells them that they must have the wrong guy and tries feebly to fight back. As they kick him around the floor, a guard runs in and stops them. They object, claiming that he always lets them beat on the new guys. 'You have to be careful not to kill them,' the guard reminds them. Miguel is rolled into the prison infirmary. The doctor isn't sure that Miguel will survive from the beating. He asks for his medical files so that he can notify the next of kin. The doctor tells Miguel to try not to move as he wakes up. Miguel doesn't seem to have a serious brain injury. The doctor has reported the beating to the warden but he's not sure what action he will take. Kay rushes in and the doctor tells her that things could have been worse. She thought that she might have lost him. 'You're a lucky man. This must be your wife,' the doctor surmises. They awkwardly explain that that is not the case, but this doesn't stop Kay from being loving. Fox stands in the doorway gritting his teeth.

    The New Man in Your Life

    Monday, May 07 2007

    Fancy returns to the prison in her disguise. She continues trying to tell herself that Luis couldn't have been kissing a man. Checking the schedule, she can see that the inmates in his cell block are in the showers and walks off to check. In the showers, Luis and Miguel are trying to hide Sheridan from view. The guard begins to shout that he's onto them and demands that they turn around. But it's what they expect: The guard is just reminds them that they have to use lice shampoo. Luis sends Miguel across the shower to get it while Sheridan cries into Luis' chest. Fancy walks in and spots them together, but from her angle she doesn't realize that it's Sheridan in his arms. Things get even stranger when Miguel returns and the three of them cozy up together. The water stops running and all of the inmates begin filing out while Sheridan repeats to Luis that he is the only thing that she wants. He reminds her that this isn't the best time for this conversation. When almost everyone is gone, they keep Sheridan behind them while they walk to the towel room. The guard is handing out the towels and Luis has to figure out a plan. He sends Miguel over to start a fight with the guard to distract him. As Miguel argues with the guard, Sheridan tries to pull on her jumpsuit in a hurry. Once she's dressed, she and Luis manage to walk past the guard and return to their cell. Miguel is left behind in his towel. When he grabs a jumpsuit, two large men stop him and start to beat on him.

    You Won't Get Away With This

    Friday, May 04 2007

    At the prison, the guard is calling everyone out to the showers. Sheridan frantically tries to come up with a plan. They're taken down to the showers, which are already full of dozens of naked inmates. While they try and think of a plan, the guard becomes angry. Sheridan says that she needs to go back to the cell to find her contact lenses. The guard tells her she doesn't need to see anything unless she's looking for someone. Hearing this, a rather strapping man starts flexing his pecs for her and blows her a kiss. They turn into the corner and start to strip. Once they're naked, Sheridan hides between Luis and Miguel as they slowly file into the shower. As they remain cramped up in a corner, the guard approaches them and shouts that he's onto them and they won't get away with this!

    Endora's First Day at School

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    In the morning, while snuggling in the bottom bunk, Luis tells Sheridan that he's glad she snuck in: She's amazing. They were foolish idiots to give up on each other. 'You're the only woman I love,' he says as he kisses her. Suddenly, Luis wakes her up. It was just a dream. She starts telling him that she loves him and needs to be with him but he insists that she go. Across the way, Miguel wakes up and is surprised to see his brother in his cell mate's embrace. He gets up and calls over to his brother. How could he do this to Fancy, he asks, 'not that I have anything against uh....' Sheridan walks to the bars and takes off her mustache for a moment so that he can see who she really is. Miguel can't understand how she got in. 'It doesn't matter. Now we have to get her out,' Luis whispers. Miguel reminds her that this is dangerous and if the other inmates found out she was a woman, she would be handed around like a six pack. Sheridan refuses to go; she's sure that Luis will protect her. The guard comes down the hall, slapping his stick on the bars and telling everyone that it's shower time. When he gets to their cell, Sheridan turns her back and says, in her butch voice, that she doesn't need a shower. The guard won't take 'no' for an answer and they are all going to take a shower whether they like or not, he orders as he taps her backside with his stick.

    I'm Not Alistair

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    In his jail cell, Miguel's new cell mate Steve tells him that the word around the cellblock is that he and Luis are innocent. Miguel excitedly begins asking him for more information. Someone with a lot of power wants to take them down, he explains. Miguel begins to wonder who it could be; he knows that it can't be Alistair. Steve tells him that if anyone knows, they are too scared to say. Soon Miguel is showing Steve pictures of Kay and Maria and telling him about his history with them. He admits that he was stupid when he abandoned his family to run after Charity. After telling him about finding Kay with Fox and how she could never love anyone as much as she loves him, Steve says: 'No wonder you tried to kill the guy.' Miguel protests his innocence, but Steve tells him to stop thinking that: He is never getting out and he has to let go. There's no point in fighting, he explains: There is plenty of time to move on and get to know some of the guys in the jail...some of the guards aren't so bad either. Miguel says 'no thanks' to the lewd offer, but Steve tells him that he has to love Kay and his daughter enough to let go of them.

    Kay and Maria arrive at the prison to visit Miguel. He's surprised to see them. Maria becomes upset that she can't hug her father. A guard intervenes and tells Kay to come with her. Deciding to break the rules, she leads Kay and Maria to a little room where they can meet with Miguel. 'Even the guard knows that you don't belong here,' Kay says, trying to keep him optimistic.

    I'm Coming for you

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    At the prison, Luis and Miguel are brought in to meet the warden. Luis says that he knows what to expect. 'I don't think you do,' the warden smugly smiles. This prison is full of convicts who don't like cops and he doesn't like cops who think they're above the law. In his prison, he calls the shots: Theresa has no power over him. As the warden plays with 'pretty boy' Miguel's tie, he promises him that it won't be long before he wishes he was dead. The brothers are taken down to be processed. They are stripped, photographed and fingerprinted before being led down to the cells to the cat calls of the convicts. Split up, they're put in separate cells alone...for now.

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