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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    I Can't be a Good Witch!

    Monday, May 28 2007

    Pilar finds Miguel wandering around outside of Tabitha's. He's upset that Kay is with Fox when she should be with him. He can't understand. He's happy to be free, but what is freedom without Kay? She reminds him that he still has his daughter and he needs to stay strong. After she kisses him goodnight, he notices that there is lightning coming from inside Tabitha's. Peaking in the window, he sees her and the other witches around the cauldron. 'Oh my God! Tabitha's a witch!' he realizes.

    Without You, I'd be a Total Flop

    Thursday, May 24 2007

    'About Fox,' Kay begins, but Miguel cuts her off, excited about the idea of going away with her. She starts to cry as Fox walks in and asks her if she is ready for bed. Although she tells him to wait, he can't and calls her over to his lonely arms. Miguel wants to stop them, but Fox isn't going to let that happen. As Fox and Kay move to their room, Miguel follows them. He says that there is something that he and Kay need to tell him. Kay says that he's right: They need to say thank you for getting him out of prison. Fox apologizes for mistakenly identifying Miguel as the driver who ran him down, but Miguel doesn't take the apology well. Kay says good night to Miguel as she and Fox move into the bedroom.

    Later, Kay has finally changed out of her dress and stands in her bedroom. Miguel calls, unable to understand what she is doing with Fox when they are supposed to be together. He needs an explanation, but she hangs up instead. Topless Fox walks in, ready to make love to his wife. She's surprised that he's gotten over his treatments so quickly. It's just the power she has over him, he says. 'Without you, I'd be a total flop.' She tells him that she has to take a shower first. Tearfully, she walks down the hall, sorry about what she's done to Miguel. In the shower, she cries and wonders if she's done the right thing. Suddenly. Miguel appears before her. She tells him to leave but he needs to know what's going on. 'This may not be easy for you to accept, but I'm staying with Fox,' she cries. He becomes outraged and assumes that there must be more to this and than she is letting on. This is breaking his heart. 'You'll get over it,' she crisply assures him. He'd rather spend the rest of his life behind bars. He walks out with a hangdog look.

    Deep Down, Aren't we All?

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    At the prison, Fox and Julian congratulate themselves on finally, hopefully, separating Miguel from Kay. It should work out as long as Kay never figures out that Fox wasn't innocent in Julian's offer to get Miguel released. 'Innocent in what?' Pilar asks as she cuts into the conversation. Julian and Fox try to cover as Fox explains that he just feels so guilty for sending Miguel to jail. Pilar tells him not to feel bad; it's clear that this was all just a horrible mistake. In the other room, Miguel just wants to get out, get rid of Fox and get married. Unfortunately for him, Kay may have to go in a different direction. He tells her that their future will be better than they ever planned, but they need to tell Fox the truth right away. As she tries to tell him that it's over, Pilar rushes in and happily kisses her son. He tells her how much everything has changed; now he can have the life he has always wanted. Meanwhile, Julian reminds Kay of their deal and she tearfully agrees that she will break the news to Miguel as soon as possible.

    At Tabitha's, Endora's beach party continues, although Tabitha tries to stop her daughter. All the now grown up little girl's mother rush in, hit by the waves on the beach as they watch their children dance and drink with a troop of blond beach boys. Tabitha wonders how she can explain the beach blanket bingo to the mortal mothers. She conjures them back into the kitchen and tries to convince them that they are just imagining all of this. The mothers aren't liking this explanation and threaten to take their daughters away and tell all of the other mothers about this. Tabitha insists that the girls are just watching a DVD and manages to keep them there by suggesting that the other mothers think that they suffer from 'episodes'. After conjuring up some pills and booze for the table, she suggests that they just take all of this a sign that their addictions have gotten the better of them. The mothers seem unconvinced and go back into the living room/beach to 'face their addictions'. Tabitha freezes them in position before they can get in. She zaps herself into the living room and yells at her daughter, demanding that the party end. After dragging the pouting Endora aside, she demands that she end this now; she and her friends are too young for where 'this sort of fun' leads. Endora reminds her again that they don't burn witches anymore, but sighs and explains to her friends that her mother 'is a total square. Party's over...till next time.' She zaps everything back to normal just as Julian walks in with Miguel. Tabitha's surprised to see him out of prison and wonders if this is good news. Julian is pleased to see that his daughter seems to be making so many new friends.

    Miguel and Kay take Maria upstairs while Fox hopes that she will soon be all his. Upstairs, however, Miguel is hoping that he will be waking up beside Kay in the morning. He's surprised that Fox did the right thing...maybe he's been wrong about him. He wants to take her on a pre-wedding honeymoon, he announces. Her eyes start to water and Fox walks in, asking if she's ready for bed. Downstairs, Tabitha unfreezes the mothers and they go looking for her, discovering her quietly sitting with the children. One of the little girls says that they just had a beach party and the mothers demand to know what's going on. Tabitha tells them that they were all hypnotized by the DVD and they hallucinated the whole thing. They find that hard to accept, but it's not as ridiculous as the living room turning into a beach by the ocean. The mothers start to think that it may be time to go back to rehab. Tabs just wants a Martimmi.

    Sleepover Beach Party

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At the prison, Kay tells Julian that if she goes long with his deal, Miguel has to be completely exonerated. He promises to free him as long as she keeps her side of the bargain. She vows again to stay away from Miguel and remain with Fox. They shake on it and Miguel is wheeled in, unable to understand what is going on. Judge Reilly, Pilar and Fox all arrive on cue. The judge has received new evidence, he announces, and Miguel imagines that Julian is trying to send him to death row now. Kay tells him that Julian is only there to help; he's going to get him out of prison, she promises. Julian explains that there was an eye-witness that can shed a new light on everything. Opening the door, Spike walks in. Kay can't believe that Spike is the witness, but she tells Miguel that, at least, he has a chance to go free now. Reilly forgot his gavel so he bangs on the table with his shoe before calling Spike up to testify. Spike wants a Bible to swear on, but the judge tells him to just get on with it. Spike tells them that Fox saw Miguel driving the car. This isn't new evidence. The judge doesn't understand why they are there if that's all he has to say. After Julian sends Spike a dirty look, Spike corrects himself and explains that Fox thought he saw Miguel, but he saw somebody else. Reilly still doesn't believe it; Spike doesn't have any credibility anyway. Nonetheless, he decides to clear Miguel of all charges. Miguel can't believe that this is really happening. In the hall, Julian tells Spike to go. Fox thanks his father; hopefully Kay will be his forever now. He looks inside and sees her pacing. Miguel tells her that she needs to divorce Fox right away so that they can be together. 'There's something I have to tell you,' she begins...

    What's Wrong With You?

    Monday, May 21 2007

    In the hallway, Chad tells Noah to forget everything he said; it's over and done with. Noah's unconvinced, but Chad insists that it is over with Vincent this time. There's no way that Chad will tell Whitney the truth. Noah reminds him that secrets don't always stay a secret in Harmony. The only way to solve this problem is to come clean. Chad still claims that Whitney doesn't need to know how weak he has been and begs Noah not to say anything. Noah tells him that it's Vincent he needs to worry about. Whitney and Paloma rush up to them. Whitney says that he owes her an explanation. He panics for a moment and then she shows him the message from Vincent and demands to know why he wants to meet with her. He takes her hand and asks to talk to her alone. After the go off, Paloma asks Noah what's going. He doesn't want to say; he hates seeing good people stuck in bad situations. It's obvious to Paloma that Chad said something big to him and she continues to pressure him. He quickly breaks down and tells her that Chad shot the gun but it was just an accident. She stares blankly for awhile while Noah begs her not to go back on her promise to leave Chad alone. She can't do that. She has to arrest him for attempted murder.

    Tonight My Life is Over

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Pilar arrives at the prison infirmary to check on Miguel. Sister Alice is by Miguel's side. He introduces her to his mother and Kay Bennett. 'Crane,' Fox says, correcting him, as he and Julian enter. Pilar can't understand how so many terrible things have been happening to her son. Keeping his distance, Julian asks Miguel if he has any idea who tried to kill him. Miguel has no idea what happened, only Luis saw it happen and he merely saw a shadow. The nun tells Pilar that she can call her if she ever needs any help and then leaves to see the warden. Miguel begs his mother not to cry, but she finds this all 'obscene'. Kay tells Miguel to get some rest. As she turns to Pilar, she promises that they will find some way to protect him...there might be something that she can do. Pilar doesn't understand how she can help, but Kay tells her not to worry; she will handle everything. After telling Miguel that she loves him, she walks out.

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    In the prison infirmary, Spike holds the pillow on Miguel's face and begins suffocating him again. 'Have a nice dirt nap Miguel,' Spike says as he begins to struggle. Close by, Luis wakes up and sees them. He tries to call out for help but he is too weak. Spike keeps pressing the pillow on Miguel's face as Luis calls out. Fancy finally runs in from the next room and tears the curtain open to find that Miguel is alone and asleep. Luis says that he saw someone there. Fancy pulls up a chair and tells him again that there was no one there; it must just be the medication he's on. Luis becomes paranoid, but Fancy promises to be there to protect him and his brother. Meanwhile, Spike has already walked off, frustrated and worrying about how angry the Cranes are going to be with his botched operation.

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