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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Changing for the Good

    Friday, June 29 2007

    At Tabitha's, the demon elf brings the possessed Fox downstairs and sends him to attack Miguel, who just happens to be making love to Kay on the massage table in the kitchen. As Fox chokes Miguel, Kay tries to wrestle him off. The elf grabs her by the hair and pulls her away. Suddenly, Julian walks in, shocked by what he's seeing. When he tries to stop his son, Fox pushes him across the room. Fox snaps out of it when Julian stands up and remarks that he seems to be feeling better. Miguel claims that he has nothing to feel sorry for; Kay loves him and she will soon get a divorce and come to him forever. Fox attacks him again, but Julian breaks them up and then explains that he made a deal with Kay. She can't deny it while Julian explains everything Kay promised to Julian. While he seems angry at first, he embraces her when he realizes that this only proves how much she loves him. As he thanks her, Julian tells them to save it: Now the deal is off and Miguel will be going back to jail. The demon elf does a dance.

    Happy Happy Happy

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Upstairs, Miguel bursts in on Fox and tells him that they need to settle things once and for all. Kay walks in and tells Miguel to leave, his mother is waiting for him. After he leaves, Fox's head aches from a bump on his head (a painting fell on him during the 'earthquake'). She offers to cure him and has him lay down. As she prepares to use her magic, the Demon Elf stands outside, ready to use her magic to fuel his demons. While Kay casts her spell, the house starts to shake as a giant ball of magic appears in the room. Kay is knocked to the floor and Fox is knocked unconscious while the elf runs in to grab the ball and run away. When Kay gets up, she assumes that her spell has worked and happily runs off. Downstairs, she decides that it's time to get Miguel back. Accidentally, she freezes him when he walks in. After checking out his body, she wonders what she should do with him. She turns him into a Spartan warrior from 300, but when he tries to spear her, she turns him back. Trying again, she decides that she needs a massage and conjures up a table. After she unfreezes him, he notices the table and she asks him for a massage. 'To Hell with the massage!' he says, throwing off his shirt and jumping on the table with her. Meanwhile, back upstairs, the elf calls his demons in and, after one leaps into Fox, sends them off to do his dirty work. The demon tells Fox that Miguel must die and then leads him down to where Miguel makes love to Kay. With a little push, Fox grabs Miguel and pummels him into the floor.

    Evil Isn't Fair

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    At the station, Sam continues to kick and question Spike who still claims that he has no idea where Jessica is. Within moments, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Miguel troop in with a shovel covered in red clay which happens to match the clay on Spike's shoes. Sam's had enough. He grabs Spike by the throat and asks him if he killed and buried his daughter. When Spike denies it, Sam threatens to decapitate him with the shovel, kicks him over and almost crushes his head. Suddenly Paloma gets a call that there has been a disturbance in the woods: A fire and strange sounds. As they prepare to go searching, Sam promises Spike that if they don't finds Jessica live, he will die.

    The Biggest One I Know

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    At Tabitha's, Kay is shocked when Simone calls her to say that Spike has kidnapped Jessica. 'Again? That man has no imagination,' Tabitha says. Kay asks her brother if Spike will hurt their sister. 'He'll do anything to bury the truth,' he says. She promises to help and hangs up. Kay hurries Tabitha's mind wiping of Miguel so that she can send him out to look for Jessica. After they unfreeze him, she sends him to Noah and the others. Kay thinks that there is a lot more she can do by staying there. Tabs doesn't like the sound of this. Kay starts searching the spell books and Tabitha wonders if she has any brains at all. After asking Tabitha to go and check her bowl, Kay makes another stupid decision and keeps looking for a spell. As she searches for a picture of her sister to do the spell with, the book begins to glow. When she gets back and starts the spell, she wonders for a moment if she is making a mistake, but continues, even as the boys in the basement begin to belch out smoke. The house starts to shake as Tabitha runs in and tries to stop her, but Kay won't stop. A door to hell suddenly appears and the demon elf walks out in a flashy red suit.

    In the woods, Spike finishes burying Jessica. He'd hate to be her right now...or at all, but now he has to go. He kisses the dirt and tells her to have a nice afterlife before he walks away. He comes back and starts covering the grave with branches while Jessica wakes up. She turns on the flashlight in her, surprisingly roomy, coffin and begins shouting for help. When she pounds on the lid, dirt starts to come through and she realizes that she's been buried alive. Meanwhile, Miguel gets down to the wharf to meet the others when Spike comes whistling by. They begin chasing him around the waterfront, but he's a slippery one. Spike ducks down, but Sam soon grabs him by the throat and lifts him up.

    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    In the attic, Tabitha and Kay laugh while they watch Miguel look for his clothes in the magic mirror. This wasn't what Kay intended and Tabitha reminds her that she needs to be properly trained. Kay just stares at the naked Miguel until Tabitha puts some bottoms on him. Tabitha has a feeling something spooky is going to go on tonight. Quickly, Kay has already found another spell to try and starts to cast it. Looking in the mirror, they see that the bottom half of Miguel's body has split off from the top and started walking around the room on its own. 'It's gonna be a helluva long night!' Tabitha says. She doesn't know if she can put Miguel back together again, no matter how much stomping and hair tossing Kay does. They watch him try to call his lower half back, but without a head it's too confused. After Kay pressures the exhausted Tabitha some more, she tries reversing the spell and Miguel's bottom is soon re-attached. She's happy, now she can have a nap, but Kay isn't satisfied. How is she going to explain this? Tabitha has to freeze him and erase his memory. After freezing him, they go downstairs and Kay pressures Tabitha to make Fox better because she's sick of waiting. Golden dust starts to float around Miguel's head while his memory is erased. Tabitha reminds Kay that she made a deal with Julian to stay with Fox; if she breaks it, Miguel will go back to jail. Simone calls to ask if Jessica is there. They've searched everywhere but she has gone missing.

    That's Why I Wear Gloves

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Miguel clings to Maria while Tabitha's house seems to be the center of an earthquake and electricity shoots out of it. He decides that they need to go inside and rescue Kay. Inside, Kay clutches to a post while a skeleton flies across the room at her and Tabitha finally wakes up. She's not happy to see that Kay has been making magic again. The skeleton starts to laugh and Tabs tells it to shut up while she works this out. Miguel begins calling up to them as Kay begs Tabitha to help her. She won't help until Kay admits that she has no control of her magic. When Kay admits it, Tabitha starts pitching spells but it takes quite awhile for things to go back to normal. Miguel continues shouting up to ask if everything alright. She acts dumb and claims that she didn't notice anything. Miguel starts to wonder if he's going crazy. While Tabitha is impressed by Kay's strength, it's far too dangerous for her to be practicing magic. Kay won't listen and is already looking for another spell; she just wants to be with Miguel, whatever the risk. Tabitha tells her that if she wants to do something dangerous and reckless, she can take up smoking instead. Picking up a scarf, Kay starts trying again, doing some crummy dance moves and breathlessly chanting. Nothing seems to happen so Tabitha calls up a magic mirror to check if it worked. They see that the spell only managed to make Miguel naked. 'Not a total loss,' Tabitha laughs and Kay sips a Martimmi.

    Don't do Anything Stupid

    Friday, June 15 2007

    Downstairs, Kay tells Tabitha that she has no right to go spying in her head. Tabitha will do what she has to in order to keep Kay from blowing them all up. Kay just wants to learn her magical powers and sort things out with Miguel. Tabs keeps telling her it's a no-no; Kay has no sense of self-control. It's frightening when a mortal has any power because they don't know what to do with it. Tabitha remembers warning Kay's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother Prudence that one of her descendants could use magic to do great wrong. Before, Tabitha would let her cause havoc and death, but at the moment, she's her friend and doesn't want to see that happen. Just to stay on the safe side, Tabitha takes her spell books away. Kay is sure that she's good enough to stop herself from using her powers...then Miguel walks in with Maria. Kay gives her daughter some fruit punch while a bubble pops out: Kiss her you fool, Maria thinks. Miguel stops Kay from going upstairs and asks her why she has gone back to Fox. This is ruining their lives, he claims. Why can't someone just wave a magic wand and make their lives better? he wishes. Kay can't handle the temptation anymore and runs upstairs.

    Your Reign of Terror is Over

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    Out back, Miguel swings with Maria as Tabitha looks on. 'True love causes more heartache than all the powers of the dark side put together,' Tabs says. Miguel tells Maria that he wishes he could understand why her mommy changed her mind and decided to move on with Fox. Kay arrives downstairs, but before she can go out to Miguel, Tabitha stops her. Kay thinks that Miguel and her daughter look so sweet together. Tabs reminds her of the deal she made with Julian and if she can't stand being without Miguel, that's too bad, even if he's a handsome muscular man with no shirt. If Kay can't control her hormones, Miguel will end up back in prison. Kay has realizes, however, that, now that she has her magical powers, she could have freed Miguel herself. Tabitha tells her to forget about it: She has as much sense as a goose and will end up hurting people if she starts using magic. Although Kay continues to look out the door, she debates with herself about whether Tabitha is right or not. If only Fox could recover? She imagines herself as an old bearded wizard making out with Miguel when Fox wheels in in his wheelchair. She breaks the news to him when a warlock version of Julian walks in and reminds her that he'll have Miguel sent back to prison if she breaks his son's heart. Kay says that she can heal Fox so that he can find someone else. Turning around, she zaps Fox and he gets out of his chair and begins doing push ups. Kay smiles at this until Tabitha knocks her out of the fantasy. She can see that she's up to something and jumps right into her fantasy world. Kay zaps Julian away and begins kissing Miguel. Tabitha puts a stop to all of this and warns Kay that if she continues with this nonsense, it will only end badly.

    Am I Missing Something?

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Miguel is outside of Tabitha's watching Tabitha through the window. As he sees her casting spells around a cauldron, he goes into a panic and believes that he has to tell Kay right away. Inside, Tabitha proves that carnage gets her juices flowing to the witches' committee. She gleefully her hand together as she thinks about ruining all of those children's summers by destroying the carnival. The witches aren't paying attention to Tabitha's havoc though; they sense that they're being watched. They spot Miguel outside and zap him into the room, stripped. 'We may be mean, but we appreciate lean,' they laugh as they size him up. He's frozen and unable to stop them as they cop a feel. Tabitha tries to make an excuse, but to Miguel this all makes sense. All of the crazy things that have happened in town over the years must have been her fault. No, that was Hecuba, she explains, but what's he going to do about any of this? He grew up in the church, he says, and he'll have to make sure that everyone knows about this. 'After all the things I've done for you?' she asks. The witches tell her that she'll have to prove that she's bad by stopping him in some horrible, painful way. He begs her for the chance to tell Kay, but Tabs tells him that she already knows, just like all the other Standish women know. She explains that Kay used her own magic to make him believe that she was Charity the night that they conceived Maria. She doesn't want to destroy Miguel, but the committee threatens to make her good of she doesn't. He tries to talk her out of it by reminding her that he does all of his chores. Although she feels bad about it, she knows what she has to do and starts to fry him. The witches sniff his burning flesh until she drops him onto the couch. When they find that he's still alive, Tabitha justifies herself by saying that she's erased his memory of all of this. This way she solved her problem and kept her cover. The witches say that they will take this into consideration. They conjure up their car and she begs them to leave her in 'bad standing' before they fly away.

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