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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    We'll Name Our Daughter After You

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Paloma cries as she says goodbye to her bother. Noah promises to take care of everyone. Sam then hugs his friend and asks him to tell Grace that he loves her. They go down to the execution chamber and look in, waiting for Luis to be strapped down. Meanwhile, Pilar clings to Luis and cries. He promises her that he will greet Antonio for her. Kay and Miguel stand close by, sadly watching.

    When Being Pretty Isn't Pretty

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    At the prison/wedding chapel, Paloma walks down the aisle to the sound of the familiar wedding march. Eve admires how beautiful she looks, but it's hard for Pilar to be happy when she knows that her son will die after the wedding. When Eve turns to say that she's sorry, Julian shoots her a concerned look. Checking herself, she only tells her old friend that she is sorry for her loss. Meanwhile, Kay tells Miguel to think of their wedding rather than his brother's impeding death. He wishes he could just think of good things and gives her a kiss. Tabitha admires how cute Endora looks as a flower girl. Norma suggests that she could be the flower girl for her and Edna when they get hitched.

    What Are You Doing Here?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    At the prison, Fancy and Luis cuddle while his family watches. He just wants to focus on love today. Tabitha and her crew walk down the hall to offer their 'support'. Edna apologizes to Pilar for all the pain Beth put her and Luis through. Fancy reminds Sam that Norma escaped from a mental hospital. With a little prompting, Endora casts the spell on everyone again. 'Welcome Norma, welcome Edna. There is nothing strange about Tabitha bringing Endora to an execution,' they all chant as the spell takes effect. Kay then asks Fancy why they don't have a chapel. She reminds her that this is a prison. Kay rushes over to Tabitha and suggests that they conjure up something more suitable for a wedding that a prison cell. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this.

    I Could Never Hate You

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Outside of Tabitha's, Kay kisses Miguel while he tells her the car is fixed. They hurry back inside and upstairs. When they get up there, he tells her that he never wants to hear Fox's name again. She pulls his shirt off and they leap into bed. Downstairs, Tabitha tells her daughter that she needs to stop ruining the plans of the boys in the basement. They want Miguel dead and she can't stop it. There are greater powers than them and if they defy them, they will be punished. Norma and Edna drift into the room, crying in panic. The house begins to shake again as fire erupts from the basement and a demon yells at them, demanding that they return to Hell for their punishment. Edna begs Tabitha to save them; it was her daughter that ruined their mission in the first place. Tabitha, however, isn't about to help the people who have tried to chop her into little pieces numerous times over the years. The demon calls again, threatening to come up. Tabitha picks up Endora and tells her house guests not to get too much blood on the carpet. At first hyperventilating, and then becoming defiant, Norma and Edna try to come up with a plan. They try to work out an evil deal: Maybe they can kill Miguel in exchange for being let go? 'Kill Miguel and we'll see,' the demon says slamming the door to Hell. Norma's ready to get down to business so they check in the bowl and find him upstairs. As they try to pick a murder weapon, the demon calls up again to hurry things along. Reaching up, he offers Norma her old axe. She's ecstatic and hacks up some furniture before they hurry upstairs.

    Tabitha and Endora come back and spot Norma and Edna trying to kill Miguel in her bowl. Endora wants to save him and sends a giant bubble up to shield Miguel and Kay from the ax. After a few hacks fail to burst the magic bubble, the ladies start beating each other up. They soon go back downstairs where Tabitha and Endora laugh at them. This is bad news though; the head demon will be out for blood this time. Flames begin to shoot from the basement.

    Our Son is Unique

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Fox and Spike arrive outside of Tabitha's and begin to skulk around. Fox is more determined than ever to make sure that Miguel will soon be dead. Inside the house, Miguel and Kay wander by Tabitha laughing. She's surprised to see them when they're supposed to be off on a romantic evening. They were missing Marina so they came home. Miguel kisses Kay and then leaves to check on his car. Tabitha is happy to see her friend happy. Kay thinks that her life will be perfect now. Talk like that makes Tabitha nervous: Kay should be grateful, not taunting fate. To make things worse, she's still a fledgling witch with little self-control. Kay starts to conjure up some champagne to demonstrate how talented she is. Tabs repeats her warnings, even after Kay says that she has decided to be a good witch and only help people. Choice has nothing to do with it, Tabitha explains. The universe decides whether you'll be good or bad and your intentions don't matter. Miguel returns, glad to see some champagne and he offers to let her come out with him to work on the car, despite the growls coming from the basement. Before they can get outside, Fox appears, desperate to talk to his wife. Miguel doesn't want to leave her alone but she send him outside anyway. She tells Fox that he's the most 'despicable man' she's ever met. Peering in on this, Tabitha closes the door and decides she better keep an eye on them in her bowl. As Kay rants at Fox, he won't make excuses for any of his actions, he just wants to apologize. He loves her and did some terrible things but has learned his lesson and wants one more chance. The bowl suddenly switches images and reveals Spike getting ready to kill Miguel. When Tabitha is about to hurry out and stop the carnage, a fireball erupts from the fireplace and Norma and Edna appear. They've come to stop her from saving Miguel and to warn her. The boys in the basement sent them in to tell her that she has to stop being so good all of the time: She has to let Spike kill Miguel. Outside, Spike prepares to kick the jack out from the car so that it will drop on Miguel's head. Tabitha can't stand the thought of Kay being heartbroken, but Norma and Edna won't let her warn Kay.

    Killing Isn't a Good Time

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    Miguel brings a blindfolded Kay to the B&B. When he takes off her blindfold, she sees that the room is full of candles and he has made a heart on the bed with rose petals. He knows that she's still married to Fox, but that's a minor detail now. They sit down to eat and he tells her that he will be able to put a downpayment on a little house soon. Kay is still beating herself up for being fooled by Fox and thinks that Miguel should hate her for not trusting him. After she promises never to doubt him again, he kneels down and proposes to her. They can get married tonight for the eyes of God if not for the law. Wheeling out an effigy of Father Lonigan, he asks her to get married right there. After going through a mock wedding, where she wears a napkin on her head instead of a veil, they exchange their vows, thanking God that they'll finally be together as a family. She takes off Fox's wedding ring and wraps it in a napkin before saying her 'I do' to Miguel. Then they get down to their 'honeymoon' in bed.

    Over My Dead Body

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    'I never realized Fox would sink so low just to win a skank like Kay,' Ivy says as Miguel rants at Fox for manipulating the love of his life into believing that he was dying. Kay is disgusted and wants to get away, but Fox stops them, warning her that Miguel isn't as great as he thinks he is. Kay isn't going anywhere yet; she still wonders if it might be true that Miguel ran Fox down. He becomes annoyed, but Ivy encourages her to run away with him. Julian repeats his threats to have Miguel put away, but Ivy tells Kay not to be bullied. 'Shut up,' Fox says to his meddling mother. Kay is more confused than ever, but the demon elf returns to lend a helping hand. Through a loudspeaker, he tells her to use her magic to learn who is lying. Kay appears to be talking to the air and everyone wonders if she's lost it. Miguel tries to usher her out but she needs a few minutes to figure things out. Fox brings her a glass of water and she looks in to see if she can see the truth inside. This looks awfully bizarre to everyone and they wonder if she thinks Fox drugged it. As she starts talking to the water, Ivy hands her another glass. The demon elf makes the glass in Ivy's hands boil and she drops it, spilling all over herself before she leaves for the kitchen. Kay talks to the water again until the demon elf walks over and spits in it. They then look inside and watch Fox confess that he hired Spike to hit him. She grabs the glass and throws the water at Fox. 'Miguel is right!' she screams before laying into him for all of his lies. Jessica must have been right as well: They must have hired impersonators to pretend to be Miguel and Charity making love. Ivy and Julian begin to trade insults before Kay threatens to send them to prison for what they've done. Before she can leave with Miguel, she stops to tell Fox that she did love him once, but, seeing the way he took advantage of her, he must have never really loved her. After she flounces off, Ivy happily sips a martini. 'I lost my wife because of you two,' Fox angrily says before walking away. Julian prays that it's not too late for him to be a good father to his son with Eve. Meanwhile, Kay and the still shirtless Miguel have wandered outside to look forward to their life together.

    You do love me!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    As Miguel and Fox pound on each other, Ivy blurts out that Fox was never even sick. This is just what Miguel wanted to hear and Ivy can't deny it. Kay is shocked. Fox admits to it, but he only did it because of how much he loves her. Kay can't believe that he would have put her through all of this. Miguel starts to gloat and throw it in his rival's face, saying that Kay won't be his wife for much longer. Kay just feels stupid; she's in shock. His hair was falling out and he had a catheter in his chest: How could he fake all that? Julian explains that he was accidentally given the real treatment and it made him sick. They paid off Dr. Gasparro. Kay and Miguel say that they're all monsters. Julian hopes that Ivy's happy now that she's broken their son's heart. She'd do it again if it means keeping him from Kay. Fox sarcastically thanks his mother for ruining his life. 'Good lord! What's wrong with this family? Can we sink any lower?' Ivy wonders. Fox continues to tell Kay that he loves her and reminds her of how happy they were before Miguel came back to town. He apologizes, but all he ever wanted was to be with her. Miguel tells him to back off; he's the man she loves and wants to be with. Ivy points out that what her son did only hurt her, unlike what Kay did to her own family. As the two women lash out at each other, Kay concludes that Fox must have been cursed at birth. Julian tries to calm the women, but before Kay can leave with Miguel, he reminds her of their agreement. 'That was before I knew your son was lying to me,' she says. Julian reminds her that if she breaks the promise, Miguel is going back to prison. Miguel accuses Julian of setting him up the whole time, even with the hit-and-run, unless Fox faked that too...or maybe they just hired Spike to run Fox down. If they try and put him away again, he threatens, he'll go to the tabloids and expose them for everything they've done.

    Fox Isn't Sick

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At Tabitha's, Miguel realizes how much Kay really loves him when Julian tells them the truth about their deal. Julian says that now he'll have Spike recant his testimony and 'Romeo' will be going back to prison. As he goes to leave, she runs after him and begs him not to do this. The demon elf laughs as they argue. Miguel begins taunting Fox, suggesting that the only way a Crane man can keep a woman is by buying her. Fox claims that he didn't know anything about his father's manipulations. Miguel doesn't care; he has a future with Kay. Julian laughs, suggesting that the only future they have is Kay bringing him crayon doodles from Maria while he's locked up. Kay pleads with Julian. He tells her to use her tears on someone who gives a damn. The only way that Miguel isn't going to jail is if she stays with Fox. Miguel declares that there will be no deal. Kay seems less sure, but Miguel insists that he is speaking for Kay and she's not going back to Fox. 'That's the best news I've heard in years,' Ivy declares as she walks in and hugs Fox. He tells her that he's staying with Kay. This doesn't make any sense to her and she's not thrilled when she finds that Julian is still negotiating with Kay. When he tries to call the police, Kay starts casting spells on all the phones so that he can't. As she tries to hold the phone down so it won't float away, the elf decides to help out and settle it down. Fox starts punching Miguel again when he puts his hands around Kay. Julian breaks them up while Miguel asks Fox why he wants a woman who clearly doesn't want him. They start to fight again while the elf sighs before zapping himself away. Julian mocks Miguel for beating a terminally ill man, but then Ivy slips up by exclaiming: 'Shut up Julian! Fox isn't even sick.' Everyone freezes and turns to her as Ivy stands with her mouth open.

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