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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Julian Works Overtime

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Miguel suddenly arrives to announce that he has the proof that she saw imposters and not he and Charity. He tells her that he found the Charity impersonator and she ran away; Julian must be behind this since Fox is in coma. He and Kay go off to the diner together to see Jessica. When they walk into the diner, Kay exclaims: ‘Oh my god!’

    Last Call

    Monday, February 12 2007

    A drunken Jessica falls off the stool at a crummy little diner. The waitress refuses to serve her because she’s drunk, but hunky Miguel arrives and says that she’s with him. After batting his eyelashes at her, the waitress tells them to take a seat. Jessica wants him on a bed of lettuce and asks him why he isn’t out ‘doing Charity.’ They have coffee and Jessica wonders why he is still doing ‘push-push’ with Charity. He tells her that he’s not and she starts pouring booze into her coffee. He tells her that it’s hard to believe that Kay is her sister and she needs to learn from her mistakes. He goes on to explain that Kay caught him lying about kissing Charity and now Kay won’t trust him. Jessica curls up next to him and tells him to simplify things and then grabs him for a kiss. He tells her to stop coming onto him. She tells him that ‘there are women you love and women you make love to’; she’s really good, all the johns say so. Even so, he declines the offer. She can’t believe her sister has two men fighting over her while she just has Spike. He tries to convince her that she can fix her life and make it better, but she’s happy with a fantasy life. Remembering her story about impersonators, he starts to wonder if she was imagining things or saw something real. There isn’t any proof though and that’s what Miguel needs. Suddenly, across the room, Jessica spots the actress she saw taking off the Charity mask.

    Endora Has Visitors

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    At the hospital, Miguel continues trying to convince Kay that he didn’t kiss Charity, even though she has video proof that he did. He grabs her arm and drags her out to search for Charity so that she can set the record straight.

    Down the hall, the actress confesses to Julian that she feels guilty about playing Charity and taking part in all of this grief. Julian still has plans for her though and doesn’t need to hear moral analysis from her. Kay and Miguel suddenly come around the corner. From behind, Miguel mistakes the actress for Charity until she turns around. He tells her that she looks familiar. ‘Perhaps you ran her over with your jalopy,’ Julian jokes before Kay accuses Miguel of trying to pick up a woman right in front of her eyes. The actress tries to leave, but Miguel keeps telling her that her eyes are familiar. She runs away and he wants to chase after her. Kay is sick of watching this and tries to go back to Fox. Miguel asks Julian if he’s seen Charity. Since he doesn’t get a friendly response, he runs off. Julian walks down the corridor and finds the actress. He gives her an envelope and tells her to take it to the nurses’ station. ‘Miguel will never know what hit him.’

    Miguel and Kay go down to the nurses’ station where they give Miguel a note from ‘Charity.’ He refuses to look at it so Kay does. After reading it, she storms away, leaving the note in his hands. It says how much she loved him tracking her down and kissing her and how she can’t wait to see him again. He crumples up the letter and then stalks away. Julian comes out of hiding behind a corner. ‘When I’m good I’m very very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better,’ he laughs.

    Chad Realizes Something

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    In the hospital, Charity hugs Miguel, hoping that they can still be friends. Kay walks in and sees them. She steps back, unable to believe her eyes. Julian follows behind her and rubs it in. ‘Now do you believe me?’ They interrupt the warm moment, but Charity claims that she is only saying goodbye before she leaves town. As she walks away, Miguel claims that it’s not what it looks like, but Kay slaps him anyway. Eve makes her promise not to act out anymore and then runs off. Miguel continues to swear that he hasn’t been cheating on her with Charity. But Kay knows that he’s been lying, he just told her Charity wasn’t in the hospital and he wasn’t kissing her even though Julian saw him. Miguel begins arguing with Julian and blaming him for everything, but Julian continues to insist that all the proof is against Miguel. Kay is sick of debating this, but Julian tells them that he has proof. He’s taking them to security to look at the surveillance footage. The technician fetches the footage and they sit down to watch. They quickly get a very good look of Miguel kissing Charity. Kay is now convinced that she made the right decision marrying Fox. Miguel repeats all of his accusations and then asks Julian to leave so that he can talk to Kay alone. He begins apologizing. ‘It never ends. You always have some kind of excuse,’ Kay says tired of trying to believe a liar like him.

    Charity Loves Miguel

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    In the hospital corridor, Julian is on the phone with Judge Reilly. He pressures him with blackmail to do his bidding regardless of what Theresa wants. ‘She’ll never know what hit her,’ he smirks. Meanwhile, in Fox’s hospital room, Kay kisses Miguel. She backs off, afraid that he might have a sense of what’s going on. Miguel doesn’t care though and won’t stop. As they continue kissing, Fox’s heart rate goes up dramatically until the alarm goes off. A nurse rushes in followed by Julian. ‘You bastard! You’re trying to kill my son again!’ Kay tries to keep Julian away from Fox until the alarm stops and Fox’s heart rate drops. Miguel continues to protest his innocence. Julian demands that he stay away from his son and his wife. After Miguel leaves, Julian tells Kay that Miguel will be going to prison and Fox’s coma is all her fault. She isn’t bothered by his attacks and still refuses to believe that Miguel slept with Charity. Julian thinks that, deep down, she is sure that it did happen. ‘If you can’t believe your own eyes my dear than you are a fool,’ he says as she gulps. But Kay’s not a fool; anything is possible with money. He’s not impressed by her scepticism and tells her that he saw Miguel and Charity kissing just last night. Miguel is using her now because she may soon be a rich widow. She can’t accept that idea and walks out. ‘You’ll see Kay,’ he says glumly before going to his son’s side and encouraging him to wake up.

    Miguel paces around the hospital when Charity arrives. She tells him again that she loves him and wants to be with him. ‘I’m in love with Kay now,’ he claims. She reminds him of their kiss, but he insists that he only loves Kay. Charity regrets leaving and wishes she could go back and change things. All he wants now is to be with Kay and Maria, but Charity won’t take no as an answer: She wants to make him the happiest man alive. She suddenly changes her mind and tells him to forget that they kissed or he might lose Kay. They embrace just as Kay walks in, shocked by what she sees.

    The Man in Kay’s Heart

    Monday, February 05 2007

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Pilar asks Miguel if Fox is getting worse. He tells her that he was listening to Kay talking to Fox about how much she loves him. Pilar tells him that he should have walked in and taken her into his arms— he has to fight for her! He goes after Kay and stops her before she can go back in to Fox. ‘You have to be with me,’ he says. She enters Fox’s room and Miguel follows her, refusing to leave. He swears that he didn’t try to kill Fox or sleep with Charity. She has to decide who is truly in her heart. When she does, she literally imagines Miguel standing in her heart, bathed in a pink glow, telling her that he is the only one there. ‘It’s you,’ she cries as they kiss.

    The Last Time This Time?

    Friday, February 02 2007

    In jail, Miguel still suspects that he and Luis have been set up. Pilar arrives and promises that she’ll get them both out of there so that she can prove they’re innocent. She still can’t believe that her children are guilty of such evil. Luis still thinks that he may be guilty, but Pilar thinks this is all seems like Alistair’s doing. Unfortunately, he’s dead and someone has it in for the Cranes; Fancy just happens to be one of them. Pilar wonders aloud if Fancy actually seduced Luis, then lied and said he attacked her, but Luis has a hard time believing that scenario. The idea does conjure up his memory of having sex with Fancy though. ‘Maybe I did it,’ he wonders again. ‘No you didn’t. And I’m going to get you out so you can prove it,’ Theresa announces as she strides in. Luis tries to smile as Theresa starts the bribery negotiations with Judge Reilly and quickly has their bail set. ‘It’s no secret I hate the Crane money and power, but that was nice,’ Luis quips. Theresa’s in a hurry; she has something she needs to take care of. Pilar’s worried, but her daughter tries to convince her she will be happy and then rushes off. The guard soon comes down to let them out. Miguel wants to figure out who framed him; it couldn’t have been Fox, he was left for dead at the time. Now he has to see Kay while she’s confused. After he runs off, Pilar encourages Luis to go to Fancy and convince her that he didn’t attack her. Once alone, she can only wonder who is out to get them.

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