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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    Somebody Has Two Faces

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    At the hospital, Julian finds Miguel watching Kay and Fox. As Kay kisses her husband better, Julian suggests that Kay has other things on her mind than Miguel. The married couple hold hands and Fox says that he could never have made it through this if he didn’t know in his heart that she was waiting for him. Miguel is sick of watching this. Julian reminds him that he’ll be on trial soon and the jury always decides the way the Crane family wishes. Eve walks down the hall and into Fox’s room to check on him. Kay leaves and Fox asks her to bring Maria back for a visit.

    At home, Tabitha is trying to get her bowl to show her the evil in town, but it’s staying murky. She’s angry that someone else is up to no good when it’s her job. When she find out who it is, she’ll ‘give them a witch slap up the side of the head.’ After telling her bowl off, it starts shooting out steam. Miguel walks in as she talks to the bowl. She magically fills it with potato salad when he asks her what she’s doing. A dog starts barking and Tabitha asks him why he isn’t in jail. He asks her if she believes that he’s innocent. She does, adding that ‘more than a love triangle has gone awry in Harmony.’ Kay returns home and Miguel starts grabbing at her and telling her that he had nothing to do with the accident. Kay says that he’s going to prison and she should probably go too for committing adultery on her wedding night. They run off and Tabitha starts quoting Alice in Wonderland. Looking in her bowl again, she still can’t figure out if the attacker is a man or a woman.

    Back at the hospital, Eve is surprised that Fox is recovering so quickly. He wants to get out, but she says that he can’t go anywhere until they go through all of the treatments. These treatments aren’t easy and have nasty side effects like extreme discomfort and pain. Julian and Fox start to worry. Julian suggests that they should go to Switzerland and do the treatments there, but Eve won’t hear of it. ‘But it’s so restful in Switzerland,’ Fox mutters. He decides that Kay shouldn’t be around to watch while he goes through the treatment, but Eve says their presence will give him the strength he needs. She leaves him a brochure and he tries to get out of bed, but his father stops him. Kay and Maria arrive for a visit and Miguel stands in the doorway watching. Eve soon returns and says the treatments can start tomorrow. Julian and Fox try to smile. Eve explains that poisoning a tumor is like hitting a pin with a sledgehammer. He’ll lose sleep, hair and become impotent. Fox is horrified. Kay looks through the glass while Miguel continues to stare at her.

    Tess Makes a Choice

    Monday, February 19 2007

    In the corridor, Miguel continues to claim that he’s innocent, but Kay now believes that he is a monster. She’s sick of his conspiracy theories; no one had more to gain from getting Fox out of the way than him. He tells her that Fox will likely get a miracle cure as soon as he’s in prison. Kay doesn’t listen; she is starting to blame herself for everything. He repeats that he only wants to be with her and Maria; he’s a victim of impersonators. She needs to listen to her heart. But Kay won’t believe him this time; he’s lied to her too many times and demands that he leave her alone. She walks away as Paloma comes out. He starts telling her that he’s being set up. Miguel and Julian overhear this and are happy to see Miguel is losing everything. Kay comes into Fox’s room with food and he asks her how Maria is and tells her that they’ll be together for the rest of their lives.

    Tension Rises

    Friday, February 16 2007

    At the hospital, Miguel tries convincing Paloma that he didn’t run Fox down; the evidence is overwhelming though. He’s sure that Fox and Julian are framing him. Meanwhile, in Fox’s room, Kay blames herself for everything that happened. Fox tells her that it’s not her fault. Now, she believes that Miguel must have just snapped when she actually got married. Julian sends Kay out to get some food for Fox. Alone, Fox confesses to his father that he did ask Spike to run him down, but didn’t expect this. Julian tells him that Kay seems sure that Miguel is really guilty now and he had Dr. Gasparro come in and ‘prove’ that he had a terminal illness. Fox loves Kay enough that this has all been worth it. Miguel should be sent away for a long time. ‘If no one finds out what we’ve done,’ Fox says as Paloma walks in. They stare at her, she says that she came to take his statement, but, from what she’s heard, it might not be necessary. Simultaneously, in the hallway, Miguel is trying to convince Kay that it’s all a set up. She’s sick of hearing this and slaps him. She is now sure that he is the one that tries to kill Fox.

    Who is He/She/It?

    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Kay rushes into the hospital. A nurse tells her that Fox has flatlined. She remembers Tabitha’s warning that someone would die tonight and starts to panic. Miguel arrives and uses the opportunity to try and comfort her. Ivy and Julian follow quickly behind and Ivy starts to tear into Kay for betraying Fox while he’s on his death bed. Julian tells Miguel that he is being callous and disrespectful simply by showing in this situation. Kay asks Miguel to leave, but Ivy and Julian have to badger him before he does. Doctors are called into Fox’s room and Ivy clings to her ex-husband with worry.

    Pilar is doing her house cleaning when Miguel arrives. She sits down and he tells her his theory about the imposters again. He thought that he had evidence again, but Jessica refused to back him up. Kay must think that he really is guilty now. While Miguel still thinks that Fox is an arrogant jerk, he didn’t try to kill him. Kay will likely never believe all of his far-fetched stories though. Nevertheless, they are both certain that the Cranes are behind all of this. His mother blames herself for all of this and calls the hospital fro an update on Fox’s condition.

    Paloma Makes a Catch

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    Kay and Miguel arrive at the diner. Jessica is still drinking, but is now alone, although Julian left his meal behind. When they see the plate, they ask her who she was with. She tells them that she just wanted it to look like she wasn’t alone for Valentine’s. Miguel just wants to talk about what they saw tonight so that he can finally be a family with Kay and Marina. The idea of making her sister happy for life is less than appealing at the moment however. Miguel goes over his imposter theory again, but Jessica refuses to back him up. He starts accusing Jessica of being a liar, but Kay is tired of this. She doesn’t believe him. He grabs her when she tries to leave and begs her to trust him. All of a sudden, there is a phone call— Fox’s condition has changed and she has to run back to the hospital to see him. Miguel chases after her leaving Jessica to say ‘maybe now Kay will know what it feels like.’ Then she starts to feel bad and decides that she has to tell her sister the truth before this ruins her life. When she heads to the door, she bumps into Spike and tells him that she’s confused and wants to help her sister. He takes her outside and takes out his knife.

    Miguel catches Kay in the street. Nothing has changed foe her; she knows what she’s seen and he has no proof of his innocence. Right now, she needs to be with her husband. She hops in a taxi and rides off while he continues to declare that he’s being set up.

    Julian Works Overtime

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    At the crummy diner, Jessica keeps getting drunk while Miguel tries to talk her down. Suddenly, she spots the Charity impersonator and they both get excited. They chase her out of the diner until Miguel grabs a blond woman in the street. She turns out not to be Charity, fake or real. He needs Jessica to come with him and tell Kay what she saw before. She refuses to go to the Blue Note so he gives her money to wait in the diner while he runs off to get Kay. Alone, she starts drinking again so that she can live with herself. Fake Charity meanwhile runs off to call Julian.

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