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    Passions CAST - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Adrian Bellani on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrian Bellani

    Birthday: 1982-04-08
    Birthplace: Miami Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrian Bellani
    Height: 6'


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    The Room Stinks Long After She's Left.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Kay and Miguel meet with Paloma and Noah in the foyer of the mansion. They tell them that Pilar wants to take them all on a trip around the world but they have to get married sooner so they can leave. Noah is all for getting married sooner, but he's about to go to med school and he can't just run off. "There's no time like the present," Kay perkily says, ignoring his concerns. The other couple is still not convinced. Whispering, Kay tells them that Juanita is on the way to town to kill them all. Noah wants to stay and fight, but Miguel tells him to realize that Pilar can't take anyone else getting hurt and they have to do this for her. "I'm not sure," Noah says, refusing to go. "What do you mean you can't leave? We'll be getting buried not married if we stay," Paloma says. Noah is unconvinced. Miguel understands but Kay put some pressure on him that finally convinced him. Noah wonders if Miguel will try putting pressure on him. "No," Miguel says. Now they need to talk to Gwen and Ethan. They turn around and Gwen and Rebecca are standing in the doorway. They ask if Gwen is willing to move up the wedding date. "The sooner the better," Gwen smiles.

    The Whine Festival.

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    Kay continues trying to convince Tabitha to stay in town. Tabitha reminds her that she and Endora have tried everything without luck. Kay wishes she knew where the threat was coming from. The Book of Disasters flips open and turns red. "That's the hottest page I've seen since Jackie Collins took up a pen," Tabitha says. She turns and stares at Juanita. Pushing past Kay, she tells Miguel that she just learned something and needs to talk to him. When she asks to speak to him alone, Juanita asks what she has to say that she can't say in front of her. Tabitha asks Miguel if his brother knocked up another Crane. Miguel says that's old news. Even Mrs. Hernandez has heard it. They start talking about Alistair and then Juanita, who he says is even worse. Juanita asks to hear all about her. Miguel explains that she has a vendetta against his mother and they are planning a trip to escape from her. Juanita tells him he should be worried. Miguel thinks his mother is overreacting and wonders if he should just get her some tranquillizers. He and Kay remember that they still have to invite Paloma. Juanita listens as they go over the wedding details. She slips away to talk to her henchman about all her new information. She's sure that this will be a spectacular bloodbath. After hanging up, she offers to do whatever she can to help. Kay and Miguel ooze about the wedding while Juanita listens with a grimace. Tabitha sits at her desk and looks down at the Book, wondering why she got a warning flash about Miguel and Mrs. Hernandez. Opening the Book, she sees a picture of a black wedding cake bursting into flames. Tabitha realizes that this is a clear omen of doom.

    Back to Being Bad

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Kay and Miguel get reacquainted in Kay's room. As they lay in bed after having sex, Miguel tells Kay that he wants them to get married as soon as they can so he, Kay and Maria can all be a family.

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    Kay and Tabitha struggle to free themselves from the grips of demons as an evil cat tries to lure Endora into the basement. Miguel comes downstairs and assumes that he's having another hallucination. Kay insists that this is all real and begs him to save the little witch before she's consumed by the flames of Hell. He's too confused to do anything useful. Finally, Kay casts a spell and gets the demons off. 'I think Miguel's onto us,' Tabitha sums up. She thanks Kay for saving them but, as soon as she has her daughter in her hands, fire starts to burst from the basement, throwing her down as new demons rush in and grab Endora away. Kay and Tabitha starts using their magic to battle the demons while explaining to Miguel that they are witches. 'That explains everything!' he says, relieved that he isn't go crazy. When he gets in the way of their magical beams, the demon runs down into the basement with Endora in his arms. Miguel runs after them, consumed in a fireball as the door slams shut. They've lost them both to the dark side! Thinking fast, they cast a spell to open the door. Tabitha hugs her friend goodbye before running into the basement. Kay follows her down and they discover that everything in the basement is gone including Endora and Miguel.

    I'm a Monster

    Monday, August 27 2007

    Miguel walks Dr Wilson the psychiatrist into Tabitha's parlor. He sits on the couch and tells her that he thinks he's going crazy. He is continually finding himself in strange places. It feels like he's dreaming, but he hasn't been asleep and he finds himself having strange memories. The doctor assumes that they are only fantasies and wants to hear about his mother. Miguel shakes his head; he doesn't want to talk about his mother. He's going crazy! She tries to calm him and has him lay down. Suddenly, she hears Fluffy growling and jumps up. He tells her it's just the cat. Then she hears an explosion. It's just the plumbing, he explains. She leaves to investigate. Walking into the kitchen, she starts to wonder if she has gone crazy when she sees Norma trying to make Fluffy jump through a ring of fire. 'Uh oh!' Edna gulps before she shoots the monkey from a cannon and into the doctor's hair. She stands frozen in shock for a moment. Norma wants to feed her to fluffy when the doctor suddenly runs out of the room. She finds Miguel back in the parlor and tells him that she's the crazy one. The ladies of the house zap away their circus outfits and walk in after her. The doctor tells Miguel to escape while there is still time and then runs out. He's confused; the doctor seemed fine a minute ago. Kay asks him why he was seeing a psychiatrist. He shrugs.

    What Have I Done?

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    At the chapel, Gwen refuses to let Ethan and Theresa go anywhere before she gives them her wedding gift. Ethan keeps telling her that she doesn't have to do anything more for them, but she's insistent. Whitney stops her before she can say anything and suggests that it's time for Chad to make a toast. They all grab champagne and gather around. Gwen takes Whitney aside and tells her that she can't stop her from revealing the truth, no matter what other tricks she tries to pull. Leaving Gwen, she returns to Chad's side and they try to figure out a way to get the newlyweds out of there before the truth can be revealed. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay that he's never been more hopeful about their future than he is now. If Theresa and Ethan can overcome all the odds, anyone can. Gwen suddenly raises her champagne glass to make a toast. She starts her speech by saying that no one knows the newlyweds better than her and she just wants to see them happy. Ethan holds two things sacred: Family and honesty. There are no shades of grey when it comes to the truth for Ethan. Theresa watches with dread while Gwen continues but the justice of the peace suddenly interrupts and hands out packs of birdseed to throw at the bride and groom. Pilar takes the chance to make a quick toast and cut Gwen short. As the birdseed starts to fly, the wedding party starts to move outside and Chad holds the Hotchkiss women back. Theresa throws her bouquet, which Kay catches before excitedly kissing Miguel, and then the happy couple run off.

    She Did It!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Kay and Miguel relax in bed, happy that Luis is finally a free man. Now that things are working out, they can become a real family with Maria. Kay's phone rings: It's Simone telling her that Theresa and Ethan eloped. Miguel immediately calls his mother and tells her that he'd like to come to the wedding. She tells him it's not a good time and hangs up. This seems strange to him. His sister has dreamed of this night her whole life and now he'll miss it. Kay starts to wonder if she should use her magic. She tries to think up a spell and accidentally puts them in a set of nineteenth century wedding outfits. This, of course, confuses him, so she puts them back in their regular bed clothes and tells him that his mind is playing tricks on him. Sending him off to take care of the 'headache' which seems to be causing his hallucination, she conjures up the magic bowl and spies on the wedding. She decides to stall the wedding so that she and Miguel won't miss it. Casting a spell on the justice of the peace, he begins to cough and choke before spouting nonsense. Now that the wedding is on hold, Kay finds a way to transport she and Miguel there. He returns, almost falling asleep, as she transports them to the chapel. He's confused again and so is Pilar when she sees them appear of nowhere. The justice of the peace suddenly gets his voice back and they resume the ceremony. Ethan asks Miguel to be his best man now that Chad has vanished. Pilar and Theresa walk out so that they can start again from the beginning. Whitney assures her that the wedding can go ahead now that Chad is watching the washroom. Theresa walks back down the aisle and they eagerly resume the wedding.

    Stringing Me Along

    Monday, August 13 2007

    At Sam's house, Kay, Miguel, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Jessica sit in the parlor talking about the recent miracles. Simone wonders how her mother could have delayed revealing the truth about Luis for so long. Sam walks through the front door and asks Jessica to stand up. To everyone's horror, he says that he has to arrest her for multiple homicides. They just received a complete report with fingerprints, saliva and DNA evidence that lays the blame on her for all of the dead bodies they've been digging up. Kay starts to panic and tries to think of a way out of this. She freezes them to give her more time to come up with a plan. When she doesn't come up with anything, she leaves them all frozen so that she can go and talk to Tabitha.

    Is it a Miracle or Just Endora?

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    In the execution viewing room, Sheridan begs Vincent to stop the lethal injection. He tells her that it's too late. She's killed Theresa and lost the man she loves. He tells her to look on the bright side; at least she got rid of terrible Theresa. 'I couldn't have done this all for nothing,' she cries. When she looks at Pilar, she feels even worse. 'She looks like a survivor to me,' he shrugs. In the death chamber, Luis flatlines and his family begins to cry and pray. Pilar can't understand what kind of God would let her innocent son die like this. Ivy walks up to the glass to try and comfort Fancy as she cries. Miguel feels sick and walks out. Ethan leaves in search of Theresa. The warden pronounces Luis dead, but becomes annoyed when Eve is nowhere to be found. He starts calling for her through the intercom. Julian wonders where she is, much to Ivy's annoyance. As the warden commands the blinds shut, Fancy runs back to the glass to cry.

    Execution Day

    Monday, August 06 2007

    The warden leads a procession down death row as Luis, in a somber blue outfit, walks to his death. Suddenly, Pretty calls out, demanding to speak to the prisoner so that she can reveal the truth about Fancy before he dies. Before she can say anything, Pilar knocks her out and Fancy drags her into the corner. When Luis turns around, she tells him it was just her calling out to him. The warden continues the walk to the death chamber while Ivy and Pilar drag Pretty into a cell and leave her on the floor. They go into the viewing room to watch the execution. Pilar cries on Sam's shoulder while the warden demands that they all be quiet and keep away from the glass dividing the viewing room from the death chamber. When they are seated, Luis promises his mother that he is okay and he tells Fancy that he loves her. The warden reads the sentence as Father Lonigan enters. He takes Luis' hand, though it is forbidden; he gives him final absolution and tells him to have courage. Once the priest has been led out, everything is prepared before Luis makes his final statement. Everyone knows that he is innocent, he begins, while wondering where Theresa is. He asks everyone to look after his mother and requests that Fancy lead a full and happy life in honor of his memory.

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