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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    Rae Has A Suspect

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Back at the Blue Note, Noah starts flirting with a woman who has her back to him. When she turns around, he’s startled to find that it’s Paloma. ‘Oh, I don’t look like a little girl tonight?’ They begin flirting through the night.

    Charity Loves Miguel

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Fancy wanders the hallways looking for Luis when she finds Paloma. She confesses that she isn’t sure what to believe about Luis anymore. She doesn’t know if he attacked her or she attacked him— Aunt Sheridan thinks the latter and she may be right. Paloma isn’t convinced for a minute and tells Fancy that she has to believe that her brother would never violate her. Fancy and Paloma decide that the best thing for her to do is to get back to work and discover who did this to her.

    Sam is thinking about what Grace said the last time he talked to her. Who could be behind the great threat that she thought was coming? Luis walks in to tell Sam that he’s coming back to work to clear his name and his brother’s. Sam can’t allow that, but Luis think that, if he can’t take care of this quick, he’ll lose Fancy. He goes on to say that this all seems like the work of Alistair. This strikes a cord in Sam who tells his friend about Grace’s warnings. Luis asks again to be let back on the job, but Sam is reluctant. He finally agrees of course, though only if Luis remains on suspension so that everything he does is unofficial. Sam also has to have him partnered up to keep an eye on him and control the media. The ideal candidate: Fancy, who just happens to walk through the door. She and Paloma walk over and ask them what they are talking about. Luis says that she will be his partner now and this will prove that he is not the man who attacked her. Fancy is unsure, but finally agrees to help him find her real attacker. Meanwhile, outside the station, the rapist stands watching them through the window.

    Brothers in Jail

    Thursday, February 01 2007

    Jessica comes downstairs to find Paloma alone after Noah’s left. She’s happy to see that she’s getting close with her brother. Spike calls, angry that she is still at her father’s house talking to police cadet Paloma. He doesn’t like the ideas she puts in her head and commands her to go home before hanging up. Jessica pretends that Spike is just being sweet and has a day planned fo them. When she turns away, Paloma sees that there are bruises all over her neck. Jessica says that it was just a book that fell on her and won’t stay to hear her badmouth her husband. Paloma begs her not to give up her dream prince for Spike. But Jessica says that nobody can know, or understand, how much Spike loves her. Sam calls Palmoa and asks her to come down to the station to do some work. Left alone, Jessica starts daydreaming about Spike bringing her flowers. She thinks that her dream can come true if she’s patient

    Julian goes into Fox’s room as Kay sits by his side. Julian asks her why she isn’t telling him that she will never leave him. She admits that she doesn’t know if that’s true. While she loves Fox, she loves Miguel too. An annoyed Julian rolls his eyes before Paloma interrupts and asks Kay to come outside. They got the forensic report on Miguel’s car and the evidence matches up. Sam arrests Miguel for attempted murder. He swears to Kay that he didn’t do it as Sam drags him away. Simone tries to tell her that things will be okay, but she’s in love with two men who both have ugly futures. She’s so confused. Simone isn’t surprised. Love is blinding, just look at Jessica and Spike.


    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Spike tells Jessica to cheer up, ‘nobody likes a whiner’ and then leaves her alone with Paloma. They sit down and Jessica tries to explain that Spike loves her... in his own way. Paloma is only there to return something which Noah left in her bed. ‘What? You’re sleeping with my brother?’ Paloma explains that nothing happened and Noah was a perfect gentleman. Jessica can’t even imagine something like this. Her friend reminds her of how lovely she is; she just needs to drop Spike. She goes on to explain that she may be falling in love with her brother; she feels like she’s dancing on a cloud, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. Jessica misses her mom and Paloma gives her a hug. She’d had hope when she heard that Grace was returning, but now she’s dead and she can’t be the girl she once was; she has to make the best of what she is. Her friend continues to encourage her to change when Noah arrives and adds his support. She’s convinced that it’s too late, but Noah thinks that their mother would want her to break away from Spike. When she believes that she is truly loved, she’ll have the power to do anything, he tells her. She stifles her tears and walks away.

    Noah tells Paloma that she’s a great friend and gives her some flowers for all of her help. Jessica watches them from the stairs, convinced that she’ll never have what they do. She has a pastel colored fantasy about a goody-two shoed Spike proposing the perfect wedding to her. Noah and Paloma kiss, but he feels like he shouldn’t be doing this: ‘We’re wrong.’ She’s too young and she’s Luis’ baby sister. Besides, he’s a loser with no future. She’s sick of hearing this and kisses him intensely again before he gets up and runs away. He walks outside saying ‘Oh, Dios mio.’

    The Evidence Mounts

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    Noah wakes up naked in bed with a hangover. He doesn’t know where he is or who he was with. Paloma opens the door with breakfast on a tray. She gives him some aspirin and he begins apologizing. He wanted to get to know her better before sleeping over. She tells him that last night was a dream come true. He asks her to forgive him for ruining their relationship with a night of drunken lust. Paloma can’t believe what he’s saying at first. She explains that she doesn’t need to forgive him because he only passed out and nothing happened; he was a perfect gentleman. Relived by the news, he’s still a little surprised that she went to the trouble of taking off all of his clothes while he was unconscious, but she says ‘it was no trouble. It was my pleasure.’ Rising from bed, Noah starts searching for his clothes so that he can escape. He promises that, when they do what they really want to do, it has to be right. They make a date and he kisses a bashful Paloma before he leaves.

    Through the Looking Glass

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Noah is getting drunk at the bar. Paloma comes to take him home. He says it’s good Grace is dead– that way she didn’t have to see Jessica with her husband. Spike stops a guy from trying to pick up Jessica, telling him that he’ll have to pay if he wants to play. Jessica says that he’s disgusting and accuses him again of being Fancy’s rapist. Spike insists on his innocence and that, compared to Kay and Ivy, he’s a saint. Spike wants to go home and have sex, but Jessica reminds him that her mother just died. Noah and Paloma come over and ask if she needs help. Noah wishes Spike was dead but Jessica defends him; Spike has always been there to help her. Noah says that she has her family to help her, but she believes that it’s her family that chased her mother away and got her killed. Noah tells her that he loves her and she should leave Spike for someone who knows how to love. He asks her what Grace would of thought if she met Spike? She should leave him, that’s what Grace would have wanted. Spike tells them to stop upsetting his wife while she mourns her mother now resting in pieces. Noah continues trying to justify Grace leaving them, but Jessica is unconvinced. After Spike lists the many problems of the Bennett family and puts his arm around her, she says that she’ll look out for herself. Noah is depressed that he can’t take sense into his sister. Paloma can’t understand it and doesn’t believe anything will change as long as Spike is around. Noah says all of this has reminded him of what he wants. He pulls Paloma onto his lap and kisses her.

    It's Not a Honeymoon For Everyone

    Friday, January 12 2007

    Sam returns home and calls London. They have a positive ID on Grace. He begins to repeat her name and cry. Outside, Noah and Paloma are returning. They talk about their favorite movie and kiss. When they go in, they find Sam holding Grace’s picture. Noah asks what’s wrong. ‘You’re mom is dead.’ Sam explains what happens and Noah can’t believe it. ‘She had something important to tell me,’ Sam says, but he has no idea what it was.

    The priest from the airport makes a call: ‘Grace Bennett is dead. There’s no way she can tell anyone what she found out.’

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