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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    I'd Give Anything to Know

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Paloma is worrying to Noah about her brothers. Maybe Luis is better off dying right away, she wonders; it can be worse than death to be a cop in jail. As she makes enchiladas, Noah encourages her not to worry about her brothers. Her aunt told her that you could pick out the man of your dreams by how much they like your food. After taking a mouthful, he has to spit it out when she turns her back because it's so hot. She tries some but burns her mouth too. He must be the sweetest man in the world to eat something this terrible. She doesn't know why he's with her when she's being such a downer. He promises to be with her through the good and the bad.

    I Doubt it's Divine

    Friday, April 20 2007

    A dejected Pilar returns home with Ethan and Theresa. She has prayed and had faith but is being punished anyway. 'What have we done to be punished this way Theresa?' Pilar asks. Her daughter tries to suggest that the courts will turn things around, but Pilar seems sure that her sons will die. Ethan tells her that she is a rock and they all need her. It's hard for her though, she's already lost so much. Paloma runs in and the two daughters cling to their mother. Ethan explains what a sham the trial was and, given the circumstances, it looks like even the governor was blackmailed. Paloma promises to help them find out who is behind all of this. Pilar tells Theresa that she has to do whatever it takes in order to get her brothers out. As Paloma sits with her mother, Theresa walks away. 'I only hope Theresa is doing something to help us out of this mess,' Paloma says. Meanwhile, Ethan prays to God that he can help the family and get back with Theresa; his whole future depends on it. Theresa comes to his side, blaming herself for all of this, sure that she is being punished by God. Ethan wishes that Alistair was still around; then, at least, they knew who was responsible. Moments later, they begin passionately making out.

    Just Words

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    At the Crane estate, scantily clad Noah and Paloma are making out before the fireplace. She thinks that they should roast marshmallows but he has other things on his mind. It's not right though, she says; this is her sister's house. He tells her that her sister cares about her happiness and would say that she should do what makes her happy. 'I never listen to my sister,' she giggles. After they make love, Noah gets them some delicious champagne. She starts to feel guilty about having such a good time while her brothers are on trial. They decide to turn on the TV to see what's happening. She's shocked to hear the news that her brothers have already been condemned. Noah tries to comfort her as she begs for God to help her and her family.


    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Searching the Crane grounds, Paloma topples a suspicious man. After cuffing them, she realizes that it's Noah and is not impressed by his persistent hanging around. She accuses him of not trusting her, but he says that his car wouldn't start and he just came up for jumper cables. She tackles him to the ground and they start making out until it begins raining. They wrestle around and get soaked. Going inside, she rushes off to get some towels. She gets him to strip down and then starts toweling him off.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    Paloma has been sent to the Crane mansion to receive a delivery. To her surprise Noah arrives to deliver wine. They start making out again when she breaks away and tells him that she has to be professional. He doesn't listen and keeps kissing until she reminds him that she has to stay focussed. She tells him that she'll show him down to the wine cellar. He likes the sound of that: 'I'll pop your cork and you can pop mine,' he jokes as she laughs. Whenever he is in her presence or sees the light in her eye, he feels like making love to her over and over. She blushes as he continues talking about how much he loves spending time with her. After they take all of the wine downstairs, she reminds him again that she is on duty and he needs to go. He tells her that she impresses him before kissing her goodnight over and over again until she has to push him out the door. After he leaves, there is a knock at the door. When she opens it, no one is there. In the distance, someone lurks in the bushes.

    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    As Paloma holds a suspect down and pounds on him, he begins to scream. She quickly realizes that it's Noah. He climbs up and she tells him to stop following her; she doesn't need his protection. Noah tells her that he is just worried about losing her. 'You're not going to lose me,' she says as they begin kissing. Suddenly, the mugger she was looking for appears, with his gun drawn on them. Paloma and Noah begin arguing while the mugger haplessly reminds them who is in charge. Swiftly turning around, Paloma kicks the gun out of his hands and cuffs him before dragging him off to the station. When they arrive, she gets a call from Sam and she asks about her brothers. He tells her that the trial is still going on, but she must oversee a delivery. Noah starts kissing her again but she reminds him that she is on duty and needs to get back to work. She goes to the Crane estate to wait for the delivery. When there is a knock at the door, she is surprised to find that it is Noah making the delivery.

    Fancy Testifies

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    In the corridor, Sam refuses to allow Noah and Paloma to attend the trial. The department is a man short on street patrol and she needs to go out to work. There has been a string of muggings at the wharf and Sam needs someone on the street. Noah tells her that there is no way he'll let her do this. Ignoring him, she goes down to the station while he trails behind. He keeps telling her that this is too dangerous, but she insists that she will be fine. This is what she wants to do; being a cop is what she of the things. Noah remembers how his mother used to say goodbye to Sam when he went to work. She tells him that this is exactly the same thing and he has to let her do what she believes in. After giving him a kiss, she sends him back to the trial so that he can give her a report later. Noah is still worried though. Paloma goes down to the wharf alone. Soon, she kicks down a suspicious man in a hood and pins him to the ground.

    Graduation Day

    Monday, April 09 2007

    Paloma remembers the horrible icy feeling the had in the hall of mirrors and wakes up screaming. Noah tries to comfort her. She tells him that she was thinking of the half man/ half woman. Whatever that was, it was pure evil and they haven't seen the last of it. He reminds her that it is graduation day. She can't wait to see how proud Luis will be of her.

    After the graduation ceremony, Noah and Paloma arrive in Luis' room. She shows her new badge to her brother. He is proud of her. Paloma hands Fancy her badge. 'Nobody can ever call me a bimbo heiress again. I have a real job now,' she proclaims, putting the badge on. Paloma tells her brother that she will do whatever she has to so that she can prove he's innocent. Noah takes her out and she tells him how bad she feels for Luis and Fancy, before stopping to ask him if he feels uncomfortable seeing Fancy with Luis. He says that he doesn't and takes her off. Back inside, Luis promises Fancy that they will be able to go off together soon, just like they planned. She leans in to kiss him, just as Noah and Paloma return with a cake and balloons. After looking in, they decide not to interrupt. Paloma takes this as a positive sign and is full of hope. 'Love will overcome everything,' she smiles.

    Hall of Mirrors

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Noah and Paloma lay in each other's arms. They're glad that they waited for the perfect time, but now it's time to make up for all of the lost time. After kissing, Noah breaks off and says that he's done something wrong, bad and permanent. 'You don't have some awful disease do you?' she asks. He does and it's contagious. 'I'm sick with love,' he says, listing all of his symptoms and hoping that he'll never be cured. They are happier than they've ever been. To celebrate, they decide to go to the carnival. When they arrive, they get cotton candy and go into the hall of mirrors. Holding tight to each other, they walk along before sitting down. Suddenly, Paloma gets an icy feeling and begins to scream.

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