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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    This Freakshow Ends Tonight

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    Paloma seems to still be worrying about what was going on at the motel. She and Noah have been staring at Vincent and wondering why he was sitting alone drinking. She calls the station and reports the incident at the motel. Noah worries that she may get obsessed with this. As they dance, she continues to wonder and suggests that he talk to Chad about seeing him at the motel. Noah can't imagine what Chad and Vincent would be doing together in a motel room with a gun. She thinks that he should talk to Chad anyway. When he sees Chad go into the hall, he catches up with him and asks him why he was at the motel. Chad isn't helpful and tells him that he needs to get back to Whitney. When he tries to get past Noah, the gun falls from his pocket. A shocked Noah picks it up and asks him what is going on. He needs to tell Paloma, but Chad tells him that he can't. Meanwhile, Paloma begins asking Whitney why Vincent crashed the party. She has no idea but she's glad that he's gone. She hopes that things will be as perfect for Paloma one day as they are for her. Suddenly, Pilar gets a call from the prison that someone tried to kill Miguel. She runs off with Kay and Fox follows behind.

    A Birthday to Remember

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the motel, Chad runs off as Noah calls after him. He goes into the motel room and searches for Paloma. Meanwhile, Paloma is next door with Vincent inspecting the bullet hole in the wall. She takes the bullet out and asks Vincent who fired the gun. As she questions him, she bags the evidence but Vincent continues to insist that he didn't even hear a gunshot. She turns around as he dresses and suggests that the bullet may have been there for years. She is sure that it's fresh. He asks her if he's under arrest. Since he isn't, he shows her the door. She returns to Noah feeling confused. After explaining things to Noah, she says that she doesn't believe Vincent's excuses. Noah is about to tell her that he just saw Chad, but Whitney calls to invite them to the party before he can. They start eating Chinese take-out before remembering that they need to go to the party. Suddenly Noah recalls that he saw Chad. But why would Chad be there? Maybe he was trying to stop Vincent from printing a nasty story?

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    Noah and Paloma are still in bed at the motel. The listen to the couple next door. It sounds pretty rough to Noah. To Paloma, it just sounds like the intensity of passion. She's glad that he brought her there so they could take a break from thinking. Soon, she begins shivering as she remembers hiding the body of the dead john. Noah reminds her that, if she needs help, he will help her. Later, they start watching cartoons and she sends him off to get some treats. She already knows what she wants for dessert, she teases.

    Next door, after a busy afternoon in their motel room, Vincent has to wake Chad up. 'I'm the only person you've ever been with who lets you be you... and what a mess you are,' Vincent says as he crawls back into bed. Still, he wouldn't trade him for anyone. Chad sits up and says that this was the last time. He pulls on his pants and tells Vincent to leave him alone; he's cutting him out of his life for good. Vincent reminds him that he still has the DVDs of them making love. Whitney already ruined his chances with Valerie, she isn't taking Chad away from him as well. Chad pulls out his gun and threatens to kill Vincent if he says anything. Vincent admires Chad's big weapon and tells them that they need to kiss and make up. Grabbing Chad, the gun goes off. Soon, Paloma comes knocking with her gun out and kicks the door down. She's surprised to find no one in the room. Suddenly Vincent opens the bathroom door. She tells him that there was a gunshot in his room. He points out that he was in the shower and didn't hear anything. She gestures to the bullet hole in the wall. Outside, Chad runs from the motel while Noah returns to his room. He calls out to Chad, but he's already gone.

    Adios Muchacho

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Paloma walks along the wharf thinking about how she helped Jessica hide the dead john's body. She feels like she has to help her friend, even if it means losing her badge. Noah surprises her and, seeing that she seems bothered, asks her what's wrong. She'd like to tell him but she can't. He holds her and tells her that if she ever does want to talk about it, she can talk to him. Since they both live at home, he decides to take her to the motel for some quality time. Soon, they are making love. Afterwards, they listen to the noisy people next door and laugh.

    The New Man in Your Life

    Monday, May 07 2007

    Simone and Paloma wander around the wharf looking for Jessica, hoping that Spike hasn't been evil enough to put her back on the streets now that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Jessica has woken up in bed next to another dead john. After wiping off the blood, she calls Simone and tells her that 'it happened again.' As the girls run off to help their friend, Spike crawls out of the woodwork with a smug grin. They're doing exactly as he'd planned. He follows them as the head over to the motel. Inside the room, Jessica is in a fit as the girls enter. Spike stands by the door listening while Paloma tells Jessica that she will have to report this now that she's a police officer. That doesn't sound good to Jessica and she begs her friend not to report her; she'll go to jail for murder and the baby will be given to Spike. Simone points out that if Jessica is arrested, they'll all be arrested for aiding and abetting. Paloma finally agrees and they start to dispose of the body while Spike smiles. The girls wrap up the body and carry it out so that they can dump it in the river. Spike watches them from the window and snaps photos. 'You chicks are going down big time,' he laughs.

    You Won't Get Away With This

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Paloma and Simone go down to the wharf to search for Jessica. They assumes that Spike must have grabbed her when she was left alone. They split up to look for their friend. Soon, they come back together, unable to find their friend. Paloma starts to think that she is the only happy person in the town: She has a job and a man that she loves. Simone wishes that she could have more happiness in her life. They hug and try to figure out where to look next. It's not long before they realize that she must be back at the motel.

    Endora's First Day at School

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    At the Book Café, Paloma and Simone hug Jessica and congratulate her on her pregnancy. They're going to buy her a healthy breakfast and then take her shopping for maternity clothes. Simone tells her that she is not alone and they will love and support her through everything. The three friends join hands and Jessica beams. As they eat, Simone tells Jessica that she'll need to go back to school after the baby is born and they will babysit for her while she's out. Jessica still worries about Spike wanting to sell the baby. Speak of the devil, Spike pops in and tells them that the baby is his. Simone tells him that it's Jessica's baby and he doesn't even know if it is really his baby at all. Spike says that they can have a DNA test and dig up all of the johns that Jessica killed to see if one of them is the father. How would they explain that? Even Sam couldn't protect his serial killer daughter and her two accomplices. He could get immunity for ratting the three of them out and grab the child easily. Standing up, he tells them that he isn't going away until he gets paid off. After he walks away, Paloma wonders why Jessica never killed him. The girls promise again to protect her and her baby. Later, Spike grabs Jessica and repeats that there is no way that she is getting rid of him. He drags her away before her friends can return.

    Down by the Water

    Monday, April 30 2007

    At home, Paloma is depressed about her brothers. None of this seems real or right. She picks up her badge and says that she became a cop because she thought there was justice in the world and she wanted to defend it. But she was wrong. Noah tells her that they shouldn't wallow in frustration; they should go out. 'Noah I have no hope,' she says as Pilar comes in, her mind spinning with all the bad news. She tells them to go out and get distracted before bitterness digs a hole in their hearts. Paloma hugs her confused mother and then makes her some tea. She encourages them to go out and her daughter reluctantly agrees. Left alone, Pilar lights a candle and prays for her sons. Antonio appears for a moment and touches her shoulder as she is bathed in light.

    Noah takes Paloma down to the wharf, the same place that his mother used to take him when she needed to find a solution to her problems. He tries to tell her that he's seen worse situations, but she finds that hard to believe. She demands to hear a story worse than her brothers'. He tells her about when 'a man' was a gambler and was framed for the murders of a bunch of people he was playing poker with. He was convicted but finally exonerated when one of the real killers confessed. He tells her that the blackmailer will be found: The truth always comes out and she should never give up hope. She smiles but then tells him that the whole story is a lie. He admits that he made it up. She's not angry; she knows that he only told her that story to give her hope. She loves him for telling her the story.

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