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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    Father Lonigan tells Chris and James that he's glad they're there to look after Sheridan. Paloma, Noah, Jessica and Spike all arrive. Jessica tells the father that she has a lot to make up for. Jessica is worried about Grace coming back; Spike isn't exactly an ideal son-in-law. Noah tells her not to worry about that and Spike blows him a kiss. Paloma and Noah wander around the church and he talks about how much he hopes that his mother will help Jessica get away from Spike. Paloma ask him what else he wants for Christmas. 'This,' he says as he kisses her.

    Sheridan is losing it.

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    Paloma is on the wharf wishing on the stars for love. She turns around and literally runs into Noah. Noah apologizes for running into her. Paloma apologizes too. They talk small talk. He can't help but notice how beautiful she is and tells her so. He is late for work so he leaves. After he is gone, Paloma wonders if her wish has been granted.

    Fancy can't contain her joy. She can't believe Sheridan gave him up. Sheridan says she didn't give him up. In fact, I want him back and you can't have him. She goes for Fancy's throat and starts strangling her. At least, that is the fantasy Sheridan sees in her mind. In reality, she tells Fancy everything is okay. She knows Luis and Fancy are lovers. Fancy clarifies the situation for her. They can't even date because of the cadet rule but Fancy can wait because it's meant to be. The women hug with Sheridan grimacing behind Fancy's back.

    Paloma walks in. She wants the lowdown about Fancy's night with Luis. They stand around in awkward silence. Fancy won't spill until Sheridan leaves. Sheridan gets the hint and leaves but hides so she can eavesdrop on every word. Fancy tells Paloma she thinks Sheridan is okay with her and Luis even though she was hurt when she saw them kissing. From her hiding place, Sheridan confesses she still loves Luis.

    Sheridan thinks she is crazy to be eavesdropping but she doesn't stop. Fancy starts to give all the details about her amazing night with Luis before she realizes that it may be awkward for Paloma to hear such things about her brother. The bottom line is that she is crazy about Luis. Paloma notes that her brother seems to have that effect on women. Sheridan knows about that.

    Fancy and Paloma don't think Sheridan will go off the deep end like Beth. Too late. Sheridan has already jumped. She has heard enough and closes the door between them. The girls hear it close and goes to investigate the noise.

    Sheridan hugs the wall behind a statue. Fancy doesn't see her. Paloma still feels creepy like someone had been listening to them. The only person it could have been is Sheridan but Fancy gives her benefit of the doubt. Paloma goes just as Luis calls Fancy. They talk about their plans to make love all day and all night while Sheridan listens. She is lost. She lost everything.

    Is Jared Theresa's Destiny?

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Paloma is making eyes at Noah. They discuss Jessica and her problems. Paloma doesn't blame Jessica for drinking. Being married to Spike would cause even them to drink. Paloma continues to flirt with Noah. He sees an acquaintance at the party and leaves to talk with him. He asks her to wait for him. Paloma sighs with pleasure as she watches him go.

    Fancy arrives at the shower. Paloma is happy to see her out of the hospital. Fancy isn't so happy and Paloma notices. Fancy tells her she is down because of Luis. She overheard him talking to Ethan about never loving another woman but Sheridan. She looks up and sees Noah who reminds her of another failed relationship. Why does every man she loves cheat on her either emotionally or physically? Even though Noah said over and over that he never slept with Maya, she doesn't believe him. Fancy leaves. Paloma looks at Noah. Even if Fancy doesn't believe him, Paloma knows he is one of the good guys.

    Luis spies Fancy across the yard. Fancy sees him too but she isn't ready for rejection so she runs off. Luis wonders why she didn't want him to see her.

    Tabitha dries off from her water dousing as Fancy rushes into the house. She asks Tabitha if she can hide in there from Luis for a while. It's all right with Tabitha. Fancy ducks down just in time. Luis has come inside looking for Fancy. He asks Tabitha if she has seen Fancy. She was just outside and he thought he saw her come in. Tabitha lies and says she hasn't seen her anywhere. Luis leaves to look for her elsewhere.

    Fancy comes out of hiding and thanks Tabitha for not telling Luis about her. Tabitha tells Fancy she owes her a favor in return. She asks her to take Endora outside while she carries a food tray out to the yard. Fancy agrees. She goes over to get Endora and remarks how much Endora looks like her at that age. That remarks causes Tabitha to change her mind. She gives Fancy the food tray and stays inside with Endora. After Fancy leaves, Tabitha tells Endora no one can know that Julian is her father.

    Luis catches up to Fancy finally. She can't help but blush when he tells her that he has been looking for her everywhere. Fancy tells Luis what she thought she heard when they were in the mineshaft. She rambles on and on about Sheridan and how she (Fancy) knows how to take a hint. She has been steering clear of him for that reason. Luis tries to interrupt but Fancy keeps on talking. He mumbles that he is in love with a motor mouth. She talks for a few seconds more before she realizes that he just said that he loves her. He admits it again and they kiss.

    All "Heaven" is About to Break Loose

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    Kay tries to apologize to Jessica but she isn't having it. "You plot, scheme, lie, get caught, and still you come out on top. You are about to marry one of the richest man in the world, and the man you love still wants you." She feels no one decent wants her.

    Noah and Paloma join the scene. Paloma tries to calm Jessica down by telling her Kay paid a price for what she did. Jessica feels like Kay gets away with everything while everyone judges her. Noah pipes in with a compliment for his baby sister, trying to make her feel better. She asks him to get her away from Kay. Noah and Paloma walk her to the house.

    After they leave, Fox comforts Kay, holding her close. Miguel walks up on the two and he doesn't like what he sees.

    Noah and Paloma have returned to the party after putting Jessica to bed. She was so drunk she passed out the minute her head touched the pillow. They talk about Jessica's problems. Paloma thinks Jessica is getting worse. It's like she has Delayed Response Syndrome. She experienced something similar when she left her mother. It was exhausting being angry all the time but she
    has moved on.

    Noah wishes that he could forgive and forget. "Mama says that even our deepest hurts heal over time," Paloma says and adds, "I think that love helps to heal faster than time alone. You just have to be open to it." Noah hasn't been open to it for a while. Paloma thinks it's time he was.

    Noah thanks Paloma for being such a good friend to Jessica. Paloma says that is what friends do. She flirts with him, complimenting him and pointing out how alike they are. Noah responds by saying he would like us to be good friends with her. He sends her off to get some food while he checks on Jessica. He walks off.

    "I hope that we can be more than friends Noah. Much more."

    They're all in Triangle Hell

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Luis is at home now. He reminisces about the good times with Fancy. It makes him smile. Paloma comes in. He shares with Paloma that he has been thinking about Fancy. He feels there is a future for them after all. Thinking of Fancy makes him smile.

    Paloma worries that he has unfinished business with Sheridan. Luis feels that has been taken out of his hands since Sheridan has moved on with Chris. He needs to move on too. Paloma listens and remembers Sheridan expressing her love for Luis still. Luis doesn't know this. For him, there is no chance for a future with Sheridan.

    Luis orders a big bouquet of flowers for Fancy. He is ready to go and deliver them in person but Paloma stops him. Paloma asks. "If you had a choice between Sheridan and Fancy, which one would you choose?" He says that is not an option. Paloma pushes the point. It makes him suspicious. "You know something that I don't know?"

    Paloma says its nothing. She just wanted to know if he was over Sheridan. Luis tells her tells that he felt really close to Fancy in the mineshaft. She stirred something inside of him he hadn't felt for a while. He's ready to be with Fancy and it makes him happy, He leaves for the hospital. Alone, Paloma says to herself, "I just hope now that Sheridan keeps her feelings a secret! If she doesn't then it is going to be hell for three people."

    Paloma joins her mother in the kitchen. Paloma confides in her confusion about love. She wonders if love ever works out. Each one of her siblings is having trouble in that department.
    She concludes she will never let herself get into a situation like them. Pilar says never say never. "Love is like a storm that blows in without warning."

    Paloma tells Pilar there is somebody she is interested in but for now she doesn't want to be in love. Pilar tells her to be careful and learn from her siblings' mistakes. Paloma wonders if she will end up going through romantic hell like her brothers and sister.

    No Faith, no hope, but Charity is back

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    Down in the hole, Luis encourages Fancy to hang on even though she is tired. Sam is on his way to rescue them. He tells her how proud he is of her. She is so strong and brave. "You're something else, Fancy Crane." They get up to put on some dry clothes in anticipation of their rescue.

    Above in the mineshaft, Paloma and Sheridan watch the monitor. Paloma turns to Sheridan and asks her to tell Luis she is still in love with him. Sheridan makes little of that confession. She is not going to leave Chris and risk losing James. Besides, it's too late for her and Luis. Luis is falling in love with Fancy.

    Paloma is surprised Sheridan didn't learn anything from her mother. Pilar believes nothing is more important than true love. She also believes in honesty above all else. If Luis is the love of her life, how can she stay with Chris? Sheridan is surprised by her comments. She thought Paloma was Fancy's friend. Paloma thinks Fancy is great but it doesn't change the facts. Sheridan loves Luis and she is the one Luis wants to be with. Loving James is a lousy reason to stay with his father. Paloma vows if Sheridan doesn't tell Luis the truth, she will.

    "No!" Sheridan says in alarm.

    Sam and Chris arrive back at the mine with a winch to help pull the two to safety. Sam throws Luis the line. Luis has Fancy wrap her legs around him. He holds onto the wire as they slowly pull them up.

    Suddenly the wire begins to shake. Fancy screams and hangs onto Luis for dear life as they plunge back into the hole. Up above they work hard to get control of the winch. Their fall is stopped a few feet before impact. They start their ascent again. Even as Chris helps, he worries Fancy will recognize him or Spike being there when she fell.

    The two finally reach safety. Sheridan rushes to Luis as Chris watches intently.

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