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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    News About Grace

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    Sam and Jessica are eagerly awaiting Grace’s return. As the reception progresses, he’s disappointed that she still hasn’t arrived. There was something important she had to tell him, he says to Noah before teasing him about getting married. Noah jokes that he’s waiting to be tamed by the right woman. They look over at Spike wrestling around with Jessica. He thinks that she’s boring now that she’s sober. She can’t turn the clock back though; she can’t be a goody-two shoes anymore. Jessica was happy back then. Spike tells her that she didn’t know what happiness was until she met him. He’s bored and decides to leave. A black ski mask falls out of his pocket and Jessica wonders if he’s Fancy’s rapist. She’s got to tell her dad it could be Spike.

    Paloma tells Noah how frustrating it is that there are no leads on Fancy’s attack. Noah seems uncomfortable, but let’s her know that Fancy is ancient history. Paloma talks about how she was almost raped and how no woman will feel safe until this is solved. Luis comes down to speak to Sam in private. They go into the kitchen and Luis slowly explains that there was an explosion in London and Grace was killed. Sam is shocked and sits down. He can’t believe it; just as she was about to come home to him. He begins to cry.

    The Wedding Ends

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Fancy displays herself on the stairs. Luis says that she takes his breath away and Sheridan starts reminding her that she was just raped and she be in bed. Paloma tells her that’s terrible advice. Getting out and helping the police track down her attacker will be empowering. Luis offers Fancy his hand and twirls her around. Sheridan interrupts and suggests that the strain is getting to Fancy; she’s drinking, hallucinating and acting erratic. Paloma says that Fancy needs to get out there whenever she feels up to it, not stay in bed for ‘some elderly aunt to bring her chicken soup.’ Sheridan starts giving Paloma the evil eye, while Paloma encourages Fancy and Luis to have some private time. Paloma pulls Sheridan back to the wedding.

    Dr. Gasparro I Presume?

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    Paloma walks in on Fancy searching the floor for her attacker’s button. Fancy explains everything that happened and insists that she wasn’t hallucinating. She already suspects that Sheridan took it to make her look crazy and tells a sceptical Paloma all of Sheridan’s recent nasty behavior. Paloma soon comes around though, thanks to Fancy’s persistence, and tells her to fight for her man. Fancy can’t do that right now, yet Paloma tells her that, if she lets Luis go, she’ll just be victimizing herself again. Paloma wants to see the strong confidant woman she was a cadet with. When she was attacked, Fancy explains, that didn’t matter; she couldn’t fight him off and she’s ashamed. Paloma tells her that she’s amazing and has nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, she builds Fancy up enough to get dressed. Fancy however comes out dressed ‘like a nun’ and Paloma is disappointed; she’s a beautiful woman, she needs to look beautiful and use all of her weapons. She quickly changes into a sexy dress and walks down the stairs while Paloma prays for God to give her strength.

    Everyone's a Suspect

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    At the wedding reception, Sam offers to go get his chainsaw since Chad us having so much trouble cutting the cake. Chad thinks that there’s something in there and reaches in only to pull out a dead body. Whitney can’t believe that there’s dead body in her wedding cake. Kay starts to wonder if the wedding death that Tabitha predicated in her bowl was for Whitney’s wedding and not hers. Noah imagines that this will put a damper on the wedding as he admiringly watches Paloma go off to help Chief Bennett. Eve examines the body and announces that it’s been ‘long dead.’ Everyone starts asking Sam who it is, but he doesn’t know. He thanks Paloma for trying to help him and Noah gets excited that she’s almost a cop. The reporter starts taking photos and Sam grabs away his camera and has him thrown out. He sends everyone to the foyer for questioning. Eve can’t figure out what killed the woman because there’s too much icing on her. She and Sam make a few jokes before he rolls her over and they’re shocked to find that it’s... ‘The media will have a field day with this,’ he says.

    Whose For Cake?

    Wednesday, December 27 2006

    Jared pulls Theresa away to ask her something, but he’s interrupted when Simone announces that all the ladies must gather at the bottom of the stairs so that the bride can throw the bouquet. She throws it and Simone catches it as everyone claps. Since she isn’t about to get married, she tries to give it to Paloma who tells her that the laws might change for her soon. Noah asks Paloma why she didn’t try and catch it and she says that she’s already turned down one proposal. She has to fall in love before she gets married. Noah leans in and kisses her. Miguel stalks over to Kay to comment on how her wedding must be cursed since she didn’t catch the bouquet. ‘Leave me alone,’ she says as she walks way. He imagines now that he can discover what Fox is really up to and change things around.

    Chad and Whitney’s Wedding

    Friday, December 22 2006

    Paloma finds Noah wandering around the room. He gives her an envelope and asks her to open it. When she does, she finds two tickets to see the Scissors Sister inside. He asks her if she’d like to go with him and she giddily accepts.

    It's a Drag to be JT

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    Outside, Fox is sending his actors off to have changes done to their masks. The actress is still bothered by his plot but he tells her stop complaining when he's paying her. Inside, Kay is thanking God that Fox still wants to marry her since she now knows that Miguel still loves Charity. Tabitha tries to tell her the truth, but Endora puts another frog in her throat. Paloma, Noah and Jessica arrive from the church. Noah says that Christmas is the time to start over. Kay wonders if that means they've forgiven her. He and Jessica say that they will try and be nice for the season. Miguel marches in to ask Kay again if she wants to go through with the wedding to Fox. She says that she should never have wavered. Fox walks in and she kisses him passionately while Miguel looks in disgust. Fox gets a call and breaks away while Kay asks Jessica about her bridesmaid's dress. It's being sent over and they're all going next door to get decorations to do up Tabitha's for a 'perfect Christmas.' Kay says to herself, 'It would have been more perfect if the man I loved didn’t stab me in the heart.'

    The jovial Noah and Paloma return and start decorating. Jessica is bored and wants to go outside but Noah panics. She says she'll be fine outside for ten minutes. She goes down to the waterfront while a series of perfect couples walk by depressing her. She sees a bar and goes in for a drink. Fox's actors appear and sit down to rehearse their lines. Half-drunk, Jessica comes out with a bottle in a bag and thinks that she hears Charity's voice. She turns the corner and is shocked to see the actress taking off her mask.

    Noah and Paloma hope that Tabitha likes the way they've decorated the place, but the boys in the basement are starting to make noises. Kay goes to the vent and promises them that they'll get rid of the holiday cheer after the guests are gone. Jessica's dress arrives and they wonder where she's gone to.

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