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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) Played by Silvana Arias on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Silvana Arias

    Birthday: April 7, 1977
    Birthplace: Lima, Peru
    Real Name: Silvana Arias
    Height: 5' 1"


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    The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Tabitha sees an image of Noah and Paloma in her book and says that every page in the Book of Disasters is focused on Harmony and notes that Paloma’s vision is of the future. She says if Juanita makes it to Harmony, she will kill everyone in the L-F family, including Paloma. Tabitha sees Noah and Paloma kissing and disgusted, closes the book. She wonders what it is about the couple that bothers her so much and thinks it’s all the gushy romance. She would however like to watch Paloma with Roberto because that would be hot! She recalls an interlude she had with Zorro and then makes herself a drink. The book then starts to spin around, sparking and giving off black smoke. Tabitha is curious to see who the next victim will be and the book shoots a bunch of sparks to the ceiling which makes Tabitha nervous.

    What's Going on Here?

    Wednesday, August 15 2007

    At Tabitha's, Paloma puts the cuffs on Spike. He turns and begs Norma and Edna for help but they won't. Paloma and Noah go outside to wait for the squad car leaving Spike inside with the ladies. He tells them that he'll do anything, and he means anything, that they want if they'll just help him out. Edna likes the sound of that; she hasn't had a good massage since Precious left. As he tells them how much they have 'going on' and how sexy they are, he begs them to take off his cuffs so that they can have some fun. Resisting temptation, Edna calls Paloma in just as the car arrives to take Spike away. As the cop drags Spike along to police headquarters, he fakes sickness and drops to the ground. When the cop kneels down, he head butts the cop, grabbing his keys and his gun before running off.

    Back at Tabitha's, after Spike's gone, they all eat and drink. Edna asks Noah and Paloma when they'll actually finish their wedding. Endora wants to see it happen tonight and, despite her mother's protests, snaps her fingers to take care of it. She sends them all to a heavenly place where they stand on clouds dressed in their finest attire. Paloma assumes that she's dreaming. Noah's just happy to be somewhere so perfect, a place as perfect as their love. They start to dance before she wishes for a fountain of chocolate and strawberries. Edna's gleeful that in a town with so much grief, love can remain alive. Tabitha's proud that her daughter has made Noah and Paloma so happy. As the couple dance, Paloma tells Noah that he always makes her feel like she is dancing on a cloud. Even if they wake up from this dream, they will never wake from the dream that is their love.

    Cleaning Up After Kay

    Tuesday, August 14 2007

    Back at Tabitha's, they hear Kay running over with everyone trailing behind her. Sam declares that he is there to arrest his daughter until Tabitha points to Spike and reminds him that he is the one he wants. Sam doesn't have much evidence against Spike though. While Tabitha tries to talk him into making the arrest, Edna watches Spike escape. Kay asks Endora for help. The little witch sighs: 'I always have to clean up Kay's mess.' After a zap, Sam snaps out of the trance he was in but is now even more confused. No one understands why the living room looks like a resort, why they are there or exactly who he should be arresting. Sam only knows that he was ordered to arrest Jessica. He and Paloma arrest her again while Kay worries about how to get Spike to confess. Endora zaps Spike back, just before Sam can take her away. At first, everyone is too confused by Spike's slave clothes, so Endora puts him in his regular clothes, an act which confuses everyone even more. Sam tells Paloma to arrest him but, before she can, he grabs Jessica and threatens to cut her with a letter opener. When Spike tells them that they should be arresting Tabitha for her freak show, Tabitha kicks him and Kay starts to argue with him. When she tries her confession spell again, she misses Spike and the spell only hits Norma and Edna who begin confessing that they never floss their teeth and that they steal candy from babies. Endora has to step in and cast the spell properly. Finally Spike drops down on his knees and begins confessing to all of the killings. Sam places him under arrest while Edna sadly watches her slave boy being cuffed. Spike starts to cry while Sam asks Jessica to forgive him; he will never let her go, he promises. Noah and Paloma start to kiss as Spike snaps out of the spell and starts to claim that he's innocent. Simone laughs at him. She and the Bennetts then go over to Sam's while he calls a squad car to pick up Spike. Before they can come, Norma takes the opportunity to kick Spike around one last time.

    Stringing Me Along

    Monday, August 13 2007

    At Sam's house, Kay, Miguel, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Jessica sit in the parlor talking about the recent miracles. Simone wonders how her mother could have delayed revealing the truth about Luis for so long. Sam walks through the front door and asks Jessica to stand up. To everyone's horror, he says that he has to arrest her for multiple homicides. They just received a complete report with fingerprints, saliva and DNA evidence that lays the blame on her for all of the dead bodies they've been digging up. Kay starts to panic and tries to think of a way out of this. She freezes them to give her more time to come up with a plan. When she doesn't come up with anything, she leaves them all frozen so that she can go and talk to Tabitha.

    Is it a Miracle or Just Endora?

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    Pilar begins to speak to God, accusing Him of not being the merciful father that she believed Him to be. 'You took my son!' she screams. Now she doesn't know if she can ever have faith again. Paloma rushes into her mother's arms as they cry. Moments later, she prays to God for His forgiveness. She's in a lot of pain, but she still wishes that she had died rather than her son. Still, she will continue to have faith 'miracle or no miracle.'

    Execution Day

    Monday, August 06 2007

    The warden leads a procession down death row as Luis, in a somber blue outfit, walks to his death. Suddenly, Pretty calls out, demanding to speak to the prisoner so that she can reveal the truth about Fancy before he dies. Before she can say anything, Pilar knocks her out and Fancy drags her into the corner. When Luis turns around, she tells him it was just her calling out to him. The warden continues the walk to the death chamber while Ivy and Pilar drag Pretty into a cell and leave her on the floor. They go into the viewing room to watch the execution. Pilar cries on Sam's shoulder while the warden demands that they all be quiet and keep away from the glass dividing the viewing room from the death chamber. When they are seated, Luis promises his mother that he is okay and he tells Fancy that he loves her. The warden reads the sentence as Father Lonigan enters. He takes Luis' hand, though it is forbidden; he gives him final absolution and tells him to have courage. Once the priest has been led out, everything is prepared before Luis makes his final statement. Everyone knows that he is innocent, he begins, while wondering where Theresa is. He asks everyone to look after his mother and requests that Fancy lead a full and happy life in honor of his memory.

    We'll Name Our Daughter After You

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Paloma cries as she says goodbye to her bother. Noah promises to take care of everyone. Sam then hugs his friend and asks him to tell Grace that he loves her. They go down to the execution chamber and look in, waiting for Luis to be strapped down. Meanwhile, Pilar clings to Luis and cries. He promises her that he will greet Antonio for her. Kay and Miguel stand close by, sadly watching.

    Small Price to Pay

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    At the altar, Noah tells Paloma that he's sorry she has to wait so long. They can't wait to get married. Luis arrives and announces that Fancy will be out shortly. The bridal march begins again and Fancy starts down the aisle on Julian's arm. This is the happiest time of Luis' life. Julian shakes his hand at the altar once he's brought his daughter up. 'I'm the luckiest man alive,' Luis smiles. As they are about to begin, Sheridan is ready to run in but Vincent keeps holding her back. When Father Lonigan asks Fancy if she will take Luis as her husband, she shocks everyone by saying says 'no'. Everyone wonders what's going on and the priest asks her what's wrong. She tells Luis that she wants to marry him but she can't. He understands; he only has two hours to live. She begins to cry and hugs him.

    When Being Pretty Isn't Pretty

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    At the prison/wedding chapel, Paloma walks down the aisle to the sound of the familiar wedding march. Eve admires how beautiful she looks, but it's hard for Pilar to be happy when she knows that her son will die after the wedding. When Eve turns to say that she's sorry, Julian shoots her a concerned look. Checking herself, she only tells her old friend that she is sorry for her loss. Meanwhile, Kay tells Miguel to think of their wedding rather than his brother's impeding death. He wishes he could just think of good things and gives her a kiss. Tabitha admires how cute Endora looks as a flower girl. Norma suggests that she could be the flower girl for her and Edna when they get hitched.

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