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    Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    Started by Anonymous16 at 2008/05/31 02:17PM
    Latest post: 2008/08/31 11:46AM, Views: 21107, Replies: 204
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    #201   2008/08/30 07:16PM
    Re: Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    The reason I mention "housekeepers Daughter" is that what Gwen would call Theresa behind her back. Gwen at the beginning of the show was a snob and looked down on people that were not in her class.

    #202   2008/08/30 07:32PM
    Re: Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    she should be a sister to her brothers! Ain't no mountain high enough about how luis and miguel loves about that for once in her so precious and freakin life!! She would let them rot in jail!!! All for the sake of ethan...............

    #203   2008/08/30 07:44PM
    Re: Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    Quote luvinethanandtheresa:
    Quote Anonymous16:
    Quote bamamama: Gwen in a psychotic rage locked Pilar in a closet and went after Theresa with a baseball bat.
    Gwen in a psychotic rage pushed Theresa out the window
    Gwen in a psychotic rage stabbed Theresa in the back with a scapel

    Gwen in a psychotic rage went after Theresa and fell causing her to miscarry

    Gwen in a psychotic rage tried to push Pilar into the fire

    Gwen only caring about herself, sent the information to the tabloids about Ethan's paternity

    Gwen only caring about herself, tried to make Theresa have an abortion because she didn't want Theresa to carry her baby.

    Gwen only caring about herself, allowed Rebecca and Ivy to frame Ethan for Julian's murder, then letting Theresa try and save Ethan and take the blame, causing her to go to Death Row and executed.

    Gwen kidnapped Jane.

    Gwen took Little Ethan and Jane away from Theresa.

    Gwen almost lost her son, because of her own selfishness and stupidity.

    Gwen is blackmailing Theresa so she wont tell Ethan, Little Ethan's paternity

    Gwen is blackmailing Pilar

    Gwen assisted Juanita

    Gwen is trying to send Little Ethan away to boarding school

    Gwen's list can go on and on...she knew that Ethan loved Theresa, when Ethan told her that the wedding was off, she even told him that "she could deal with him having Theresa as a mistress, just don't leave me"

    I know alot of Gwen's bad-bad doings, came from Theresa's bad-doings, AND VICE VERSA...
    but one thing is for certain, Theresa may have done some bad things, but she can surely say she done them out of love for her children or for Ethan or her family *not herself*. Gwen and Rebecca has plotted in Harmony for years basically just to make sure they have a room in the Crane Mansion, and a thick checkbook. Gwen was very, very hesitant when Rebecca asked her a long time ago if she could settle being Gwen "Wintrop" not "Crane". Theresa however, wanted the Crane name, 1) to get her children back, 2) to help her mom and brothers have a place to live, to help Ethan get a job when he was disowned by the Cranes, 4) to help her innocent brothers who were framed by Julian, Fox and other Cranes.

    I really wish they would make a quick storyline before the end of the show that looks into Jonathan's maternity AND paternity... I think Psycho Gwen took a page out of Beth's book, but implanted herself with someone's embryo and now passing it off as her own and Ethan's. ( I know Beth didn't do all of that, but you get my theory)

    Ha! u made me laugh with this one, is that the best you can do. First of all Jane is Gwen's child and so is Jonathan, Jane will be revealed as Gwen's daughter in the end. But for now she is Theresa's and Gwen is pretending to play mommy that is all, and things can change you know JER meant what he said about Theresa and Ethan having 1 child which is lil Ethan.there is no way that Jane would be ET baby.

    What are you smoking? They did the dna test on Jane, she is Theresa's. Which is more than I can say for Jonathan, where did he come from? After Gwen can't have kids!! Get real! Gwen was ready to let Jonathan die just to keep Theresa from telling Ethan the truth. Theresa has left Ethan alone and told him to leave her alone. Gwen has never stepped aside to let ET be together. In the end everything will come out about what an awful, witch Gwen is and ET will finally be happy. Gwen is not pretending to be mommy. She doesn't want anything to do with the kids. All she cares aboout is being with a man who will never love her.

    ok ..right. I bet you have not EVER been in a relationship...I can tell..Sheesh! who knows ? you may have been spared

    #204   2008/08/30 07:48PM
    Re: Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    Quote destes:
    Quote Anonymous16:
    Quote destes: Theresa is a saint compared to Gwen. Gwen is difinitly one of the villians of this show.

    Theresa is far from a saint. Don't get me wrong i love Lindsay it's her character i can't stand they made her look like a hoe.
    And i must say i dont blame Gwen for hurting Theresa she deserve it and if i could team up with gwen i would just to bring her down. Y'all making gwen look like the bad guy here, remember Ethan was her's first. What about all those times theresa put ethan first instead of her own children, i believe if theresa had to sacrifice one of her children to be with ethan she would do please leave gwen alone. I hate theresa and no matter what she does or how many man she slept with i'll alaways hate her, commiting adultery and call yourself a catholic please B****.I agree that both women have done terrible things.Gwen did some things, Like Kidnapping Jane because she went insane. Remember Gwen offered to step aside more than once, it is that moron Ethan that won't leave.
    He is staying true to his vows in his mind. Personally i think Theresa should leave him alone b/c he and Gwen are married. But i rather choose Gwen. Theresa is one of the most selfish characters and annoying.
    It would be nice if Theresa would get some respect for herself and stop chasing this man.

    What does Gwen being with Ethan first have to do with anything?? I dated alot of guys before I married and I am very glad I didn't marry the first guy I dated.

    Ethan fell in love with Theresa. When Ethan met Theresa he was not married or even engaged to Gwen.

    The problem was not that Ethan dumped Gwen. Gwen couldn't stand that he dumped her for someone she felt was beneath her.

    NOT..What is up with "beneath her"?

    #205   2008/08/31 11:46AM
    Re: Theresa: I HATE YOU SKANK

    Gwen couldn't stand the fact that she lost Ethan to someone that was not in their class. She oftened called Theresa the housekeepers mousy daughter. Had Ethan fallen for someone like a princess of some country, or even someone in their social class, but Ethan dumped her for a girl that was considered poor. Gwen was a snob.

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