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    Favorite storylines

    Started by Jenni at 2006/10/14 06:46AM
    Latest post: 2006/10/15 05:55PM, Views: 888, Replies: 1
    #1   2006/10/14 06:46AM
    Favorite storylines

    A lot of us are frustrated with the current storylines, like waiting for Gwen to be exposed for all the evil things she has done. It seems to be dragging on for a long time. They promise that secrets will be revealed soon but I'm sure a lot won't.

    Anyway. Are there any storylines in the past that you really enjoyed? Characters you wish they would bring back?

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    #2   2006/10/15 05:55PM
    Re: Favorite storylines

    The evil Charity had a neat story line. I love the scenes where Tabitha is involved. Plus I missed a good deal of this time period and wonder what exactly went on. Curses and fairy tale-like events, this is what drew me to the show and will probably keep it alive in the future to come.

    Also, these are the events that portray the reality of good versus evil and the constant thoughts that go on in our heads as humans...

    love it!


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