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    Passions - Actors List

    Passions Actors List -

    Silvana Arias
    Playing: Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past)
    Adrian Bellani
    Playing: Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past)
    Brandi Lynn Burkhardt
    Playing: Siren
    Mark Cameron Wystrach
    Playing: Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane
    Erin Cardillo
    Playing: Esme Vanderheusen
    Amy Castle
    Playing: Viki
    Nicole Cox
    Playing: Endora Lenox
    Michael Dietz
    Playing: Jake
    Charles Divins
    Playing: Chad Harris
    Daphnee Duplaix Samuel
    Playing: Valerie Davis
    Andrea Evans
    Playing: Rebecca Hotchkiss
    Dylan Fergus
    Playing: Noah Bennett
    Galen Gering
    Playing: Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
    Siena Goines
    Playing: Valerie Davis (Fill in)
    Hannia Guillen
    Playing: Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
    Emily Harper
    Playing: Fancy Crane
    Lindsay Hartley
    Playing: Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane
    Kam Heskin
    Playing: Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in)
    Liza Huber
    Playing: Gwen Winthrop
    James Hyde
    Playing: Sam Bennett
    Phillip Jeanmarie
    Playing: Vincent Clarkson
    Cathy Jeneen Doe
    Playing: Simone Russell
    Jossara Jinaro
    Playing: Rae
    Kim Johnston Ulrich
    Playing: Ivy Winthrop Crane
    Brook Kerr
    Playing: Whitney Russell
    Christopher Maleki
    Playing: Herbert "Spike" Lester
    Eric Martsolf
    Playing: Ethan Winthrop
    Ben Masters
    Playing: Julian Crane
    Juliet Mills
    Playing: Tabitha Lenox
    Marsh Mokhtari
    Playing: Christopher Boothe (past fill in)
    Heidi Mueller
    Playing: Kay Bennett
    Kathleen Noone
    Playing: Edna Wallace
    Blair Redford
    Playing: Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
    John Reilly
    Playing: Alistair Crane
    Tracey Ross
    Playing: Dr. Eve Russell
    Michael Sabatino
    Playing: J.T. Cornell
    Jean Paul San Pedro
    Playing: Roberto
    Colton Shires
    Playing: Little Ethan Crane Winthrop
    Kristina Sisco
    Playing: Charity Standish
    Dana Sparks
    Playing: Grace Bennett
    Richard Steinmetz
    Playing: Martin Fitzgerald
    Seth Stern
    Playing: James Boothe
    James Stevenson
    Playing: Jared Casey
    Danica Stewart
    Playing: Jessica Bennett
    Melinda Sward
    Playing: Pretty Crane
    Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Playing: Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
    Leigh Taylor-Young
    Playing: Katherine Crane
    Rodney Van Johnson
    Playing: TC Russell
    McKenzie Westmore
    Playing: Sheridan Crane
    Adrian Wilson
    Playing: Christopher Boothe
    Danny Woodburn
    Playing: The Demon Elf