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    Passions ACTOR - Phillip Jeanmarie

    Full detailed profile on Phillip Jeanmarie playing Vincent Clarkson on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie
    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Currently playing: Vincent Clarkson


    Phillip Jeanmarie is best know for his work as the Blue Power Ranger but has done a lot of work on television and is the only actor on Passions to have portrayed characters in a video game. He was trained at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has studied acting, dance, choreography and singing. He worked in theater before moving onto film and television.


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    Passions - Vincent (2006)
    For the Best - G.D - Son (2006)
    Slip - Parnell (2006)
    Cold Case - Cedric Bubley (2005)
    Power Rangers Wild Force: Identity Crisis - Max Cooper/Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger (Surging Shark) (2002)
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Valet (2000)
    Never Land - Lost Boy #1 (2000)

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