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    Passions ACTOR - Dana Sparks

    Full detailed profile on Dana Sparks playing Grace Bennett on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dana Sparks
    Dana Sparks

    Birthday: 1961-08-01
    Birthplace: Orinda, California
    Marital Status: married to Steve Sparks
    Currently playing: Grace Bennett


    Sparks' career began while a teenager when she landed her first audition for a national Coca Cola commercial. Her first acting role was in the short-lived series called CoverUp. After that ended, she was cast in Blake Edwards' film "That's Life." Her only other full-length film is 1994 sci-fi movie CyberTracker.

    Sparks made her mark as Vicki Giobertti in Falcon Crest, a role she played for two and a half years. She has also acted in several other hit TV series including Melrose Place, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and JAG.

    Sparks has played Harmony police chief Sam Bennett's wife and occasionally Grace's twin sister Faith since Passions debuted in 1999. She left the role in 2004.

    Sparks presently lives in Ventura County with her husband Steve and their dogs.


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    Falcon Crest - Victoria Gioberti Hogan Stavros (1986-1988)
    Melrose Place - Carol Graham (1995)
    Star Trek: The Next Generations - Contagion (1989)
    JAG - Lt. Comm. Carolyn Imes (1997-2003)
    CyberTracker - Stephanie (1994)
    That's Life - Fanny Ward (1986)

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