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    Passions ACTOR - Jossara Jinaro

    Full detailed profile on Jossara Jinaro playing Rae on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jossara Jinaro
    Jossara Jinaro

    Birthday: 1973-05-25
    Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Currently playing: Rae


    Jossara Jinaro, as born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When her mother married a Colombian diplomat, she moved to Colombia at the age of 3. As a youngster, she loved to watch movies. She loved Rita Hayworth, in 'Gilda' and dreamed of being just like her, one day!

    Jossara began dancing at 5. By the time she was 8, she was into theatre. Soon after, family life had it's difficulties, when her Columbian Diplomat Step-Father was kidnapped by the guerrillas. When he was released, the family relocated to USA. It was in the USA that Jossara learned English, and a the tender age of 16, she left home to pursue her dream in song and dance. She sang and danced in theme parks, and got her first agent in Chicago, where she started working in acting. Soon, acting lead her to Los Angeles, where she worked steadily since. She has acted in many films, made for TV roles, daytime dramas and big movie names such as 'Havoc', 'Ten Tricks', and most recently, 'World Trade Center'. Between theatre and daytime television, Jossara is one busy woman!

    She is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, she served on the EEOC and Latino subcommittee, she was also an executive director for Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) and has worked with other non-profits such as the Children's Institute, Upward Bound and SSG (Special Service for Groups). She also co-produced and co-starred in the pilot 'What About Us'

    In her spare time, she reads music, plays the guitar and clarinet and has won several salsa competitions. Jossara is very fit, and has taken part in 5 marathons!


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    Passions - Rae (1 September 2005 - Present)
    GB: 2525 - Yoli (2006)
    The Flyboys - Felicitas (2006)
    World Trade Center - Nurse (2006)
    The Young and the Restless - Rosa (2006)
    The Devil's Rejects - Maria Gomez (2005)
    Judging Amy - Courtney Messina (2004)
    Ghetto Rhapsody - Cheyanne (2001)

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