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    Passions ACTOR - Mark Cameron Wystrach

    Full detailed profile on Mark Cameron Wystrach playing Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Cameron Wystrach
    Mark Cameron Wystrach

    Birthday: 0000-12-17
    Birthplace: Arizona
    Currently playing: Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane


    The youngest of 6, born and raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona where his parents also ran a popular local steakhouse!
    Wystrach started out as a sports reporter for ESPN, after graduating from the University of Arizona. After graduation he set out to travel the world, living in exotic location such as Spain, Costa Rica and Norway.

    Wystrach lives in Los Angeles, adores surfing along the Southern California coast and has a love of traveling.



    G.I. Jesus - Sean (2006)
    Passions - Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane #2 (2006)

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