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    One Life To Live - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Illusions Of A Mad Man

    Friday, January 19 2007

    Spencer becomes delusional, Todd proposes to Blair, Jessica & Nash are in the steam room, and Bo takes Antonio & Evangeline off the arson case, as Antonio sets out to prove Cristian's innocence... » Read More

    A False Paper Trail

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    Rex creates a fake death certificate for Todd's baby, Marcie tells Starr that it's not a good idea to get involved with Cole, Todd continues to infuriate Spencer with his proposal to Blair, and Antonio & Nash talk about Jessica... » Read More

    In The Name Of Love

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Blair makes it through another night, then opens her eyes, Spencer is told that he'll be prosecuted, John makes an assessment of Marty's mental condition, and Natalie becomes annoyed with Marty... » Read More

    An Arsonist Strikes Again!

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Vincent gets the news that another one of his buildings has burned down, Todd tries to save Blair with his love while Rex takes partial blame for Blair's condition, and Marcie lets Rex baby-sit Tommy... » Read More

    Stay Put!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Natalie refuses to let John leave, Bo questions Marty, Starr thinks her mom is going to die, and Jessica throws a bottle across Capricorn at Nash! » Read More

    Protecting Their Own?

    Friday, January 12 2007

    Vincent's attorney makes an accusation at Antonio and Evangeline, Spencer holds a gun to Marty as Todd tries to convince Spencer to take him as a hostage, and Natalie becomes extremely angry... » Read More

    A Guilty Hero?

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    Marty gives Spencer news about his release, then ends up in danger, Rex tells Bo about Todd's confession, Todd threatens to kill Spencer as Spencer tries to offer Todd a deal, and Blair's prognosis is fading... » Read More

    Hidden Desires

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Jessica makes Antonio suspicious, Rex turns down Todd's job offer, Starr taunts Spencer, and Todd makes a confession to Rex... » Read More

    Come Back To Us...

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    Todd, Viki, Jack & Starr watch over Blair, Antonio tells Nash about Claudia, Evangeline comes to Cristian's defense, Paige denies Spencer's request, and Starr pays Spencer a visit... » Read More

    A Word Of Caution

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Bo pays John a visit, Vincent accuses Cris of burning down his warehouse, Natalie is furious when she finds out that John didn't take his medicine, Antonio asks Nash to run Capricorn, and Jessica wonders if she's in love with two menů » Read More

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