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    One Life To Live - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    The Search Begins!

    Friday, April 13 2007

    After following him onto a plane to Chicago, Blair helps Todd search for his son, Jessica once again tells Nash she loves him, and just as Paige is ready to leave town Nora persuades her to stay in Llanview... » Read More

    Jessica Has A Meltdown!

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    Just as she's ready to adopt Jamie, Jessie takes off into a storm and ends up at the quarry with Nash, Paige tells Bo that she's leaving town to take a job in Pakistan, and Nora & Bo pull together for their son... » Read More

    There's No Turning Back!

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    After hearing Clint picked Dorian, Viki warns that their relationship is damaged forever, Starr lets Britney have it, and Nash prepares to bid Llanview farewell... » Read More

    You Belong With Me!

    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    Nash makes another attempt to convince Jessica to leave Antonio, and Cole snaps at Marty for not trusting him... » Read More

    Flight To Chicago!

    Monday, April 09 2007

    Blair tells Starr that Evangeline is going to Chicago with Todd, Layla questions Adriana about Todd's son, Carlotta asks Antonio what's troubling him, Rex hears about Todd's trip and goes into panic mood, and Nash begs Jessica to tell Antonio the truth... » Read More

    My Son's Alive?

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Todd makes sense of the letter Miles gave him, Vincent is there to comfort Natalie, and Jessica upsets Nash by signing adoption papers for Jamie... » Read More

    Clouds Of Doubt

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Cris & Blair remain friends as Cris admires how Blair handles things, Starr brushes off Cole's mother, Evangeline & Marty don't mesh and Miles gives Todd information on his son... » Read More


    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Tate gets a warning from Layla to leave Rex & Adriana alone, Evangeline & Todd share an in-house dinner, and Viki gives her daughter advice... » Read More

    The Cowboy Way

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    Clint chooses Dorian, a new doctor named Doug comes to town and takes an interest in Viki, and Natalie grieves for her love for John... » Read More

    John & Natalie Part Ways

    Monday, April 02 2007

    Natalie & John hit their problems head on, while Nash & Jessica have an argument Antonio overhears it all, Miles doesn't know what to think after receiving a message from Spencer, and deciding to call it quits, John & Natalie share one last moment... » Read More

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