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    Don't Tell Me You Think He's A Psycho Killer Too?

    Monday, August 02 2010
    Jack tries to stop Blair from marrying Eli, Hannah is made to swallow pills, and Natalie struggles with what to do...

    Still at Rodi's Cole is on the phone with St. Ann's. They won't put him through to Hannah. She's with her lawyer. The nun does admit to Cole that she finds it hard to believe that the Hannah she's gotten to know would've done the things she's accused of.

    Eli holds a gun on Hannah in her room at St. Ann's. Hannah begs Eli to spare her. "Of course I'm not going to kill you," Eli says. "You're going to kill yourself." Eli pulls out a bottle of pills. After everything Hannah's admitted to doing no one will think it's odd that she committed suicide. "Forget it," Hannah snaps, knocking the pills from Eli's hand. "If you want me dead you're going to have to do it!" Eli threatens to kill Cole and throw him in the Llantano River. Eli dumps the bottle of pills in Hannah's hand and orders her to swallow them. She does and cries, "Coleā€¦"

    At the station John receives a call from Glenn's office relaying that Glenn's dead! The man claims Glenn was found collapsed holding a fax with John's name on it. John hangs up and relays the news to Kelly who thinks Glenn died of a heartache after seeing Eli aka Bennett's photo. Kelly wants Eli arrested but John needs proof. Kelly wants to break into Eli's room. John warns her to stay out of this and let him do his job! Kelly promises not to do anything stupid and leaves.

    Jack rushes into the mansion living room screaming that Blair can't marry Eli because he's a killer! He starts ranting about the movie he watched and asks where Dorian keeps her gun. Blair blames Todd for allowing Jack to watch such films. She promises Jack Eli is a good guy. Blair continues to pack until John calls looking for Eli. "Don't tell me you think he's a psycho killer too?" Blair asks into the phone. "Is that McPain?" Jack asks. "Let me talk to him!" Blair ignores Jack and assures John she'll tell Eli to call him. Jack starts unpacking Blair's suitcase. Blair begs him to be happy for her and throws the clothes back in. She's sick of Jack acting out and grounds him. Jack refuses to go to his room because he has to get back to his dad's. Todd's marrying Tea! Blair didn't know but thinks Jack's outburst is due to him wanting her and Todd back together. Blair urges him to accept that Todd's going to marry Tea and she's going to marry Eli. "Fine! It's going to be your funeral, not mine," Jack says before storming off. Kelly arrives, hears Blair's eloping and orders, "You can't marry Eli!"

    Cole arrives home to find Starr upset. Starr explains that Tea's dying. She says like Tea's other two marriages to Todd this one will be over before it even begins.

    Over at Todd's Tea assures Dani she wouldn't want anyone else standing by her side when she marries Todd. Tea and Dani head upstairs to get ready. Todd listens from outside the bedroom door as Tea tells Dani about her and Todd's first marriage. "You married Todd for money?" Dani gasps. "Yeah but he married me for his daughter," Tea replies. Tea has no regrets and talks of their second wedding, which was like a fairytale. She loves Todd and he gave her Dani. Tea apologizes for lying to her about Todd and asks Dani not to make the same mistakes she did. Todd smiles from the doorway. Later, Tea runs into Todd in the hallway. She playfully scolds him for eavesdropping. He kisses her, saying they still have time to get this marriage right. Tea goes off alone and stares at a photo of Todd when he had his old face.

    Dani joins Todd downstairs and offers to help him get ready. Starr arrives. Todd's so happy to have his girls with him. Starr leans her head on Todd's shoulder while Dani takes his hand. Dani looks through photos of Todd and Tea's past marriages and asks Todd, "Do you ever miss your old face?" Tea appears and shocks everyone by saying to Todd, "There's no way in hell I'm marrying you. You are not Todd Manning!"

    Gigi pulls up to the Llanview Family Clinic. She wonders if Natalie is sure about her decision. "I have to get an abortion," Natalie replies. Gigi brings up John but Natalie can't forget that the baby could be Brody's. Natalie thinks about how things could turn out for everyone if that happens. Gigi warns Natalie if she has the abortion she needs to be able to live with the decision. Natalie thinks about what this could do to Jessica and Brody - and to her and her sister. "I know I'll lose my sister over this," Natalie says. "Then I'll lose John." Just then John calls. He wants to see her and says, "Where are you at? I'll come meet you." Natalie asks for a raincheck. She's in the middle of something. Natalie agrees to call John when she's done then hangs up. Gigi gives Natalie the time. "It's time for my appointment," Natalie says.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Kelly warns Blair that she suspects Eli is a murderer.

    Cole is worried about Hannah.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 02 2010 12:03 PM

    John should have told Blair about Eli.

    When are they going to cure Tea? And why is Hannah not screaming her head off? Are the rooms sound proof?

    Blair needs to start listening to Jack. He was right about Spencer too.

    Dani looked so cute. It was nice the way she grabbed Todd's hand. Seemed funny looking at all those old pictures of Todd. They seemed to have confused Tea.

    Posted by chris510 at Monday, August 02 2010 12:05 PM

    Poor Tea is hallucinating. Its the brain tumor.

    Why would Hannah kill herself for Cole? Come on!

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 02 2010 12:07 PM

    go head jack i know u aint having that having your mom marry some creep killer...dont blame jack for not wanting him as a stepdad...jack was funny taking his mom clothes out of the suitcase saying u not going...i can tell he was happy john called...glad kelly is warning her but blair not going to listen to kelly just tell her to back off and tell her she jealous of her and elijah...blair going to have to say sorry to jack and kelly and john too when she finds out...she will be heartbroking when she does and leave elijah...

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, August 02 2010 12:09 PM

    Umm, who is that guy pretending to be Todd, or is Tea going crazy.
    I disagree with Cowboysfan, there isn't any real evidence. He needs to come up with something concrete. He could suggest that Blair take her time and get to know Eli better since she has a history of picking lemons.

    Dani just wants to be part of a family, and this is quite nice.

    Love Jack, he is really Todd Manning's son

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 02 2010 12:11 PM

    elijah is full of it making hannah take alot of first she didnt want to take them...her face looked like she was going to die...but i know she is not dead...she going to make elijah think she dead but she really isnt...cole going to be worry and go see her and save her once again...

    Posted by jorie at Monday, August 02 2010 12:15 PM

    Cowboy fan,Teas hallicinating,but it may be OLTL WAY FOR ONCE ALL SAY TREVOR IS TODD!!!! Chris,She loves him.Hannah can have Cole!

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 02 2010 12:17 PM

    the dream natalie had was wow i can see jessica telling brody its over when she finds out i hope not...brody didnt mean for it to happen and natalie didnt either...natalie wont go through the abortion she will keep the baby...she needs to be straight with john and tell him she pregnant and tell him about her and brody im sure he will understand or he might leave i doubt that...jessica will be upset with the both of them for a sure its john baby...she will tell him i hope she does and get it off her chest...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 02 2010 12:22 PM

    really sweet tea said those things about todd today...when she said todd is not todd that had me worry for a minute...i know they will find tea a cure i cant see tea dying like this...dani looked so pretty today so did starr...TnT...

    Posted by savesoapspls at Monday, August 02 2010 12:31 PM

    Hannah might think she is in love with Cole, and maybe she is, but I think the real reason she is willing to give up her life for him is because she is a banana boat short of bananas! From the moment she has hit the canvas, she has not be quite right. Don't forget her life doesn't mean a lot to her. She did try to kill herself. The Girl needs help. She definitely belongs in St. Anne's....with a no visitor list.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 02 2010 12:33 PM

    cole getting on my nerves now...asking the nurse about his woman hannah and asking how she doing...hope and starr are not importnant to u if they were u would not go see your woman hannah and not worry about her so much or almost slept with her...ready to see my james miss seeing him on my screen...cant wait for starr and james to get together...StarrJam...

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