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    Bound and Gagged!

    Friday, May 28 2010
    Todd gives Hannah a warning, Markko is taken into custody, and Jessica apologizes to Cris...

    At the hospital Todd's reporter manages to get a few bloody photos of Ford.

    Two men carry in a wiggling brown sack into Todd's office. After Todd threatens his assistant to forget what she saw she leaves. Todd removes a hood which reveals that the sack contains Hannah! He takes the gag from her mouth and Hannah spits at Todd. Hannah screams and challenges Todd when he says he's going to throw her in the Llantano River. He taunts Hannah with the charges against him then accuses her of pushing Marty down the stairs. She denies trying to pin it on Todd just to get to Cole. Todd grabs her and says, "You're not going to leave until you admit it." When Todd's reporter barges in with a folder Hannah screams, "You've got to help me! He's going to kill me!" The man ignores Hannah then pleases Todd with the photos of Ford. Todd holds them up and says to his reporter, "You're an artist." Hannah turns away from the photos! Todd notices and wonders if she knows Robert Ford.

    Starr goes to visit Cole in jail. They briefly talk about Hope and the prom. Looking at the empty cell across from him Cole brings up Todd's release. They argue more about Todd and Hannah until Starr admits she's there to apologize. Starr explains that Langston never stopped seeing Ford. Markko found out. Cole is furious but Starr assures him that it's really over with them now. Langston walked in on Ford with Karen. "Good," Cole says. "Now maybe she knows how it feels." Starr wanted to believe Langston, which causes Cole to bring up Starr's belief in Todd. Cole clarifies and says it's a good thing to have faith in people but finishes with, "If you can be wrong about your best friend you can be wrong about your father."

    Still at Langston's Elijah warns that Langston looks guilty for stonewalling the police. Dorian objects to his beliefs but Elijah insists they go to the station now. Langston agrees.

    At the station, John gets a partial bloody shoe print from Ford's crime scene. Suddenly, Karen is brought in for questioning about 'her best customer'. John shows Karen all of the pizza takeout receipts he found at Ford's then asks if she saw him last night. Karen admits she's sleeping with Ford but takes offense to John's comments. Once he reveals Ford's attack Karen asks, "You think I did this? I didn't want him dead but I know somebody who did." Karen admits Langston caught her and Ford together and claims John needs to talk to her. Elijah enters with Langston and Dorian. Karen is dismissed and John begins the recorder. Langston admits Markko found her with Ford, Ford broke up with her then she left. She argued with Markko back at their apartment until he stormed off. Though Langston tries to continue Elijah cuts her off then they leave.

    Back at the hospital just as Jessica asks a nurse for Ford's prognosis Brody appears and asks what she's doing there. Jessica starts to make an admission but Cris joins them. Jessica appears nervous as Cris brings her up to speed in regards to Ford. Brody relays if Ford doesn't make it his killer could be put to death. He wonders what Jessica wanted to tell him. She lies and says she plans to make sure nothing comes between them again. Brody is called away to look for evidence at Langston's and Jessica apologizes to Cris for her actions. Cris wonders if his proposal to Layla brought Jessica's memories back. Jessica isn't sure how it happened and is happy for Cris' forgiveness. He agrees to pass along her apologies to Layla then admits it was nice to relive those past feelings.

    When they get back to Langston's apartment Dorian is furious to see the place in shambles! Elijah's shows her the warrant that was left behind and assures them the police were within their rights. Langston insists on staying there alone. Elijah and Dorian reluctantly leave when Langston promises to call if she needs them. Alone Langston looks at a photo of her and Markko.

    Brody returns to the station. He gives John the evidence he found at Langston's. John looks at the film, the new piece to the puzzle, then gives Brody instructions on where to find the next one.

    Markko is at the diner excessively scrubbing the sink as he thinks about washing the red from his hands. He's alerted to his visitor. It's Tea. Markko summoned her there. He explains that he needs legal counsel but doesn't have much money. Tea appears tired but listens as he admits the cops think he might have tried to kill someone. After filling Tea in on punching Ford Markko admits he lied to the police. Markko went back to Ford's that night. "What did you do?" Tea asks. Markko is halted from going further when Langston appears in the doorway. Langston approaches and asks for Markko to hear her out. Brody shows up and Markko asks about Ford. Brody is only there to make an arrest. They found a bloodied shoe print at the scene. Markko's shoes were found in a dumpster out back!

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    Due to the holiday the show will air an encore of its April 2 episode.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, May 28 2010 12:04 PM

    I knew that was Hannah wrapped up in that tarp. Hannah has messed with the wrong man. And how dare she spit on my honey.

    If I were Starr, I would never go to visit Cole. All he does is spew hate about Todd. Don't get mad Cole because Todd can post bail and you are stuck in there, as you should be. You are in there for attempted murder you idiot.

    Dorian is too stupid to be a Mayor.

    Posted by gulla at Friday, May 28 2010 12:09 PM

    go todd...glad she was wrapping and her mouth tied up...she messed with the wrong guy...going to have a nerve to spit on todd with her nasty self...the way she looked at todd with her eyes i think she pushed marty and beat ford...when she looked at the picture her mouth was money on her or someone else...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, May 28 2010 12:13 PM

    why they arresting markko he didnt do this...i mean he lied about him going back to ford...the shoes they found dont mean markko did happy when tea get him out and free...the reason why he took off his shoes cause he was laying down and thinking about what langston and ford did to him...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, May 28 2010 12:17 PM

    glad jessica said sorry to cristian...yes she was horrible to him and layla...happy she got her memory back so she wont have to chase after him there scene at the hopsital...

    Posted by Ringleader at Friday, May 28 2010 12:25 PM

    So Cole's in jail charged with attempted murder while Todd, who's charged with (actual) murder AND attempted murder is out on bail and Cole's not supposed to be annoyed by that? Yeah, I don't quite understand that one.

    At this point, I really, really, really do hope that TSW make it that Todd was the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. I doubt that would happen because it would be pretty tough to let Todd walk on that one. Although I could see Todd telling Marty that he would drop the charges against Cole only if she dropped the charges against Todd - which would let Todd Manning walk free for yet ANOTHER crime. That may be the way they go, otherwise I don't see how Cole will be able to be around for Starr and Hope, so maybe it will turn out that way. Here's to hoping!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, May 28 2010 12:28 PM

    Cole made a very good point tho, if Starr was wrong about her best friend she can be wrong about her father.

    NOT that I think Todd did it. Far from it.

    Heard a rumor about 3 crimes being intertwined. Wonder if Marty was the 1st one and Ford was the 2nd one? It is getting interesting.

    Posted by gulla at Friday, May 28 2010 12:30 PM

    cole cant get mad that starr is taking her dad side...she knows her dad didnt do this...i would not go visit him after what he said about starr's dad...that was wrong...when markko go to jail he need to ask cole did u know about langston and ford and didnt tell me...cole going to feel like a fool when he ever finds out about that witch hannah...

    Posted by soaplover88 at Friday, May 28 2010 12:34 PM

    Didn't even see the show yet but saw the pic of Hannah gagged and started laughing... Is that wrong?? I don't think so because this is what happens when you mess with Todd Manning.. Can't wait to watch this tonight...
    Glad to see Jessica apologize to Cris, now all she needs to do is apologize to Layla!!
    Markko... Come on don't ever just throw away evidence in the trash behind the place you work?? Thats just stupid!! Next time burn them...

    Posted by jorie at Friday, May 28 2010 12:55 PM

    jump, The 3rd one is Kelly's mom & Rodney. Ringleader You Todd and a friend I love WHO is as dumb as Sheri Shepard Trying to convince of something silly& backwards
    gave me some good laughs today LOL

    Of course Todd did not push Marty!
    Cole is where he belongs! And the charges againist Todd shoul hace been dropped!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, May 28 2010 01:03 PM

    have a good weekend jorie,lucetta,dakid,cowboys fan,jumps,and everybody else...

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