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    You're As Clueless As Markko!

    Wednesday, April 07 2010
    Ford is confronted by Starr, Rex credits Bo for being alive, and Roxy plans to stand by Schuyler...

    Starr storms into Ford's office and demands he stop seeing Langston. As they argue over the lies Ford snaps at Starr for being righteous. "You're just some little tramp who got pregnant in high school!" Ford brings up Schuyler but Starr makes it very clear their situations are nothing alike. She doesn't want Langston to be another notch on his belt. Ford accuses Starr of worrying that Cole and Hannah are going at it. "You're as clueless as Markko," Ford smirks and appears to make Starr doubt herself. When Starr goes to leave Ford asks, "What's the matter? You don't want to be another notch on my belt?" Starr warns he'll never know what true love is then slams out of the room.

    Cole arrives home to Markko's insecurities surrounding Langston. He assures Markko that Starr doesn't know anything. She would have told him. Just as Cole warns Markko not to act jealous Langston arrives home. "Where were you?" Markko demands. Langston is offended over Markko's third degree. Cole takes a phone call from Hannah. She went to Marty's office to talk to someone and found out she was in the hospital. Cole had no idea and rushes out. Langston shows Markko a photo of the musical set she was checking out, including a timestamp. Markko feels horrible for doubting her but urges Langston to open up to him. "I can't lose you and honestly don't know what I'd do without you," Markko cries. While Markko goes to get an old game they used to play Ford calls. Langston refuses to meet him.

    Back in his office, Ford quickly hangs up with Langston then orders a pizza. After making sure a certain girl will be delivering.

    At the hospital, Rex fills Jessica in on how Bo took a bullet for him. John holds Natalie and promises everything is going to be okay. Marty approaches and Natalie apologizes for leaning on John. Everyone notices the crash cart being brought into Bo's room. They watch as Greg works on Bo. Nora wonders what happened at the cabin. Rex admits Bo took a bullet for him and Nora places a comforting hand to his face. Nearby Brody reassures Matthew. When John insists on taking Marty back to her room Jessica sees Natalie's upset and apologizes to her sister, "I'm sorry."

    In the exam room, Greg screams, "Come on, we're losing him!" Later, Greg informs Bo's family that Bo's stabilized but needs surgery. Now. Greg can't make any guarantees. Nora goes in to see Bo, who's awake. Bo tells Nora he loves her then says, "Can you bring Matthew in. I want to see him before I go." Nora appears scared, thinking Bo's saying goodbye for good. Matthew comes in and says, "I love you." Rex follows and says, "Thank you." Bo admits he'd take a bullet for him again. Bo is taken into surgery.

    Cole meets Hannah in Marty's room. They go over her chart to find out why Marty was admitted. Cole is relieved to see Marty just needed some rest. Over talk of Starr Hannah thanks Cole for keeping her secret. John brings Marty in, who reassures Cole about her pregnancy. Marty is introduced to Hannah. After Cole and Hannah leave John assures Marty he's prepared to bring her home to his apartment.

    Outside Marty's room, Hannah admits she has a problem and thanks Cole for his help. She takes Cole in a hug and Starr arrives to interrupt! Cole credits Hannah for alerting him to Marty. After Hannah leaves Cole admits he didn't tell Hannah that he told Starr her secret. Cole knows if something was going on with Langston Starr would tell him about it too. Hannah peers at them as they leave.

    Gigi arrives at Fish's apartment. After Fish assures her Sierra is okay Gigi fills Fish and Kyle in on Bo's shooting. Knowing Gigi's been through a lot too they allow her to hold Sierra. Gigi recalls Sierra's birth and wonders if Fish knew he was her father back then. He knew there was a chance and that Rex wasn't her father. They wonder if Gigi is going to fight them for custody. Sierra is a part of Gigi, no matter who her father is.

    Roxy approaches Schuyler at the Llanview PD and says, "I'm your mother." Schuyler knows she already hates him and doesn't blame her. "Please hate me," Schuyler seethes but Roxy refuses to leave him. Roxy touches Schuyler's facial birthmark, the one she remembers from his birth. After she retells Allison's story Roxy says, "I'm going to be your mother. You're stuck with me whether you like it or not." Roxy knows what Schuyler did was wrong. She also has her own demons. "I'm a drunk, you're a druggie and we're both total losers," Roxy cries. "Yay Team!" Schuyler laughs. Roxy sincerely pulls Schuyler close and vows to stick by him. Schuyler knows he's made a huge mess of everything. Roxy tells a cop she's going with Schuyler to his hearing. "I'm his mother."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd delivers information to Kelly about the mysterious caller.

    Marty urges John to help Kelly.

    Starr is furious with Langston's decision.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:02 PM

    When Cole finds out that Starr has kept this secret of Langston from him, he is going to be so mad. I hope he doesn't turn to Hannah, but I know he will.

    Roxie is being so nice to Schuyler, she almost made me cry on the end when she said she would go with him. I hate that they are letting him go. That's a good storyline they could pursue.

    When Rex finds out about Roxie being so nice to Schuyler he won't like it one bit.

    Bravo for Langston for hanging up on that jerk Ford. He wasn't use to that.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:29 PM

    why would cole be mad? He wasn't honest about meeting hannah? His non-disclosures are the reason Star is feeling a little insecure. Hannah is just a girl with a wounded spirit. It is not right for Cole to be her confidant. she needs to get some girl friends or get therapy. I don't support men who are in serious relationships to get involved with troubled people like Hannah, because their saviour complex always kicks in and they rush off to be knights.

    I like Roxie & Schuylers interaction. They both ARE losers (hahahaha). It would be cool watching Roxie trying to get to know Schuyler and still be a mom to Rex.

    No Bravo to Langston, Ford still has her on a leash. Also, Ford doesn't give a crap who he sleeps with, as long as he is sleeping with someone. So I guarantee she is giving him way more thought than he gives her.
    That Ford is the biggest douchebag ever!

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:46 PM

    Cowboy fan, I'm sure Ron had great plans for Schuyler&Roxy! Blame Frons for messing them up! I guess we should campaign for them like Jolie fans did.Which I'm Not! but seeing John with any woman is a total disgusting bore no matter which woman!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:51 PM

    Cole did tell Starr the truth about Hannah. Not right away, but he did tell her.

    Posted by jaybee23 at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:52 PM

    Love, love the scenes between Roxie and Schuyler ~ so much storyline potential lost! What a waste of fine acting ~ and for what frontburning stories? Whatever Happened to Baby Jess?

    Seriously, I barely endured the Jess/Tess/Bess mess ~ Jessica is a perfectly likable character when she is sane and normal. Unfortunately, that isn't often.

    Markko and Langston playing video games ~ how sweet. Like the calm before the storm.

    Posted by stix at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:55 PM

    I feel bad for Schyler. The writers should not have made him go crazy like that. I know he will go to jail, but I hope his stay is only brief. He does not deserve that.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, April 07 2010 12:58 PM

    Cole told Starr about Hannah, but Hannah will probably latch on to Cole. And Starr will misunderstand something like she did when her Dad wanted to move hls family out of harms way.Which will cause some drama!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, April 07 2010 02:38 PM

    Again it was good scenes with Bos storyline and I liked how Bo told Rex he would do it again. Love there closeness with each other.
    Roxy and Schuylers scenes were good to but a bit confusing for me. Roxy said she has lost Rex and her grandson? Why would she loose them? She has raised Rex since birth and now she finds out that she is not her birth mother. I thought Natalie was not hers but she raised her. Viki is Natalies birth mother. People that say things like this give adoption a bad name. I have raised my sisters 3 kids since 1998 and I consider them mine after my sister never looked back.
    Natalie really did look out of place on those last scenes. She has never been close to her Uncle and she would have been more useful phoning the family members that did not know about what has happened.
    Gigi said all the right things to Oliver and think everything will be ok with them and she will still be a part of the babies life.
    Was I the only one who never knew that Ford is a last name not his first name. When Starr left his office the name on the door said Robert Ford.
    I do not think Langstons mind was on the game she was playing with Markko and I hope she sneeks over to Fords and see the pizza girl undressed in his room. Will a light go off in her pretty head then?
    Hannah is stalking Cole, can he not see that. Maybe if he tells his mom she will tell Cole to keep back . Is there school project not over yet?
    Starr tell she can tell how hurt he is.

    Posted by janjan03 at Wednesday, April 07 2010 03:17 PM

    I'll say it again, 'I Love Bo And Rex'!!

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, April 07 2010 03:24 PM

    I'm sure Bo will make it and once they get through this crisis they need to tie the knot again. I really believe Rex is Bo's son.

    Loved the scene between Schuyler and Roxie. Sorry to see him go. It would be wonderful to see them bond as mother and son. Rex will always be her son regardless of the blood line.

    I don't think it was a wise decision for Starr to see Ford. That is going to make all these issues worse. She should be truthful and tell Cole the truth regarding Langston. He stalled in telling her about Hannah, but at least stepped forward. Who knows she may end up having an affair with Ford herself. I hope I'm wrong. I guess Langston is feeling a little guilty and told Ford she wouldn't come over. In her heart she should know he is not loyal like Marrko is.

    Marty is stupid. She see the games John is playing with her and that he can't get Natalie out of his system and still continues to let him get away with it. Oh well.... John doesn't deserve either one of them. That's not saying much about him since I dislike Natalie.

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