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    Schuyler, Gigi And A Gun...

    Friday, April 02 2010
    A gun comes out, Kelly goes to John for help and Kim vows revenge...

    Schuyler enters the loft and tells Gigi they have to leave because he knows where Sierra is. After they leave, Rex reappears, finds Gigi's cell and wonders where she is.

    Out in the hall at the Angels Square Hotel, Natalie assures Roxy she didn't lose Rex. Roxy breaks down about the baby she lost then suddenly leaves, handing Natalie some towels to give to John.

    Faced with Allison at Statesville, Kelly and Todd question her about Melinda's death. Allison rambles on about how she considered hurting Starr and Cassie but then she headed west. Though Allison went to hurt Melinda she was already dead when Allison arrived. Suddenly, Roxy rushes in and demands to know where her baby is buried. Kelly and Todd go get some air, as Allison taunts Roxy, "I know something you don't know." Allison claims Roxy's baby didn't die!

    Todd offers to drive Kelly home but she needs some time alone. Kelly walks away.

    In the infirmary, Brody and Bo still can't locate Allison's gun and hear that Schuyler is nowhere to be found. Bo gets a call from Rex about Gigi being missing. Bo leaves and orders Brody, "Find Schuyler Joplin."

    John's in his apartment preparing for Marty's homecoming. He answers the door to Natalie. Once she hands him the towels, John says, "Marty's moving in." John explains Marty's complications and wonders why Natalie isn't in London. Natalie confesses how Allison forced her to lie and John urges her to open up about what's going on with Roxy. Natalie fills John in on Roxy's loss and Rex's paternity. John holds Natalie as she cries at the thought of Allison shooting him. Natalie pulls away, not wanting to come between him and Marty. She vows never to again and leaves. John looks at the spare key he had put aside for Marty. Just then, Kelly arrives and asks for John's help.

    Bo arrives at the loft and finds Rex frantic. Brody joins them and informs that the guard who was with Schuyler was found in a supply closet. Bo puts an APB out on Schuyler then warns Rex that Schuyler's head isn't in a good place right now. Rex is stunned about Sierra being Fish's daughter. Over talk of Rex and Sierra's paternity, Rex comments if Gigi is with Schuyler at least he would never hurt her. Bo suggests they figure out a place that was special to Schuyler and Gigi. "I think I know where they are," Rex says.

    When Gigi and Schuyler enter Viki's cabin, Schuyler secretly disconnects the phone then admits he lied. Schuyler rants about Stacy's lies and confesses that Sierra is Fish's daughter. Schuyler grabs Gigi and whispers, "This is where it all started… We can get that back." Gigi refuses and tries to call Rex but the phone is dead. Schuyler apologizes and claims, "You're all I have left." Schuyler pulls out the gun and warns, "You're not going anywhere."

    In the kitchen at the diner, Cole wonders what is really going on with Starr and Langston. Starr claims Langston is making bad choices, ones she doesn't agree with. Cole suggests Starr wait things out and be there when Langston needs a shoulder to cry on.

    Out in the dining room, Markko wonders why Langston lied to him. Langston rants at him for checking up on her but Markko brings up her dishonesty. Starr and Cole join them and Langston tells Markko Starr has the sheet music she thought was at Dorian's. Markko questions Starr and she reluctantly shows him the sheet music. Markko apologizes profusely to Langston but she appears irked and leaves. Starr rushes after Langston and Markko begs Cole to find out what Starr knows.

    Outside the diner, Langston thanks Starr for keeping her secret. After Langston leaves, Starr calls Ford and says, "I need to see you."

    Kim prepares to leave the Buchanan Mansion for good but Clint arrives. David hides and listens as Kim tells Clint she's leaving town for good. Clint drags her into the living room and demands an explanation. Kim says she and Stacy kept a child from her father, as David crawls behind the couch with an apple stuffed in his mouth. Kim confesses everything she and Stacy did surrounding her pregnancy. "I think you can kiss our chances at custody goodbye," Clint says but admits they don't have to be over. David waves a paper at Kim from behind Clint's back. Kim claims she cheated on Clint, which he can't forgive. From behind the couch, David mouths, "Yes!" Clint is hurt that Kim broke the one rule of their pre-nup. "I might have started to care," Clint says. Kim puts her ring in Clint's hand, admits she did care and vows to never forget him. Clint goes for a shower and asks that Kim be gone when he returns. Once he's gone, Kim cries and vows revenge against David! Kim leaves the mansion.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Schuyler unravels.

    Natalie confides in Cris.

    Allison stuns Roxy.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 02 2010 11:57 AM

    Natalie got her face broke when John said Marty was moving in. Must say, I liked that. Natalie is always going after someone else's man. So much for Jared. I thought she said that Jared was the love of her life and she will never love anybody else again. Lasted all of two minutes.

    I can't believe that Clint wants to stay married to that old lying girl.

    I know Langston was not trying to get mad because Markko thought she was lying to him. He is going to be so hurt when he finds out what a snake she is.

    David was so funny crawling on the floor waving those papers at Kim. And making those faces when Kim was telling her sob story.

    Kim left with two suitcases. Did she have that much stuff when she came?

    Bo asked Rex where Schuyler might have taken Gigi. Rex said he had to think. Well that might take awhile.

    Posted by janjan03 at Friday, April 02 2010 12:30 PM

    Bye bye Kimmie!!

    Posted by Nikkinxs at Friday, April 02 2010 12:46 PM

    Hello Everyone. I just want to wish everyone a "Happy Easter and a great weekend. I didn't watch today's episode yet. I just read that Bree Williamson (Jessica) is pregnant and due in the fall. So Congrats to her!! I just hope they don't write it in the script. I am tired of seeing women lose their babies.

    Posted by TheVirg at Friday, April 02 2010 12:51 PM

    Well no one said anything about Davids comment when Kim was leaving. I laughed so hard, When they were at the door she asked why she cant have a slice of the pie too, and he said that delicious pie is all his. It was too funny.

    Posted by sudzydudzy at Friday, April 02 2010 12:54 PM

    Great! Now they are going to demonize the Schuyler character before they give him the boot. That just makes me mad. I will truly miss Kim. And I cannot think of a time she lied to Clint. Really, when he asked her a point blank question she always fessed up. I enjoyed the was he spoiled her. I happened to love them together. I did enjoy the scene between Blair and Eli yesterday. Is she finally growing up?

    Posted by Marcia C. at Friday, April 02 2010 01:49 PM

    well today marked the beginning of the end of a once good soap opera in my opinion with kim leaving. i really liked her and i liked the clint kim storyline and feel it could have gone on for a long time. next we know schuyler is going and from the way things look it will be very soon. then the final straw will be when fish and kyle leave. what will we have left? same old characters and same old stories. it was refreshing to watch what all these characters brought into the show whether you liked them or liked to hate them.

    Posted by Nikkinxs at Friday, April 02 2010 02:06 PM

    I am actually going to miss Kimberly. Who is else besides her and Stacy are going to shake things up. They got on my nerves but you need the bad girls to even things out. So who do we have now? Langston? She is on her way. I understand she is young and doesn't want to be tied down. No one told her she was obligated to stay with Markko. She just needs to break up with him and stop trying to "Have her cake and eat it too." Another thing, who does Gigi's hair? She is starting to look like a female version of Rex. She is also starting to lose her character. I hope things pick up for May sweeps!!

    Posted by DillonSpencer at Friday, April 02 2010 03:37 PM

    Uh-oh! Now Schuyler is gonna go crazy just like daddy dearest the psycho! Wow...He truly does have Mitch Laurence's blood running through his veins!

    David was mean and funny at the same time.

    Langston needs to tell Markko the truth already! Ford is only good for sex and his abs.


    Rex will get shot again. Who wants to bet that Bo will be a match for Rex if he needs blood transfusion?

    Happy Easter, everyone!


    Posted by lucetta at Friday, April 02 2010 04:38 PM

    Arrivederci Kim!! Clint you really are an old fool and desperate!!!!!

    Natalie is so clingy and you are correct cowboys fan she is always after some one elses man. No character, that's what I label her. Yeah, she's really happy that Marty and the baby are okay.

    Our poor Marrko, again Lang has been around Dorian too long. Starr needs to think about her relationship with Cole and her baby Hope. Those should be the most important things in her life.

    Schuyler is going off the deep end!!!

    Posted by Strawberry 101 at Friday, April 02 2010 04:41 PM

    Lets just say Gi Gi and Rex look like brother and sister.

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