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I'll Visit Your Pole In Vegas!

Thursday, April 01 2010
David has Kim right where he wants her, Schuyler is forced to face facts and Langston is caught in a lie...

At the Buchanan Mansion, Kim looks at the paper and tells David, "I'm not this person now." She rips up the paper but David made copies. In exchange for his silence David wants Kim to divorce Clint and leave town. "Why are you doing this?" Kim asks. There's only room for one gold-digger in the family and it's David. Kim tries to seduce David into moving in to keep an eye on her. David can't chance the Buchanan name being dragged through the mud. Kim doesn't want to hurt Clint. She packs her bags, takes a photo of her and Clint then heads to the door. David promises to come visit her pole in Vegas.

Still at the loft, Natalie tries to comfort Rex and suggests he talk to Gigi. Gigi arrives hysterical over Sierra and wants to go to Statesville. Rex calms her, saying Bo has it under control. Though Rex doesn't want to tell Gigi about his paternity, Natalie forces him. Gigi is stunned that Mitch and Roxy aren't his parents. "I don't know who I am," Rex whispers. Gigi holds him close and listens to the details. "I'm so sorry, Balsom," Gigi says but wonders how Mitch was a match for Shane. Rex promises to get a DNA test but wants to concentrate on Sierra right now.

Inside the Statesville infirmary, Brody holds the antidote and threatens to let Mitch die. Allison chants for God to save Mitch but Bo convinces Brody to give Mitch the antidote. Once Mitch comes around, he demands Allison be taken away. Bo is shocked to hear Rex isn't Mitch's son. Bo remembers Allison having a gun but they can't find it. Allison is led away screaming, "This isn't the way it's supposed to be!" Before Mitch is taken away Bo tells him that he never deserved to be Rex's father. Bo punches Mitch in the face!

Out in the hall, Schuyler rants about his newfound paternity and refuses to believe that Fish is Sierra's father. "I had a DNA test," Fish admits and shows it to Schuyler. "This can't be real," Schuyler cries. He starts putting the pieces together and can't believe Kim and Stacy conned him into thinking the baby was his. Fish offers to let Schuyler visit Sierra then asks, "Can I hold her?" Schuyler hands Sierra to Fish and begs him to take care of her. Schuyler tucks Allison's gun in the back of his pants then goes to give his statement.

Kelly and Todd are still inside a room at Statesville. A guard briefly tells them that Allison arrived with a baby to see Mitch. Kelly is sure if Mitch could get Allison to bring a baby into jail, he could have had Allison kill her mother. Todd tries to talk Kelly out of wanting to question Allison. "If someone you loved was murdered could you let it go?" Kelly asks. Todd agrees to help Kelly find out what happened to her mom. As they step out into the hall Kelly and Todd come face to face with Allison.

While Rex is walking Natalie to her car, Schuyler appears at the loft. He still has the gun stashed in the back of his pants.

Seated at the diner, just as Starr tells Cole, "It's about Langston," Langston interrupts and pulls Starr away. When Langston begs her to keep quiet, Starr replies, "You can lie to your boyfriend but you can't ask me to lie to mine." Langston admits she went to see Ford and lied to Markko about her whereabouts. They argue over their relationships until Cole joins them. Langston claims they were arguing over the musical. Starr says she has a big issue with the Langston/Markko storyline.

Blair leads Eli to the mansion patio for a romantic dinner. As they kiss, Dorian interrupts and asks Eli what makes him worthy to date Blair. The doorbell rings and Blair suggests Dorian get it. "I'm going to keep my eye on you," Dorian warns Eli before she goes back inside. Blair apologizes for Dorian's protectiveness but warns Eli she comes with a lot of baggage. Eli assures Blair he looks forward to getting to know her whole family.

Dorian answers the door to Markko. Though Langston told him she was going to the mansion, Dorian assures him she hasn't been there. Dorian gets nervous and wants to call the police. Markko insists on calling Langston first, saying they probably got their signals crossed. Markko gets word from Cole that Langston is at the diner. Though relieved, Dorian asks if Markko and Langston are having problems. Markko admits things have been strained between them, so Dorian urges him to go be with Langston now.

Markko arrives at the diner and asks Langston why she lied to him.

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Kelly goes to John for help.

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