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    Paternity Revealed!

    Tuesday, March 30 2010
    Allison makes a shocking announcement, Marty and John get news about the baby, and Jessica becomes upset...

    At Kyle's, Fish admits he always felt the connection to Sierra, which became more paternal since she was kidnapped.

    Over at Rex's loft, after Roxy explains how she got free from Allison, she breaks down and says, "Allison told me something about you and me, Rexy." Crying, Roxy says, "Mitch is not your father." She admits Mitch got her pregnant, Allison spent nine months checking up on her and she drank during her pregnancy to forget Mitch was the father. Rex and Natalie try to comfort her, as Roxy professes her love for them both, saying, "You'll always be my kids." Roxy remembers her baby being sick, and hoping her baby would die so she'd have no further connection to Mitch, but then Allison returned with her baby. Roxy didn't recognize the baby but allowed Allison to convince her he was hers. "Somebody left you at the hospital," Roxy tells Rex then continues, "Mitch isn't your father, and I'm not your mother." Roxy breaks down in Natalie's arms, as Rex's world as he's known it comes crashing down around him. "Who am I?" Rex asks, and Roxy goes to him and holds him close.

    At Statesville, Bo rants at the warden for allowing Allison to take the baby in the infirmary. Brody arrives, and the warden wonders if his Navy Seal experience will help with this hostage situation. While going over the prison blueprints, just as Bo informs Brody and the warden that they are going in, Fish arrives and asks to be the one to save Sierra because he's her father!

    Inside the infirmary, Allison, holding Sierra's carseat, aims a gun on Schuyler warning he better administer the antidote or else. Schuyler begs Allison to give Sierra to him before it's too late for Mitch. As Mitch grabs his heart and tells Allison to hand over the baby, Allison goes on to tell Mitch that Sierra is indeed his granddaughter because he's Schuyler's father! Schuyler and Mitch don't believe it and are shocked when Allison recalls how her sister, Dr. Joplin, worked at a hospital and Mitch's son's heart was failing. "But fate stepped in and solved the problem," Allison says then remembers how a healthy baby was left by its mother, one Allison claimed as her own. "They believed me," she says, but Schuyler wonders how he's Mitch's son if Mitch's son died? Allison goes on to tell Schuyler that Mitch's baby didn't die, her sister saved him, and Roxy had already left with the healthy baby. Allison claimed to Dr. Joplin that she gave birth to the baby, but when Allison refused to raise him, Dr. Joplin reluctantly did, as her own. "That's how Leah Joplin became the biological mother of your child, Mitch," Allison admits. Schuyler and Mitch make eye contact, as Allison introduces them as father and son.

    Marty is rushed into the hospital, with John forced to wait in the hall while the doctor examines Marty. John looks at the missed call from Natalie then gets a call from Bo, who fills him in on the recent turn of events. Bo says he has everything under control and urges John to stay with Marty.

    John is called into the exam room, and though the baby is okay, the doctor explains that Marty's blood pressure is high and is a serious problem. "This is a high risk pregnancy," the doctor warns then gives Marty instructions on how to take care of herself. John assures the doctor, as does Marty, that she'll do everything needed to protect the baby. Once alone, John puts his hand on Marty's belly, says he loves their baby then insists that she move in with him.

    In the gym, Cris and Jessica playfully get paint on each other until Layla appears, irked. After Cris takes a call from Brody, saying they found Allison, so Cris is off Jessica duty, Cris tells Jessica they're done for the day. Jessica leaves to clean up, and Cris explains that he allowed Jessica to help with the musical sets as a favor to Brody but that more kids should be signing up soon. As Layla accepts Cris' explanation, and kiss, Jessica watches, upset. However, before she leaves, she tells Cris she'll see him tomorrow then says goodbye to Layla. On her way out, Jessica rips down the notice asking for more help with the sets!

    Clint and Kim enter the Buchanan Mansion living room. After a brief talk about Allison having been found, Kim wonders if Clint is sure he's ready to raise another kid. Clint is and gives Kim a parenting book and a diamond necklace to go with it. Just as Clint and Kim head upstairs to have some fun, Jessica calls and asks for a ride home from school. After Clint leaves, Kim answers the door, sees David then says, "What do you want?"

    Clint arrives at the high school, and Jessica gives her father a happy hug hello.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex is devastated.

    Schuyler gets the upper hand on Mitch and Allison.

    Langston demands answers from Ford.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:00 PM

    Layla, who I might add, looked really nice today, needs to kick Cristian to the curb. He was so inlove with Layla until they got together and Jessica wanted him back.

    Schuyler should have called Allison's bluff. No way was she going to shoot that baby. (The chosen one)

    Kim is crazy, is she starting to believe her own lies that Schuyler is the baby's father. Going on and on about how Schuyler would not get custody because of all his faults. Glad Fish is gonna finally claim her and Clint can dump that fool.

    I really hate that Roxie and Rex are not mother and son. Now Rex will have to go search for his parents.

    That story Allison gave about the baby was far-fetched. No way would nurses just hand an abandoned baby over to a strange lady, saying she made a mistake. They would have called the police.

    Dang, John doesn't know what bed rest is.

    Posted by catherineb at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:14 PM

    John Mcbain needs to lighten up. Poor Marty. I don't care about Rex's life story. Layla please dump Cristian he is a loser i am already counting down for when Cristian's gonna cheat on Layla very soon.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:18 PM

    Well! First, now I understand Schuyler's addiction more, since addictive personalities seem to run in families. And Cristian needs to either **** or get off the pot; I know this is Llandfill, but believe me - Layla isn't going to let you have her and Jessica too. And aren't you grown now? What is with this juvenile regression? The person I feel sorriest for is Roxie, who has really tried for the past few years to be a better mother (she may never rate "good", but she does try), and then to find out the child you were raising wasn't even yours. The good news is - ***SPOILER ALERT*** - from what I read, neither Rex nor Natalie is going to turn their back on her, and will keep their family relationship in tact. Regardless. BTW - for once I agree with Dorian (from yesterday), Vickie - bring your behind home.

    Posted by soaplover88 at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:22 PM

    Well damn.. Rex doesn't even know who his parents are.. And I know that everyone here want Bo to be his father but didn't they do DNA test when David claim to be Asa son!! I'm not to sure...
    Finally Fish claims his daughter.. Sad to see that Kyle and Fish will be raising her off screen!!
    So Sky is actually Roxy and Mitch son!! WOW!!
    Why when things are just getting interesting with Kish and Sky that they have to leave and for what so we can watch Langston sleep around, Jessica act like a teenager, and whatever on right now!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:29 PM

    Roxy should really go to Rehab because her stories are always changing. She might have DID because it is always one story after another with her. It took forever to find out Rex's father, but wait, it's all a lie.

    Why now Alison and her crazy story? This storyline has really gone bananas

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:47 PM

    I guess Rex may finally get what his lie to Todd did sinse his whole life was a lie.Schuyler probably has fetal alchole effect b/c of Roxy.Roxy needs to go to rehab!!

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:53 PM

    Layla will end up with someone else Maybe Gregg. David to the rescue.He'll get rid of Kim.

    Posted by onelifelover at Tuesday, March 30 2010 01:04 PM

    PLEASE someone tell me when this Mitch/Allison storyline is going to be over??
    Who is Dorian to tell Viki what to do? Is Dorian still Mayor?

    Jessica, enough with this high school stuff already. She needs to get hit in the head to bring her back to the present day.

    John... a father? Do they make baby clothes in black? That is just too funny! Cole can babysit for his mother. Interesting spin on that...

    The writers need to do something with Natalie. Either find her a new love interest, or let her leave and take Kim with her.

    I can't even wait to see what is going to happen between David and Kim! Now that is going to be good!
    Maybe Ford and Natty can hook up!

    Poor sweet drunken Roxie. I feel so bad for her and Rex.
    I would love love love to see Rex really be Bo's son.

    Bye Bye Sky! I can't wait to see him go. Fish/Klye as parents, how cute is that?

    Okay, I'm done!

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Tuesday, March 30 2010 01:55 PM

    This whole thing Roxy not being Rex's mom and Schylur is actually her son with Mitch is just plain stupid ! How many times are the writers going to rewrite history? Now poor Rex is an orphan and as bad as I feel for him I really don't want to go through another round of who is Rex's daddy.
    And Jessica needs to get her memory back-NOW! She's really annoying as a teenager considering this wasn't how how she was the first time around.
    I'm glad Fish is finally claiming his daughter but I'm sad that the he and Kyle are no longer going to be on the show:(
    For anyone that's intersted their are two great german soaps that have really good gay couples/storylines, there's Christian and Ollie on Verboten Liebe and Deniz and Roman on another just look them up on You Tube. They're really great , seriously the american writers should take notes!

    Posted by Nikkinxs at Tuesday, March 30 2010 02:01 PM

    I am officially annoyed with these damn storylines. I was going to comment but I can't even bring myself to do it. I really hope that Allison is lying. This is just too much. I am so sick of teenage Jessica. It was so peaceful when she wasn't on the other day.

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