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    Sierra and Rose...

    Wednesday, March 03 2010
    Rex hears that Gigi wants to raise Sierra Rose, Langston is manipulated by Ford, and Cris delivers more heartbreaking news...

    Outside of Sierra Rose's room, Gigi tells Rex about her visit with Schuyler, how he stole the labor-inducing drug, and says, "I don't want Schuyler anywhere near Sierra." Rex admits Schuyler told him that he never used the drug, and he believes him. Though he's not defending Schuyler, Rex states, "Like it or not, he's the baby's father." Rex hands Gigi the bag of clothes, along with a surprise inside. "Oh my God," Gigi cries, as she pulls out her and Stacy's childhood dolls, Sierra and Rose. Rex says he found them in Stacy's closet then listens as Gigi cries about being happy that the last memory of her sister is of the sister she loved - the one she plans to make sure Sierra Rose knows.

    Gigi goes into the baby's room, shows her the dolls and tells the story of Sierra and Rose. Gigi gives Sierra Stacy's doll and says they will be connected forever, as Rex watches through the window from outside the room. Later, Gigi tells Rex she wants to raise Sierra, and Rex vows to stand by her. They head off to get Gigi a lawyer.

    In the waiting area, Kevin badgers Clint about his relationship with Kim. Clint assures Kevin he's aware of Kim's prior motives then changes the subject to Kelly, wondering what's going on between them - are they just living together for Zane's sake? Kevin ignores Clint's question, asking if he and Kelly are sleeping together, but Clint just wants his kids to be happy. Kevin appears to become enlightened, where Kelly's concerned, gives Clint a hug then rushes off.

    Marty finds Brody in Jessica's room and warns that they need to give Jessica space. Though Brody thinks pushing Jessica will help her remember, Marty thinks Jessica may want to stay in the mind frame she's in. "You've been scaring her," Marty whispers, but Brody can't forget that he was about to propose to Jessica. Marty feels for him but says Jessica may never get her memory back - he needs to face that.

    At the loft, Stacy appears, causing Kim to gasp, "Oh my God, Stacy!" Kim apologizes for letting her down, but Stacy says, "You can make it up to me." Over talk of Sierra, and how Kim left her boots for Stacy, Stacy lifts her leg and thanks Kim - but reminds her that she promised her Sierra would never be alone! Kim talks about Sierra being in the hospital and how Schuyler blames her for Stacy's death. Stacy wants to focus on the fact that her baby needs a mother and cries, "I can't be Sierra Rose's mommy. I need you to do it for me." Kim warns that no one will simply turn the baby over to her, but Stacy demands that she think about it - there's something in this for her too, something at the Buchanan mansion that can help her. "If you love me…You'll keep your word," Stacy says, and Kim replies, "I'll do everything I can to keep my promise." Stacy smiles, says, "That's my girl," then disappears.

    Kim goes to the hospital, takes one look at Sierra and promises to keep her promise to her mommy. Clint appears with a new pair of boots, to cheer Kim up. Though Kim loves them, she replies, "I need you to do something else for me… Will you marry me?"

    When Cris opens his door to Jessica, he reluctantly invites her in. She immediately talks about their past, about all the times she thought about making love to him and how she still does. Cris gently tells Jessica that they can't get back what they had. She can't believe that her life consists of raising a kid, and feels cheated, then sees a picture of Layla - and is devastated to learn that she lives with Cris. "That's not fair!" Jessica cries and stomps. As she buckles over in pain, Cris tries to get Jessica to go back to the hospital, but she falls into his arms and cries that she wants to go back to the life she knows.

    Later, Cris brings Jessica back to the hospital. While Jessica rants to Marty about her life, Cris tries to explain to Brody about how Jessica wants him back - the only boyfriend she remembers.

    Blair heads to the mansion door, expecting Ford, and instructs Langston to hide around the corner. As she opens the door, saying, "Come on in, good looking," she's shocked to see Eli. Langston appears and says, "See, you were wrong." After Blair asks Eli to wait for her in the living room, she warns Langston that Ford is a dog - no matter what. Langston heads upstairs, and Blair joins Eli, welcoming him with a big kiss. Eli accuses Blair of expecting another man, and though she reminds him of their no strings attached relationship, Eli admits he's only sleeping with her. Blair says she's dressed to seduce a man in her cousin's life - not hers - which blows Eli away! Blair explains what she was trying to prove with Ford then Eli suggests they head upstairs - why waste her hot dress!

    Shortly after, as Langston is leaving the mansion, she opens the door and sees Ford! "What're you doing here?" she asks, but Ford pretends to be checking in on her. "You came here to see Starr's mom," she counters and fesses up that she and Blair were testing him. Ford talks about how Blair has hit on him before, and how he came to tell her to back off, then rants at Langston for being 'a little too high school' for him. "I thought you were a real woman," Ford says then leaves.

    Later, Ford hears a knock at his door and says, "Right on time." He unbuttons his shirt, opens the door and screams, "What do you want?" Langston apologizes for thinking the worst of him, but Ford knows how she can make it up to him. His kisses Langston, and she kisses him back!

    Todd walks into St. James and finds Kelly praying. After apologizing for thinking she was a nun, Todd hands Kelly a check for Andrew. "What are you trying to buy your way out of this time?" Kelly asks. Todd claims he's turned over a new leaf, but Kelly brings up all that's going on in Todd's life - and how he's all alone. Todd vows to get back everything he lost, including gaining Dani's trust, that's what the check is about - a million dollar donation to the church to show Dani there's good inside him. "What good?" Kelly asks, causing Todd to bring up how Kevin is raising his son's son with the woman who cheated on him. They continue to dredge up the others' sordid past, and Todd thinks of Tea - and says if she really wanted to be with him she'd find a way. Kelly stops Todd from leaving, to give him some advice… if he wants to gain Dani's trust, he needs to act like a real person. Todd tells Kelly he's sorry about her mother then walks out of the church.

    Kevin joins Kelly in the church. He hands her a box, and when Kelly opens it, and sees a ring, Kevin asks, "Will you marry me?"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd makes progress with Dani.

    Kelly is stunned by Kevin's proposal.

    Viki turns Charlie away.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, March 03 2010 11:59 AM

    OK, Jessica needs to be in a institution or hospital. Everyone has told her she is not 18 years old. I'm sure she has looked into a mirror by now. Leave Cristian alone, or Layla will knock you back into the present.

    Langston is crazy falling for all of Ford's lies. He is playing her like a fiddle. He could have told Blair to leave him alone on the phone. I hope when Ford kicks her to the curb, that Markko refuses to take her back.

    What ever advice that Marty gives to Brody, I hope he does just the opposite.

    And who is Kelly to talk to my Todd like that. Like she is come choir girl. She just cheated the church out of a whole lot of money.

    I do hope she says yes to Kevin's marriage proposal. I want him to stay in Llanview. But I know Clint won't marry that trash Kim.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:00 PM

    Ooops, suppose to be some choir girl, not come choir girl. Get it together fingers.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:11 PM

    langston get it together girl blair tried to warn u and u still go over there like a fool and contiune to do the deed with this creep...and why is u falling for his crap...markko going to be hurt once the truth comes out and he will never trust her again...and when she finds out blair was right she going to say im so sorry blair for not listening to u about this creep...and she will be alone and lonely...she blew it langston with markko...shame on u...he loved u so much and u pull this one him...

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:14 PM

    I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but this comes from 50+ years of living. Everyone is on Langston's case, and the truth is she's going to regret this whole Ford mess once she gains some maturity. But remember, this girl is barely 18, she spent a year living in a house alone, with no parents (and from what she said yesterday, they must not have been around a lot in the 1st place), she's been adopted by Dorian who is Certainly no role model. Ford is the slimiest son-of-a-whatever I've seen since AMC had pimps on. The way he talked to Cristian about he should have hit that (Jessica) before he blew her off is proof that he one brain, and it's not located in the right head. Will she regret it? You bet. Will Markko probably dump her? You bet. But they always told me "bought sense is the best sense" and Langston is going to pay dearly for hers. The good news is, hopefully, she'll remember a lesson learned the hard way.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:16 PM

    jessica needs to back off cristian...her and layla going to have some words...and she should of stayed in the hospital in the first place and get better and stop going after somebody that has a girlfriend...and start rememebering your love for brody...and your daugther needs u to be her mommy...can u guys let her be happy for once...i know her and brody will get back together and i hope they be a family and have a kid...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:19 PM

    that was sweet of rex to give gigi dolls...they were so pretty...and i know these two will end up back together...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:20 PM

    go ahead and say yes kelly...that was a pretty ring...she was shock to see it...

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:21 PM

    cowboys fan ...ITA about Jessica. She needs to be under lock and key!

    And although I do not like Ford, I am amused at how easily Langston is falling for his line of bull.

    Todd and Kelly....neither is a saint....

    And I wish Kevin could stay in Llanview, but alas, we get stuck with Kelly instead. HATE that they only reason TIIC brought Kevin back was so Kelly could turn him down and he goes back to London. HATE IT!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:23 PM

    I just LOVE DG as Kevin. He is one fine looking man. Wish he would stay in Llanview permanently!

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 03 2010 12:27 PM

    clint dont marry that skank but we all know he will...he know all the bad stuff she done and he will go along with it once she tells him why...clint will be a fool to marry her anyway...and she dont have no respect for nobody in his house hold...after being mean to nigel i would of kicked her out the door...

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