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    A Buchanan Returns Home...

    Tuesday, March 02 2010
    Kevin comes home, Adriana gives Rex advice, and Blair plans to expose Ford...

    When Ford meets Cris in their kitchen, he admits, "I finally got that girl into bed." Ford brags a bit about bagging 'this girl' then asks what had Cris up all night. Cris briefly talks about his old girlfriend, who's stuck in her senior year of high school, then admits he was freaked out by her juvenile behavior. Ford cracks jokes about Cris putting Layla on the sidelines and encourages him to have a romp with his former girlfriend, but Cris isn't in the mood for jokes and heads to the shower.

    Still gathered at the mansion, Adriana tells Dorian she has an errand to run, and Kelly puzzles about her mother's heart attack. Dorian tries to push her suspicions aside, brings up Kevin, but leaves Blair with Kelly while she runs an errand of her own. Blair wonders why Kelly seemed so tense when Dorian was talking about Kevin, but before Kelly can answer, the doorbell rings. After Kelly heads to answer the door, Blair demands to know why Langston keeps looking at her cell. Langston breaks down when Blair brings up Ford and admits she slept with him! "And I'm so sorry," Langston cries, as Blair holds her close. Ford calls and invites Langston to his apartment, but Blair convinces her to hang up on him. Langston tries to leave, in order to go to Ford and tell him that her heart is with Markko, but Blair warns her to stay away from Ford - because he's a bad boy who will break her heart. Blair shares that she tested Ford, kissed him and he wanted more! Langston doesn't believe her, so Blair calls Ford and claims she hasn't been able to get him out of her mind. "I was hoping you'd be able to come over here and put me out of my misery," Blair tempts Ford.

    Kelly is touched to find Kevin has arrived from London, who admits he missed her. After they talk about Zane, and look through some cards and photos, Kevin promises to return after he goes to see his family.

    Making her way into the kitchen, Kelly drinks a cup of tea and looks at the photo album Kevin brought of Melinda, cries then kisses her mother's picture. Back out in the foyer, the doorbell rings, and Langston follows Blair to the door…

    Mitch is reading the newspaper story about Melinda's death, in his cell, and says, "May she rest in peace," to which Brody replies, "May you rot in hell." Mitch has been waiting for a visit from Brody and wants his help. Mitch vows to get Jessica back for Brody if he gets him out of jail! Brody refuses, and only wanted Mitch to know that Jessica has no memory of him either, but Mitch begs for Brody to help him do the right thing - for his and Jessica's sake!

    As Brody leaves the cell, he runs into Dorian, who apologizes to him for what's happen. However, Brody blames Dorian for letting Mitch out of jail in the first place! Dorian shares her own regrets, especially since her sister is now dead, then goes to Mitch's cell and asks, "How did you kill my sister, you monster?" Mitch puts the newspaper to the glass and reiterates that Melinda died of natural causes. Dorian believes that he had Melinda killed then asks, "Are we even?" Dorian wants to know that her girls are going to be safe, but Mitch only says, "I might leave them alone, then again, I might not."

    At the hospital, Clint is there to give Kim support, who is nervous about running into Gigi or Schuyler. Though Clint offers to go see Sierra with her, Kim urges him to visit Jessica. Before Kim heads down the hall, Clint reminds her not to worry about what Gigi and Schuyler think and to go be with Stacy's daughter.

    Inside Jessica's room, Viki is stunned when Jessica asks, "How am I going to get Cris back?" Though Viki reminds Jessica that Cris is a part of her past, he's the only person Jessica feels connected to. Jessica talks about how it felt to kiss him, causing Viki to gasp, "You what!" Jessica wants to leave the hospital, but Viki warns they need to wait to see what Dr. Evans says. Greg appears and informs them that he needs to do more tests before Jessica is released.

    Viki walks Greg out and meets Clint around the corner, where she shares her worries about Jessica's teenage actions.

    Back in her room, Jessica daydreams about kissing Cris then goes to a mirror, puts her hair in a ponytail and applies some lip-gloss. Later, Viki, Clint and Kevin appear, and Jessica confuses Kevin by her confusion of what's happened over the years. An orderly arrives and takes Jessica away for tests, while Viki sympathizes with Kevin for having to see Jessica like this. After Viki leaves, Kevin wants to know about this stripper who Clint has living with him!

    After Kevin and Clint leave Jessica's room, Brody enters and again looks at the notebook where Jessica has written 'Mrs. Cristian Vega'.

    While awaiting news on Sierra, Gigi asks Rex to help her plan a memorial service for Stacy. Rex agrees then leaves to pick up some things for Gigi.

    Gigi goes in to see Sierra and finds Schuyler with her. They briefly argue about his place in Sierra's life then a doctor appears to say they still have to wait things out to see if Sierra will fully recover. Greg stops by to warn Schuyler to be at the committee meeting then Schuyler admits to Gigi, after Greg leaves, that he stole the labor-inducing drug - and Kim hears it all from around the door! Kim cringes, as Schuyler tells Gigi that Kim and Stacy were threatening him and warning they'd find a way to induce Stacy's labor on their own. Gigi has a hard time believing that Schuyler didn't go through with it - until he admits he'd realized how desperate he'd become to keep her. "Gigi, tell me you believe me," Schuyler says, but Gigi doesn't know what she believes and walks away.

    Schuyler is furious when he sees Kim in the hallway and realizes she could have come forward and admitted the truth to Gigi. He pushes Kim over to the window of the baby's room and forces her to look at what's happening to Stacy's baby now!

    When Rex arrives home, he's shocked to find Adriana in his loft. Adrianna talks about everything that's happened since she left. "I see radio-free Dorian is hard at work," Rex says then catches Adriana up on what's really been happening. "If you aren't the father, does that mean that you and Gigi are going to get back together?" she asks and begins talking about why she left Llanview then kisses Rex! After he explains Stacy's death, and how he's been there for Gigi, Adriana reminds Rex that he's a good person, one who others often take advantage of.

    Later, Rex arrives back at the hospital, with some clothes for Gigi, who says she never wants Schuyler near Sierra again!

    Back at his apartment, Cris is shocked when he opens his apartment door, in a towel, and finds Jessica staring back at him!

    Kim arrives at the loft and looks at some photos of her and Stacy. "I wish you were here," Kim cries and a voice replies, "Your wish is my command." It's Stacy - in Kim's boots!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex hears that Gigi wants to raise Sierra Rose.

    Langston is manipulated by Ford.

    Cris is shocked to find Jessica at his door and tells her he lives with Layla.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:07 PM

    Langston is a fool if she keeps messing around with Ford and loses Markko. When Cristian told Ford that Jessica kissed him, all Ford could say was "was she hot". Never mind that Cristian already has a lady. I tell you, that Ford is a real keeper, NOT!

    It was sooooo good to see Kevin. I hope his stay is forever.

    I'm glad Blair told Langston about the kiss with Ford and stopped her from going over there.

    Lord knows if Langston had gone over to see Ford, she would be jumping up on the furniture again. I know somehow, Ford will know that Blair is setting him up and won't take the bait with Blair.

    Poor Kim. The child is seeing things.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:23 PM

    glad blair told langston about ford but u know langston aint going to listen to blair...all blair was doing is warning her about that sleeze bag creep...when langston finds out she going to say to herself blair was right about this creep and i didnt listen to her...markko going to be hurt when he finds out the girl he loves slept with some other guy...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:25 PM

    glad kevin is back and that was sweet of him to comfort kelly...i can tell he still loves her...and was sweet of him to give her gifts of her mother...

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:26 PM

    Did they actually recover Stacy's body? Or did they leave it open for her to one day come back?

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:30 PM

    jessica needs to stop bothering cristian and get better and rememeber her love with brody,her daugther,her family,and her sister...sick of her chasing after cristian and hes taken...i hope they put her and brody back together...hate to see him like this that jessica dont know him...can u guys gave her a break...i want to see her happy with brody...and layla happy with they going to put cristian and jessica back together...and layla and brody going to turn to each other...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:33 PM

    ford is a prevert did u see his face when cristian say would u be comforting kissing a high school dont care he is so gross...he dont really care how old they are...he really makes me sick to my stomach...

    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:44 PM

    OK, Jessica is beginning to get on my nerves. She has always been impulsive, which is why she lost Christian years ago when she had sex with Will and got pregnant. I guess Lala is going to have to step in and claim her territory. The doctor told her that she was not ready to leave the hospital, but that fool sneaks out anyway.

    I still ask the same question that I've asked before. Why does everyone keep visiting Mitch as if they can have a coherent conversation with him. He always ends up saying something that disturbs them, so why do they keep going to his cell. They should know by now that you can't reason with a crazy man. Brody actually for a minute looked like he would try to let Mitch out in exchange for him helping Jessica. Did he forget that it was Mitch who put Jessica in the hospital in the first place. Then Dorian stands there and acts like she believes him when he said that he wanted to kill her girls but not her sister. Does this man put a spell over everyone. If Brody lets him out I will be totally through with him.

    And what's with Clint consoling Kim. Does he know what that skank has done. He must not know, but then again he might know. He knew she was a stripper when he invited her into his home. But now that Kevin is back, I'm sure she will switch and make a play for him.

    Posted by Balsco.Ya Digg at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:45 PM

    Ummm....Gigi, who do you think is gonna come to Stacy's memorial service.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:45 PM

    At least Blair is there for Langston and because she has slept around herself she knows guys like Ford. Gee Langston was still going to go over to Fords if Blair did not stop her. Even after she sees Ford coming on to Blair I bet this will not stop Langston from seeing Ford again. If Langston wants to ignore Blairs warning fine but she better break it off with Markko or she will get a nasty name for herself around the school.
    You could tell Dorian was mad when Adrina said she was going out for a bit but just a few minutes later Dorian leaves herself..weird.
    Kevin brought with him photos of Melinda for kelly to use at the memorial, I was hoping she would open up the book more so we could see. Viki still has not been told and if I remember she was close with her wasnt she?
    Stacy is back as a ghost to tell Kim it is over move on and let Gigi raise the baby.
    Sky is such a loser and I do hope even though he never gave Stacy the drug he did steal from the hospital so he should be punished. Maybe somehow Teas daughter will over hear and put 2 and 2 together and know this is what her mother is hiding in the safe.
    Wonder why Kelly and Kevin are at odds right now. It sure is good to see Kevin back.
    In a couple months I am sure we will see Jessica and Brody back together but for now it is a fun storyline for Jessica.
    Oh that Mitch has some more things up his is like watching a thriller movie.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:48 PM

    i like rex and adriana scene today...

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