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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Thursday, November 16 2006
    Evangeline gives Todd a warning, Marcie and Michael hire Rex to locate Tommy's birth parents, Natalie is caught digging up John's grave and Spencer's murder trial is near...

    Kevin and Kelly join Clint, Vicki and Asa at the mansion. Kelly shows Asa some new pictures of the baby, and Asa lets them know he really likes the name Zane. They talk about memories of Duke. Kevin says he and Kelly are moving to London, then shocks everyone by stating that he's leaving today. Kelly says she'll join him once the baby is strong enough, that they need a new start in order to get their lives back. While everyone begs for Kevin not to leave today, he tells them he has to do this. Kevin says his goodbyes and leaves for London… (Today was Dan Gauthier's, Kevin's, last air date)

    Renee Goldsberry

    At Rodie's, Todd approaches Evangeline, asks if he can sit with her. She says no, that Todd's the last person she wants to deal with today. However, Todd sits anyway, saying he's going to the trial to support her. Evangeline tells Todd that she doesn't want him there.

    Rex gets more information on Todd's baby. He makes a call to a woman. Marcie and Michael show up, asking if Rex will help find Tommy's parents. Rex agrees. They tell Rex all they know about Tommy's adoptive parents. Rex seems confident that he can find Tommy's patents. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Todd, and Rex tells him that he got a led that could very well take him to his son. Todd wants to know why Rex is taking on more cases. Marcie says that she needs Rex right now. Todd and Marcie argue, causing Tommy to cry. Todd leaves… When Marcie asks how much Rex charges, he says Tommy's his Godchild, smiles. Marcie leaves for the courthouse.

    Rex gets a call. It's the woman he left a message with, his lead on Todd's son. They agree to meet at Rodie's. Rex calls Adriana, tells her he needs a favor.

    Spencer and his lawyer await the start of his trial. His lawyer says that Spencer needs to convince David not to testify. However, David walks in, says he'll enjoy testifying against him! Spencer claims he'll never be convicted, that if David lies, his lawyer will eat him alive. David tells Spencer he's going to testify, to make sure John gets his revenge, then he'll leave Llanview. Spencer tells David that he owes him, that he needs to keep his mouth shut. David says that Spencer is going to pay! Spencer throws the money card out, says he'll pay David a ton, but Spencer's lawyer comes back before David can answer.

    Nora tells Evangeline that she's confident she'll put Spencer away. Evangeline wishes John was there… The judge calls the court to order, reads off Spencer's charges.

    At the cemetery, Vincent approaches Natalie digging up John's grave, asks her what the hell she's doing! Natalie claims she's looking for a DNA sample, that she can't wait until John is out of surgery! Vincent tells her he's not going to allow Natalie to dig up Hugh's grave, that they should go to Bo, put it in his hands. However, Natalie says she has no choice, tells Vincent to either help her or get out of her way! Vincent tries reasoning with Natalie, saying they need to find another way to get to the truth, to do it by the book. Natalie claims if she doesn't find out soon, she'll flip out! Natalie is lost, furious with herself for not 'feeling' John being alive. They head to find Bo!

    Next on One Life to Live: Evangeline delivers a strong opening statement at Spencer's trial, Natalie tells Bo about John, Rex and Adriana work together to find Todd's baby and Blair and Todd find out about what happened to Starr at the party …

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    Posted by lovin' todd at Thursday, November 16 2006 12:06 PM

    I love todd!!!!!!!!

    He's so hot!!!!!!!

    Posted by Lisaf911 at Thursday, November 16 2006 12:21 PM

    todd is the only reason i watch the show

    Posted by dimps4ever at Thursday, November 16 2006 12:22 PM

    Is it considered cheating if I read the outcome of todays show then go home and watch it;)~ HAHAHAHAHA! I can not help it.

    Posted by Amy at Thursday, November 16 2006 12:23 PM

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    Any comments that go against the guidelines will be deleted.



    Posted by Melita Pitts at Thursday, November 16 2006 02:54 PM

    I am so glad that the discovery that John is alive is comming to life.I am a big fan of Johm(Michael Easton),and am glad to see him back!I wonder what will happen if Tommy turns out to be Todd's son? I hope Todd doesn't just snatch him away from Michael and Marcie!

    Posted by keboyd at Thursday, November 16 2006 06:06 PM

    It's great than John is alive the show wasn't the same without him. Why does Todd want a consent reminder of Margret? If Tommy is his son he should leave him with Micheal and Marcie they love him so much. I'm sure they would let Todd be a part of his life.

    Posted by Lisaf911 at Thursday, November 16 2006 10:04 PM

    i am biased. i see nothing wrong that todd does. if tommy is his son, he has right to keep him.

    Posted by dimps4ever at Friday, November 17 2006 05:03 AM

    It is not about being biased, it is his son so he does have a right to keep him if he did not have the choice to give him up or keep him. it can work the other way around Marcie and Michael can be part of his life. Well hopefully Marcie will get pregnant not that it will help to much once you have a bond alrady with a child.

    Posted by ksmakela at Friday, November 17 2006 10:30 AM

    I hope Evangaline can keep Todd at arm's length until he comes to his senses and realizes he belongs with Blair. They are a perfect fit, if they both could stop being skittish, it would be good for the kids.
    Starr Starr Starr! This kid has always had guts and smarts, and only the shock of coming into teenage-hood has put her off her game a little.
    I expect her to come back to herself even more every day, like using the mascot costume to spy out her enemies was a great Manning move, and she is the best of both of her folks. Though she may get knocked off balance from time to time, I hope never to see Starr in the constant role of a victim. She has never been the type to be a 'possum caught in the headlites of life'. So much more can be done with her character, which has been developing beautifully for over a dozen years, and must not be wasted on mundanity (ordinariness).
    Natalie should lose her mind for awhile. After what she's been through and what's happening now, it would only make sense. It would give her a chance to do some juicy emoting on a different scale.

    Posted by gojasam 4ever at Friday, November 17 2006 10:54 AM

    spencer is a mad man is david ace's son becuse him don have the same daddy and when willl tess come back her & & antoino will make good couple i dont like nash for any thing

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