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    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010
    Dorian vows to end Mitch's life, Rex and Gigi ponder an agreement, and Stacy is in danger...

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    Posted by Rody at Friday, January 08 2010 06:54 PM

    I would rather for Rachel to be with you Schyler. Cause it is not gonna work w/ the Evans. That girl disrespected the rule of their family that might get somebody seriously hurt. You know what I mean? And on top of that, it would look too trifling to bring her into the Evans family. After what she did to Shawn.
    Destiny and Shawn look cute.The way they be doing things together. With that brother and sister look.

    Posted by Rody at Friday, January 08 2010 07:01 PM

    This One Life To Live Episode is worst than a Batman and Robin show feat. Vincent Price as "egghead"
    Remember when egghead took over Gotham City? That's what this show reminds me of. And that's a good name for Mitch "egghead"
    It's funny.

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, January 08 2010 07:10 PM

    Serious about soaps, you are so funny. Loved your post.

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 08 2010 07:29 PM

    i guess i will watch all this week eposides...lucetta good night...

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, January 08 2010 09:31 PM

    Hi everyone...Mel and Dorians scenes were great today. Also I feel so bad for Dani as they go back home. She loved Ross alot. Looking forward to what Ross has to say next week to her.
    I have never seen Stacy look so scared before..was good scenes with Mitch and her. Now will she tell Rex the truth before Schyler tells Gigi what Stacy has told him?
    Have a great weekend all.

    Posted by Balsco.Ya Digg at Friday, January 08 2010 10:41 PM

    ROTFLMAO, Serious is hilarious.....I think we are gonna see a Schuyler/Rachel/Greg triangle....Rex and Gigi obviously still love eachother....

    Posted by Soapy Nana at Friday, January 08 2010 11:38 PM

    OLTL was preempted two days this week by President Obama speaking from the White House about the crisis that happened on Christmas day by the guy that tried to board a plane with 300 people. Did any of you see that? It was MUCH SCARIER than the soap in so many ways. I think we are going to have another hit on the US sometime in the future and it scares the heck out of me.
    Anyway, much of two days of the show was taken out because of the coverage of President Obama's talk about it.
    I know that Blair and Todd probably will end back up together. Ross probably will get in and be with Tea and Dawnella (the way I pronounce it, lol). Dani did say he was an excellent cliff diver and swimmer. Hostage situation coming up and Tea will try to reach Toddy to help her.
    Schular seems a little too cocky. I don't think Gigi loves him at all, just sad and lonely about Rex. Rex is now back to protect Bimbette and baby. Rex can't be with her all the time. He does have to work, leaving Bimbette home alone and another chance for Mitch to get her. Mitch is just evil enough to not let anyone thwart his plans.
    Rex and Gigi very obviously still love each other. When she looks at him with those big moon eyes you just know she is going to take him back, especially when she hears that madman Mitchie is after Rex and Stacy and little bundle of joy. Can't wait for next week for the you know what to hit the fan.

    Posted by lucetta at Saturday, January 09 2010 07:48 AM

    Good morning gulla, please watch alllll the episodes. Have a great Saturday.

    Posted by da_kid at Saturday, January 09 2010 07:52 AM

    I realize that betrayals, lies, illicit sex, and schemes are what keep soaps going. We always have the good characters and the evil characters who we love to hate, but when the evil characters seem to be taking over and winning every time, it makes for poor entertainment. Mitch is running the entire town and terrorizing everyone. He killed a man with six witnesses , but he's walking around free. Stacy has finally gotten Rex to move back in thanks to Mitch. Kim is riding around town in limousines and attending fancy functions in beautiful gowns with Clint thanks to her scheming. Langston is lusting after someone else after her undying love for Marko almost broke him and his family up. Bo and Nora's out-of-control hormones have cost Bo his career and his family's admiration. Because of Mitch, Viki had to turn over the mayor's crown to Dorian, who is now being forced to do cruel things to innocent people to stay alive. Skyler is wearing this big grin on his face because his manipulation of Gigi has finally paid off. I mean is there at least one happy couple in the entire town. I just want to see the good guys win for a change.

    Posted by Starlett at Saturday, January 09 2010 11:08 AM

    da_kid-I totally agree with your post. I think the only happy person in Llanview is baby Hope. That's because she's too young to know any better. Even little Sam looked like he was sad or anxious. Be glad whe Mitch is gone again.

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