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    Needle Of Persuasion...

    Thursday, January 07 2010
    Stacy's convinced her dreams are coming true, Dorian faces the fallout of her actions, and John is confronted by Marty...

    Stacy calls Rex from the loft to remind him of a doctor's appointment and to see if she can help him in Gigi's absence. When she finds out Gigi left him for Schuyler, she tries to get more info, but Rex hangs up on her. Just as Stacy says, "He's going to be mine," Mitch's nurse arrives at the door saying, "The boss will be thrilled." Stacy refuses to give up her baby to Mitch, but the nurse starts telling her how things will go down, pulls out a syringe then says, "We're not asking, Stacy!" Scared, Stacy steps back and says, "You're going to have to kill me first," as the brainwashed nurse says, "Come, Stacy." As the women struggle, the syringe falls, but Stacy manages to grab it - then the nurse grabs her! Stacy stabs the needle into the woman then rushes to the door, as the nurse collapses - but is stopped from leaving by Mitch, who says, "Looks like someone isn't following doctor's orders!"

    Still in Elijah's room, Blair breaks the news to him that a no-strings attached relationship is not for her. Just as he tries to persuade her, Rex arrives in need of a lawyer, and Blair leaves them alone, tucking Elijah's number in her bra as she goes. After Rex explains his custody situation with Gigi, Elijah wonders if Rex fears for Shane's safety - or if he's just trying to get back at his ex. As Elijah talks about what Ross did, just to gain access of his daughter, he warns that if Rex seeks custody, through a war between him and Gigi, in the end, everyone will pay. Elijah tells Rex to think about it because he'll never win the case.

    Natalie arrives at John's room and tells him how sorry she is for everything that happened - because she stabbed Mitch. John assures her that they'll find out how Mitch got Dorian in his back pocket. Though Natalie wants to help John, he asks her to go, as not to be linked to the crime. Suddenly, Marty arrives, and Natalie goes to leave - but not before she offers to help Natalie professionally. Once Natalie's gone, Marty confronts John about Natalie stabbing Mitch - and about the fact that he covered for her! John doesn't want to involve her, but Marty begs for him to let her help, claiming their relationship may count on it. However, John refuses to stop until Mitch is stopped!

    Gigi runs into Viki and Charlie, who eyes a man drinking a beer, at the diner, and pulls Viki aside to thank her for the cabin loan, saying it helped. When Schuyler appears, Viki can see that it definitely did, but doesn't need an explanation, then insists that she hang on to the cabin keys - in case she needs them. Now seated at a table, Schuyler and Gigi talk about where she'll live, but Schuyler vows to be there for her and Shane - no matter what. Just as they go to leave, Rex arrives and says he needs to talk to Gigi. Schuyler kisses her goodbye then Rex and Gigi agree they need to talk about Shane.

    As Viki goes back to Charlie, she finds him holding the beer bottle that the customer left behind. Charlie claims he was going to throw it out then says, "I didn't believe me either." He doesn't want to hurt anymore, but Viki reminds him the only way to get past the drinking is to get through it. Charlie wants to go see Jared, so they leave.

    Across the room, Ford approaches Langston, who is waiting for Markko. She almost slips that Markko is late, because he's trying to compete with Ford, who she daydreams about seeing at the sables last summer! Over talk of not knowing what to base her musical on, Ford suggests she write it on her amazing life story. Langston gets a text from Dorian, asking her to get home now. Before she rushes off, Ford claims he'd love to see her musical when it goes into production.

    Natalie goes to Jared's grave, tells him she couldn't fix things and cries that every day that goes by a piece of her dies. As she lays her head on the gravestone, saying, "So I'm just going to stay here," Viki and Charlie approach her, and Charlie holds Natalie and tells her they have to let go…

    At the mansion, Dorian tries to talk to Starr, before the press arrives to find out who she's appointing as commissioner, but Starr rushes off to take care of a crying Hope. Dorian tells her assistant, who reminds her of her controversial choice, that her family will never forgive her. Blair strolls in but heads upstairs to get a shower, ignoring Dorian's plea to listen to her - she has something important to tell her! Later, Starr, Blair and Addie appear, and as Dorian starts to tell them who the new commissioner is, her assistant joins them, says they're going live then Dorian's girls enter the living room, eager to find out who Bo's replacement is! With Dorian is in front of everyone, the press questions her about Bo's release, asking who she could possibly get to replace him - then Former Mayor Stanley Lowell appears! Dorian's family is in an uproar, especially when Lowell's tampered credentials are passed out, claiming he was working undercover in the drug ring. Lowell tells everyone that he was railroaded but the days of Llanview having an incompetent police department are over!

    Once the press, and Lowell, leaves, Blair asks Dorian, "Have you completely lost your mind?" Langston arrives and gets caught up, as the family demands answers from Dorian. Starr is the first to walk out then Blair, and Addie follows, leaving Langston to demand that Dorian fire Lowell! Dorian looks at the Christmas card from Mitch and says she can't fire Lowell and that she's only doing this to keep her safe. Starr, Blair and Addie return, with their luggage, and Langston's, then they all walk out on Dorian.

    Alone, Dorian hears a voice, takes a rose that is handed over her shoulder then turns around and says, "Mel," who replies, "Another fine mess you've gotten yourself into."

    Back in John's room, he gets word that Dorian hired Stanley Lowell as commissioner. Marty is furious but listens as John explains his theory - that Dorian is doing Mitch's dirty work. John manages to stop Marty from going to Dorian's, but as Marty leaves, promising him that they'll work together - but that she's on a mission - they find Lowell and two cops outside John's door, with Lowell stating, "I'm on a mission too. John McBain, you're under arrest."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Dorian vows to end Mitch's life.

    Rex and Gigi ponder an agreement.

    Stacy is in danger.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:05 PM

    I actuall felt sorry for Dorian today. And to make matter even worse, I felt bad for Stacy too.

    The new Commissioner did one thing right. He arrested John. He needs to get Natalie next.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:09 PM

    dont blame dorian family for walking out on her maybe she will learn not to do the wrong thing...having mayor lowell at your house was not good...i would not stand there and listen to his crap at all i would of walked out syprise langston walked out too i thought she was going to stay the first time...they are not going to forgive her this time till mayor lowell is gone...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:10 PM

    i meant suprise

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:14 PM

    what is langston problem thinking about ford pouring that bucket of water on him he not all that anyway...and she cant get him out her system i can tell she wants him so bad and she was smiling at him when he said good stuff about her...i just wish markko would of caught them sitting together he would be upset and angry...markko been there thick and thin for her...and she wants to hurt him by going with ford...writers please keep markko and langston together thats all i want...

    Posted by Gottalaff at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:16 PM

    I apologize, I didn’t realize this was a private website for liberals and that conservatives can’t express their feelings toward the gay storyline without being called ignorant and racist. From now on I’ll just comment on the less heated topics such as the evilness of Mitch or the stupidity of Gigi and Stacy.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:17 PM

    loved the scene with charlie and natalie very touching...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:23 PM

    i wish the nurse could of got stacy and stab her with that syringe...that would of hurted stacy...she would of been in pain for a good mitch going to do some serious damage to stacy get ready stacy...

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:34 PM

    Well Stacy has met her match. Everything she did
    to Rex, GiGi & Shane just came back & bit her on
    her butt. Karma. It always comes back.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:38 PM

    dont blame marty for telling mayor lowell if he goes near her son or granddaugther she will hurt him...mayor lowell is trash and dont care about nobody but himself...cant wait to see mayor lowell gets what coming to him again...

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, January 07 2010 12:39 PM

    Starrlette the one to blame for Dani mouth is Ross and the beach bumm friends he hung with
    , So hopefully that will change when she and her mother return from Tahti.
    AFTER she knows the truth.
    silvermist 73, OLTL has the best writer.
    Matt never lead Des on He alway saw her the same way he sees Starr A best friend.

    He didnt have a clue that she felt the way she did
    And calling him alittle crippled boy is offensive! More offensive then any fowl word thats come out Dani b/c she is Hurting!

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